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Mexico Pavilion

There are a TON of things to love about EPCOT. The ambiance is top-tier. The rides are out of this world. And let’s not get started on the food. What we figured we’d do today is bring you a list of the World Showcase pavilions. So, let’s how they’re ranked according to Yelp reviews!

First up, Quincy and Sage ranked the World Showcase Pavilions, and you can watch their video right here.

Now, let’s go over the EPCOT World Showcase pavilions that you might want to visit on your next Disney World trip — all based on the reviews from Yelp!


First up, 57 reviewers on Yelp rated the Japan Pavilion at 4.5 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “The Japan Pavilion is probably my favorite pavilion at all of Epcot and it is in the direct BACK of the park, so the farthest to walk to if you’re coming in from the front entrance, but more than worth it! It has a traditional Japanese gate (aka a torii) situated at the water’s edge so there’s great opportunities for photos here with the torii and Epcot ball in the distance perfectly framed within it!

The rest of the pavilion is so FUN and so stunning! There is like a proper gift shop/almost convenience store that sells so many Japanese-based goodies in it! There’s a small kawaii museum, plenty of sit down restaurants if you have more time to indulge here, cultural and musical performances that rotate throughout the day, and just generally all around has some of the yummiest food! I love the Japan pavilion and think it’s the perfect example of finding the perfect balance between showcasing a lot of Japanese culture and making it super cute and merchandisable at the same time!


Next up, 47 reviewers on Yelp rated the Morocco Pavilion at 4.4 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “Morocco Pavilion is right next to the Japan Pavilion and probably suffers from a bit of comparison, but it is unique and special in its own right! It is significantly smaller than the Japan Pavilion (here I go comparing it right away), but what it lacks in size, it flourishes in charm!

This pavilion is lightly themed with Aladdin and feels set up to give you the experience and feel of walking through the streets of Agrabah a bit. It was very delightful, had little pockets of cafes and restaurants for you to discover, and we were able to walk through and do a loop very quickly throughout this pavilion. Not too much to see here, but it was a welcome respite as we found it a bit quieter and calmer than any other space in the park!


Next, 38 reviewers on Yelp rated the United Kingdom Pavilion at 4.4 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “One of my favorite pavilions in Epcot to visit. From the great food (go with the fish n chips) to the beer (Harp and Smithwicks!) Best place to hang out is at Rose & Crown Pub with live music and cold beer.

They had signs telling you the times for each character meet and greet but the only one I saw was Mary Poppins, very cute with a long line. Check out all the great photo opportunities here,great views of Epcot the red photo booth. A few shops to get some authentic tea’s and rock t shirts or other souvenirs ( i went with some candy)

Spent a lot of time in this pavilion!


Next up, 37 reviewers on Yelp rated the Germany Pavilion at 4.4 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “Germany Pavilion is located in Epcot’s World Showcase. Germany has some of the best food options at Epcot. It doesn’t have any rides, but there are some amazing shops.

One of the highlights of the Germany Pavilion is the Biergarten Restaurant. It has a wide range of German cuisine such as sauerkraut, schnitzel, and pretzels. Inside the restaurant, there is a band as well. It’s quite an immersive dining experience. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you’ll see a lively indoor courtyard. The inspiration is the Oktoberfest gathering.

There is a quick service option, the Sommerfest, where you can pick up a pretzel or a beer. The pavilion hosts live performances as well! You should also check out the miniature railroad on display! My family and I went during the Epcot’s Flower Garden festival. There were some beautiful topiaries on display!


Next, 65 reviewers on Yelp rated the France Pavilion at 4.4 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “The France Pavilion is definitely one of the best pavilions at Epcot! It feels like one of the bigger pavilions, with tons of different shops that you can check out, great exclusive merch, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride, and of course so many delicious restaurants and food stands that is some of truly the best food in all of Epcot!

It’s a shame that it’s located at one of the furthest points at the “back” of the park! If you’re eating around the world like I was, it was one of the last pavilions I got to (after rope dropping Remy’s ride in the morning before any of the food stalls were open) because I started in Mexico. By that point, it was hot and I was tired and full, so I had no appetite to try much of the delicious food here, but it was such a shame because everything I did try and see tasted and looked SO GOOD!

It’s such a shame that I am for sure going to approach this with better planning next time and make sure to leave space for the French pavilions goodies next time I go!!!


Next up, 32 reviewers on Yelp rated the China Pavilion at 4.2 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “I visited EPCOT’s China Pavilion during the Flower and Garden Festival, and I must say, I was absolutely blown away by the topiaries on display. The intricate designs and vibrant colors made for a stunning display, and it was clear that a lot of care and attention went into creating such beautiful pieces. You have to find the right angle to get a great shot of the pandas.

The China Pavilion is an excellent backdrop for photos at night. The intricate architecture and subtle lighting created a magical atmosphere that was perfect for capturing memories and taking photos. Too bad I couldn’t film the wife with her famous “welcome to China” greeting. 🙂

Whether you are a fan of Chinese culture or simply looking for a beautiful place to take photos, the China Pavilion at EPCOT is not to be missed. Food is also great but pricey and when there is a food festival best to try the dishes at the kiosks.”


