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Astro Orbiter (4 / 10)

Classic ride, but needs an update

Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini (7 / 10)

This ride is actually a lot of fun and I would wait at least 45 min for this!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (10 / 10)

So fun!!! If you ride this ride, please do yourself a favor and request the back!

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (6 / 10)

Classic first person shooter ride, family friendly

Carousel of Progress (10 / 10)

If you come to Disney World you have to do this ride, it gives you a bit of a backstory to how th...

Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station (5 / 10)

Fun for kids, not so much for the parents

Country Bear Jamboree (4 / 10)

Ehh.. sure a classic, but kind of dated and creepy

Dumbo the Flying Elephant -- WDW (10 / 10)

This is a true Disney classic, honestly if it’s your first time here go on this ride first or Pet...

Enchanted Tales with Belle (8 / 10)

Imagineering at its finest, super fun storytelling by the characters themselves!

Enchanted Tiki Room (8 / 10)

Thank goodness they changed it back... so much better!

Fairytale Garden with Merida from Brave (9 / 10)

Cute, fun, your kids will love it!

Hall of Presidents (4 / 10)

Only reason I would go is to see the audio animatronic that started it all, Abraham Lincoln

Happily Ever After Fireworks (10 / 10)

I cry every time I watch these!! I am also biased, because my now-fiancé proposed to me on our fi...

Haunted Mansion (10 / 10)

Best ride hands down. I’m also a huge cult fan of this, but that is besides the point

Jungle Cruise (9 / 10)

So funny, so corny, such a classic

Liberty Square Riverboat (8 / 10)

This does not get the credit it deserves, such a fun way to relax during the day!

Mad Tea Party (7 / 10)

Fun when you are young, as an adult.. not so much

Magic Carpets of Aladdin (5 / 10)

Dumbo is better

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (WDW) (9 / 10)

Such a cute ride, love it so much!

Mickey's PhilharMagic (8 / 10)

So fun, so cute, the whole family will enjoy

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire (9 / 10)

Fun, cute, up-to-date, castle shows are always the best

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (8 / 10)

This is actually a pretty funny show

Pete's Silly Sideshow (7 / 10)

Fun time, get to see more characters

Peter Pan's Flight (10 / 10)

Great ride, one of the best, definitely first ride of the day worthy if you ask me

Pirates of the Caribbean -- WDW (10 / 10)

One of the best rides at Disney, such a classic

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (3 / 10)

I know it’s a theme park staple, but there isn’t enough amazement there for me

Princess Fairytale Hall (8 / 10)

You get to meet the princesses! What is there not to like??

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (8 / 10)

Fun ride! Super themed! Gives off a kiddie ride vibe

Space Mountain -- WDW (10 / 10)

The best rollercoaster in MK! So fun!

Splash Mountain (10 / 10)

Super fun, even if it’s cold it’s a good time

Stitch's Alien Encounter (2 / 10)

This isn’t even open anymore, but if it was I still wouldn’t ride it

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (7 / 10)

It’s not a must do, but if you like exploring and adventure then this is for you

Tom Sawyer Island (8 / 10)

Not enough people know about this place and plus the hours that it’s open is short, but it’s so f...

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (10 / 10)

If I could ride this all day I would, love the atmosphere, and the relaxation aspect of it

Town Square Theater (8 / 10)

Get to meet Mickey, Tinker Bell, and some times Minnie!

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid (8 / 10)

Fun omnimover, classic story, family will enjoy

Walt Disney World Railroad (9 / 10)

I miss you friend! Such a great way to take a break on a hot day! Just hop on and ride around the...

it's a small world -- WDW (6 / 10)

A classic ride, catchy tune, good time

Adventureland -- WDW (8 / 10)

It has Pirates which is amazing, dole whips which you can’t beat, but other than that nothing great.

Fantasyland -- WDW (10 / 10)

Classic land, OG of the OG, you cannot miss this if you go to Disney

Frontierland -- WDW (9 / 10)

Fun land, definitely a must do with two major attractions here!!

Liberty Square -- WDW (9 / 10)

Such a fun little part of MK, my two favorite things are here: Haunted Mansion and Columbia Harbo...

Main Street, U.S.A. -- WDW (10 / 10)

Probably the best part of Walt Disney World if you ask me, this is where your excitement is build...

Tomorrowland -- WDW (10 / 10)

My favorite land in MK, so fun and magical

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