Best Snacks in Disney Springs Under $10

If you’re looking for amazing eats to try on your next Walt Disney World vacation, there are plenty of choices!

Dole Whip is one of Disney World’s most classic treats!

Besides all the excellent restaurants around “The World,” you’ll find delicious snacks in each park, in every resort, and at Disney Springs.

If you’re heading to Disney Springs specifically, you’ll want to pay attention because today we’re sharing the 12 best snacks you can find there for under $10!

Loaded Fries at The Basket

For our first snack, we’re heading over to The Basket, otherwise known as the Quick Service location at Wine Bar George. Here, you’ll find French Fries for $8 in your choice of two styles: queso or buffalo. If you’re looking for some hearty, potato-y goodness, these should be added to your must-try list!

The Basket at Wine Bar George, home of some delicious fries!

Poutine at The Daily Poutine

If you stop by The Daily Poutine, you’ll find not just one but several poutine options to try out — no matter your taste! The Canadian Poutine and Loaded Frites are $9.49, but if that’s too basic, you can try others like the Korean Barbecue, Italian, or New Delhi Poutine for $9.99 each. (Can you tell that we like fries with toppings? 😉)

Traditional Poutine at The Daily Poutine, a classic choice.

The Daily Poutine Gourmet Frites Restaurant

Rating: 7.89 / 10 Recommended By: 78%
Menus: Snacks
Services: Kiosk

Bubble Waffles at Marketplace Snacks

Marketplace Snacks is home to bubble waffles! Right now, the menu includes a Salted Caramel Bubble Waffle and a Strawberry Bubble Waffle for $8.99 each. They’re topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and other fun additions like pretzels or fresh strawberries!

Salted Caramel Bubble Waffle — doesn’t this look yummy?!

Cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse

If you’ve been paying attention to Disney food news recently, then you’ve definitely heard of Gideon’s Bakehouse! The shop is known as the home of massive half-pound cookies with all kinds of creative flavor choices. Besides the originals like Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream, they have special limited-time flavors each month of the year! Each cookie is $6, but they’re totally shareable.

The Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookie is one of our favorites!

Cake at Gideon’s Bakehouse

And speaking of Gideon’s Bakehouse, you won’t just find cookies there. You can also order gigantic cake slices, sometimes with double the frosting! Much like the cookies, the slices come in flavors that rotate daily. We haven’t really met a flavor we didn’t like, and you get a LOT of cake for the $9 you spend!

Gideon’s Bakehouse makes some super decadent cakes!

Chicken Tenders from Chicken Guy!

Looking for something savory and a little more meal-like? Head over to Chicken Guy! in Disney Springs! At this Guy Fieri restaurant, you can get 3 Tenders for $5.99 or 5 Tenders for $7.99, and each comes with two sauces. Chicken Guy! has 22 different sauces to choose from, and if you can’t decide, you can buy additional ones for 50 cents each. (Only $11 for all 22!)

And you can combine them with any sauce you’d like!

Loaded Mac Daddy Mac and Cheese from Chicken Guy

And while you’re at Chicken Guy!, make sure to check out the Mac Daddy Mac and Cheese for $8.49. It’s smothered in Super Melty Cheese (a Chicken Guy creation), chopped crispy or grilled chicken, bacon, and green onions — what a combination! You could order this as a snack or a meal, and either way, cheese lovers will be very happy!

This mac and cheese is topped with all kinds of goodness!

Morimoto Baby Ribs at Morimoto Street Food

For Asian eats, make sure to stop by Morimoto Street Food, the walk-up window attached to Morimoto Asia. We’re big fans of the Morimoto Baby Ribs…and you can get them for just $10! They’re pork ribs topped with cilantro and hoisin sweet chili glaze — now doesn’t that sound amazing?

Stop by Morimoto Street Food for great eats on the go!

Churros at Sunshine Churros

For another sweet and Instagrammable option, head over to Sunshine Churros, where you’ll find a variety of whimsical churro flavors. The choices change regularly, and sometimes you even get specialty flavors with extra toppings, like the Thin Mint Churro! Each churro ranges in price from $5.25-$6.25, and they’re a pretty substantial size.

Look at all those options!

Donuts at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Another dining spot that has opened recently in Disney Springs is Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew — home to some over-the-top donut options, among other things. Depending on which type of oversized donut you get, they range in price from $4.75 to $5.75 each. And if you’re looking for something untraditional, order their grilled cheese on a griddled sweet bun…it’s only $7!

Fruity Pebbles…on a donut!

Pizza Slices at Pizza Ponte

And what would a list of snacks be without a pizza option? Head over to Pizza Ponte to get pizza by the slice for less than $10, with prices ranging from $6.95 to $8.25 depending on the flavor. The slices are so big that we needed two plates for ours!

A quick and easy lunch or snack!

Which of these snacks do you want to try next? With options that won’t break the bank, you may be able to check them all out! Until then, stay tuned to AllEars for all the tips for your next Disney World vacation!

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How many of these have you had before? Tell us in the comments!

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