First up, 40 reviewers on Yelp rated the Norway Pavilion at 4.0 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “Norway Pavilion is one of my favorites at Disney World’s World Showcase area at Epcot. The pavilion was first opened in 1988 and was designed to celebrate the culture of Norway. The design is inspired by traditional Norwegian architecture. It’s centerpiece is a replica of the Stave Church from Norway’s Gol region.

The church actually has the Frozen Ever After attraction. This ride takes you through a journey of the World of frozen, with appearances of some of my favorite characters in the movie such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff. The wait can be relatively lengthy. Over the summer days, it can get to over an hour long wait time. It is one of the more popular rides in Epcot. It’s a slow, boat, dark, water ride.

The Norway pavilion also features a variety of dining and shopping options. The main restaurant in the pavilion is the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, is currently closed. There are a variety of snack and quick service options such as the Bakeri Og Kafe, servicing traditional norwegian pastries and sandwiches.


First up, 45 reviewers on Yelp rated the American Adventure Pavilion at 4.0 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “My family and I had our last day at Disney World in Epcot. We’ve been here a few times, however, our last trip was our first time viewing the American Adventure at the pavilion in Epcot.

As soon as you walk into the American Adventure pavilion, you’re greeted by a grand colonial-style building. It has a majestic rotunda welcomes guests, adorned with murals depicting moments in American History. When we had arrived, we just missed one of the showings, however, the Voices of Liberty were finishing up a show. They were amazing!! I’d highly recommend listening to the voices of liberty.

The show features theatrical performance that combines audio-animatronic figures and a musical score throughout the performance. As you journey through the American Adventure, you’ll view American history from the early days of colonization, to the independence, the great depression, and much more! You’ll see iconic figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain on the stage.

The auditorium is huge! It was quite amazing when we first walked in to see the décor! The show was enlightening and it was quite an educational experience. I’d highly recommend it if you’re in Epcot and looking to take a break from the theme park rides!


First up, 60 reviewers on Yelp rated the Mexico Pavilion at 4.0 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “This is where everyone says to start drinking and eating around the world! This is where we started and I really enjoyed it! The only thing I’d say about doing this route is that you get to the French Pavilion a lot later and you might be too full/drunk by then to eat any more when the food here is SO GOOD! So beware of that!

Other than that, I love the Mexico Pavilion for all that it is. Great food, great drinks, and it has a ride! Food they have both food stands outside if you don’t want to go inside the building, but then they have a sit down restaurant in the nice A/C as well indoors, along with gift shops and drink stands too! Everyone says the avocado margarita here is what you HAVE to order. If you’ve got the time for a sit down meal too, this would be a great spot since you get quite a nice view around the “water”.

Definitely can’t miss the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride! There’s basically never a line and it’s just a chill hilarious time to be off your feet for a bit!


First up, 27 reviewers on Yelp rated the Italy Pavilion at 4.0 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “The Italy pavilion is one of my favorite attractions in World Showcase. The pavilion welcomes you to Venice where directly in front of you stands the famous bell tower from Piazza San Marco. The EPCOT lagoon used to have a gondola sitting out but I didn’t see it on this visit. Check out the architecture here. Next to the bell tower is a spectacular replica of the pink and white Doge’s palace. Spend a moment over at the “fontana de Netturo” inspired by Bernini’s Neptune fountain. and enjoy the musicians. Even the bridges remind you of Venice. During the flower and garden festival “Lady and the Tramp” topiaries take center stage in this exhibit.

Italy has no attraction but it has some restaurants and shops. Sit down dining is available at Tutto Italia ristorante and Via Napoli for Italian food as well as pizza. Tutto also has a wine cellar. Get a gelato at La Gelateria Toscana. Shopping is also worth a look here. In addition to Italian wines, you can purchase hand made paper mache Venetian masks. You can also purchase murano glassware at II Bel Cristano. Also on hand are Italian leathers and perfumes.

What made this visit so special for me was that my husband and I did a “capture your moment” session in this pavilion. This was a 20 minute prepaid session done by photo pass photographers to celebrate a special occasion. In my case we were celebrating an anniversary. We went all over the pavilion having romantic shots taken at different bridges and buildings for backgrounds. We got a total of about 70 pictures. Having purchased Disney’s Memory Maker these photos were part of our instant download for us to treasure and keep.

Italy is a great place to learn about their culture and way of life. Located in World Showcase between Germany and the American Adventure.


First up, 29 reviewers on Yelp rated the Canada Pavilion at 3.7 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “Canada Pavilion is one of the best locations for food inside Epcot, especially during the Arts Festival or the Food and Wine festival. It has some of the best pop-up food stands.

Canada Pavilion also has one of the best steakhouses located in Disney World, which is Le Cellier. If you go to Le Cellier, you must get the cheddar soup, it is phenomenal!

Canada Pavilion has the circle-vision file presentation (360) overviewing Canada. It has AC inside the viewing area. Canada Pavilion has some of the best sights within Epcot. It’s beautiful with all of the flowers and architecture, including the waterfall. There are some pretty cool shops too! Even though there are no rides at this pavilion, you’ll have plenty of other activities to do!

Those are the final words from Yelp. We’re always looking out for the latest Disney World news and updates, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more.

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