If You’re Gonna Drink Around The World In EPCOT, Read This First

EPCOT is known for many things, but Drinking Around the World is arguably one of the most famous!

I love you EPCOT!

Disney World is full of fun and exciting things like the brand new ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening soon, the completion of EPCOT’s years long transformation, and the rethemeing of Test Track beginning in June! One of the most fun things though is a staple of EPCOT entertainment.

So you’re looking to Drink Around the World in EPCOT? Well we gotta talk first! Drinking Around the World is a super fun activity Disney Adults love to do by grabbing an alcoholic beverage in each of the World Showcase pavilions.

Spaceship Earth

Now this is, of course, an adult only activity but if you handle it responsibly, this can be the perfect plus up to any EPCOT day! However, let’s talk about those things you need to know before you start this fun adventure (including a list of my favorite drinks in each pavilion.)  


First and foremost, you gotta focus on safety! It’s no secret that Disney World gets hot especially in the summer time, so making sure to have a cup of water with each drink is going to help make sure you don’t feel sick or dehydrated. Luckily, Disney offers free water at most quick service locations and, if you must, there are bottles of water for purchase all over the parks.

Free water

I know I personally prefer to bring my water bottle and refill it with free water throughout the day but honestly, as long as you’re having water with every alcoholic drink, I don’t care if it’s free or a Dasani.

I still say save your money!

The second thing you need to know is having a snack is important and also just fun! This goes along with making sure you have that cup of water with each drink, making sure to eat enough food is hugely important to making sure your EPCOT day stays perfect. 

Trying snacks in EPCOT!

EPCOT is known for its amazing food options from famous staples like the School Bread in the Norway Pavilion to the rotating festivals that happen throughout the year. Eating while drinking is a safety necessity, but when the food is as good as EPCOT’s, you want to make sure you’re eating just so you don’t miss out on the best part of this park!

School Bread!

Finally for this safety talk, the number one thing to remember is Disney World is a family park! Drinking Around The World can be super fun, but if you aren’t playing it smart, you can ruin your day and disrupt the families around you. You deserve to have tons of fun but not at the cost of other people who also paid to be there. 

The cast together!

Just remember to be safe and be respectful of the other people around you! Now that we’ve talked safety though, here’s my list of my favorite drinks in each of the 11 World Showcase pavilions!

Avocado Margarita from La Cava del Tequila
  • Avocado Margarita – Mexico Pavilion at La Cava del Tequila
  • Frozen Viking Coffee – Norway Pavilion at Kringla Bakeri
  • Kung Fu Punch – China Pavilion at Joy of Tea
  • Schofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen – Germany Pavilion at several locations
  • Peach Moscato – Italy Pavilion at the walk up wine kiosk
  • Moonshine Sour – America Pavilion at Regal Eagle outdoor bar
  • Violet Sake – Japan Pavilion at Garden House
  • Double Sangria (sharable!) – Morocco Pavilion at the Brass Bazaar
  • Froze – France Pavilion at Les Halle
  • Pear Cider – UK Pavilion at the UK Beer Cart
  • Ottowa Apple – Canada Pavilion at the popcorn cart
Fish and Chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Now, I have a sweet tooth, so take that into consideration before you go to town on this list — but here it is! If you want to see more drink options throughout the World Showcase, check out our video down below and don’t forget to keep following AllEars for all of your Disney tips and tricks!

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Tell me your favorite beverage in the world showcase! 

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