Why You Should Stay at These Completely Underrated Disney World Resort Hotels

With so many resort hotels at Disney World, some spots get overlooked!

Holidays at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the unsung heroes and underrated Resort hotels of Disney World — and why you should stay there!

Coronado Springs 

Coronado Springs, especially with the addition of Gran Destino Tower, is the prime example of “moderate price, deluxe experience!” Here, you can enjoy Deluxe Resort amenities for a lower price, with multiple great restaurants, excellent rooms, and just an overall fun experience that makes this a great alternative to pricier, more popular resorts.

Coronado Springs!

The only drawback of this resort is that it can get really busy if there’s a business convention, and the bus transportation — which features several internal stops — can be a major pain, especially if you’re trying to get somewhere quickly.

Pop Century & Art of Animation 

Pop Century and Art of Animation, two Value Resorts located directly next to each other and originally meant to be one big resort, are both majorly underrated! Both resorts feature excellent rooms, great theming (especially Art of Animation — the different themed areas are amazing), and a surprisingly reasonable price tag considering what you’re getting.

Art of Animation Resort

The best perk of these two underrated resorts, however, is their access to the Skyliner system, which connects them to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios through convenient, free gondolas.

Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness gets dismissed as the “camping resort”, but it’s a great place to stay, especially during the holidays! The charming atmosphere of this pioneer-themed resort features great dining experiences, with Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, P & J’s Southern Takeout, and Trail’s End all located on-site.

Fort Wilderness

One of the reasons that this resort is especially great during the holidays is that guests actually bring their own decorations and help spruce up the campsites and cabins, making the resort a festive wonderland! But any time of year is a great time to stay at Fort Wilderness, where outdoor activities help you decompress after long Park days.

Port Orleans — French Quarter & — Riverside 

Now, depending on who you talk to, Port Orleans — French Quarter and Port Orleans — Riverside might not exactly be underrated, but we think they deserve some more love! These sister resorts feature amazing dining (like Mickey Beignets!), live entertainment (shout-out Yehaa Bob!), intricate theming, and comfortable accommodations!

Port Orleans French Quarter Lobby

These resorts, especially Port Orleans — French Quarter, are something of a must-do for any Disney fan, they’re really fun places to stay!

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs Resort, in some ways, is the black sheep of the Deluxe Resorts, getting overlooked when compared to the Animal Kingdom Lodges and Grand Floridians of the World. However, this resort deserves its flowers! It’s a tranquil, refined resort walking distance from Disney Springs, making it a great resort for adults and kids alike.

Saratoga Springs

Plus, this is the least expensive of the Deluxe Resorts, making a great bang-for-your-buck option if you’re looking to ball out on a budget (or rent some DVC points!)!

Old Key West

Old Key West is the original Disney Vacation Club Resort (in fact, it used to be called the Disney Vacation Club Resort) and has a great backstory! Much like Old Key West, this resort is fairly laid-back, has a great nautical theme (hence the name Old Key West), and has an excellent pool.

Old Key West

Plus, DVC members can get their pictures taken with their families and added to the collection at Olivia’s Cafe!

Those are some of the unsung heroes of Disney World! We’re always keeping up with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned here for more!

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What do you think about these underrated hotels? Let us know in the comments! 

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10 Replies to “Why You Should Stay at These Completely Underrated Disney World Resort Hotels”

  1. I dislike the theming of pop century, it just seems so weird and not very Disney.

    Art of Animation on the other hand really connects you too the “in the Disney bubble” feel. Everyone I know who has stayed there absolutely loved it. We’re going back to AOA in a few months, this time in the key location of the Nemo suites. 😁

  2. I chose a resort based on what’s available, how close we are to the food court, main pool, bus stop. I also look at how far we will be from the parks. Some of the resorts are out there. I would like to stay at the tree houses or a Fort Wilderness cabin, but they seem like they are way out there (we would spend a lot of time on a bus). We stayed at Caribbean Beach last time in a preferred room. We were so far away from the skyliner that we took the internal bus. Never again. Going to Polynesian in the off season.

  3. I’ve “Camped” in an RV at Fort Wilderness twice. It’s amazing. The bathhouses are immaculately clean, we had our e-bikes with us and zoomed around the resort in no time. I can see why it would be difficult to get around this place with no transportation. Walking alone would take forever. But that’s what’s so cool about this place. Built during a time when space was not as big of an issue.

    The gift shops are both great, and have lots of food items, camping supplies, and souvenirs. The restaurants were all delicious and hopefully Hoop De Doo comes back soon.

    I had a chance to peek into one of the cabins, which were really nice. I highly recommend staying in these if you have a family, and want to save money. Not to mention the direct boat access to Magic Kingdom, give this place a try once.

  4. We’ve stayed at Saratoga several times and enjoy it. The design is not as full-on Disney as other resorts, but to us, that helps us unwind after a full day at the parks.

    I disagree on Coronado – we stayed there this past summer and had multiple issues with our room that the hotel could not or would not resolve.

  5. I have stayed at Pop Century, Coronado Springs and POFQ and will stay at AOA this year. Of them I choose PC. I have also stayed at All-Stars Movies, Shades of Green, Polynesian and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I agree with your choices they all have special “flavors” to them. Price point and amenities I would choose CS and SOG as the best but say that if money was no option the Savanah view at AKL still tops it for me.

  6. I realize that it’s not available to everyone (it’s for active and retired military), but Shades of Green is very reasonably priced with large, comfortable rooms. It’s a brief walk to the Polynesian and there’s good bus transportation.

  7. I have stayed at Pop, and two of the All-star resorts several times while I worked there at WDW. BUT, my fave resort is Ft. Wilderness is THE BEST. My own camping equipment, space away from the next camper, quiet sleeping during the night. Awesome restroom facilities, and restaurant food make it the best resort.

    1. Yes, you can stay there. They make rooms available for non-DVC that you purchase like any other room. The resort is impressive. Main drawback is the size. It take a while for the bus to navigate around the property because it is so huge.