The BEST Transportation Options in Disney World

Not all Disney World transportation is created equally.

EPCOT’s Disney Skyliner Station

Between buses, boats, the monorail, Skyliner, and more — there are plenty of options when it comes to figuring out how you’ll be getting around the Most Magical Place on Earth. But each Disney World transportation method has its perks, so which one is the BEST? Here’s what Disney fans have to say.

Getting around Disney World can be pretty easy thanks to all the free transportation offered  — but we wanted to know which method Disney fans preferred when they’re in the parks and resorts. So, we headed over to our Facebook page and asked our readers!


Picture this: you’re on your way to your favorite Disney park with the wind in your hair, birds flying past you, while the ebbs and flows of Disney waterways carry you to your destination. Sounds pretty nice, right? Our readers tend to agree, because Disney boats were mentioned quite a few times as a favorite way to get around.

Hop on a Disney boat and take in all the passing sights from the water

It’s essentially a ride in and of itself, and depending on where you’re heading and where you’re coming from, boats are some of the easiest ways to travel to a destination.

Boat in EPCOT

Plus, most Disney boats offer the luxury of not feeling super cramped and packed like buses and monorails can during busy times. This definitely isn’t the case with the Magic Kingdom ferry boats after fireworks though, as that’s when we typically see guests packed like sardines trying to get home.

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The newest method of transportation in Disney World is also one of the most convenient according to our readers. The Disney Skyliner gondola system offers stops at multiple resorts, and it has stops at both EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios — making this a top choice for many.

50th Anniversary Skyliner

The Skyliner can be pretty peaceful and relaxing (if you’re not afraid of heights, that is!) but it does shut down during inclement weather or high winds. This is another one of those transportation options that’s basically a ride too, and if you’re in the mood for some drinks the Skyliner makes for a pretty great bar crawl.

You’re just a quick ride away from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT!

Other readers replied that the Skyliner was their favorite way to get around because of how scenic the routes are. You really get to see the Disney World property from a different perspective, and if you can time it just right — we highly suggest trying to catch the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT fireworks while you’re up in the sky.

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The monorail is perhaps the most classic and iconic of all Disney World transportation — and for good reason! There’s just something about stepping through those monorail doors that marks the beginning of an epic vacation. Several readers shared the monorail was their favorite because of nostalgia alone.

Monorail in front of the Grand Floridian Resort

Plus, the monorail is pretty darn convenient. It stops at multiple resorts and takes guests to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Just like the Skyliner and boats, the monorail is a ride in and of itself. We’ve even just popped a squat and looped around Disney World on the highway in the sky while thinking about our life choices. Highly recommend.

On the monorail

With stops at the Polynesian, Contemporary, and Grand Floridian, the monorail has easy access to several stellar dining locations and bars, too. Remember that Skyliner bar crawl we mentioned? Why not do a monorail one next time too (just maybe not all at once!)?

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Ah, the dreaded Disney World bus — or maybe it’s not so dreaded after all! Our readers were quick to sing the praises of the bus, citing its ease of use as the number one reason. You don’t have to think about Disney buses, they’re easy to hop on and off for the most part, and there’s usually another one coming in a few minutes if you happen to miss it.

Disney World bus

Not only that, but buses are the only transportation option offered everywhere in Disney World — all the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs offer bus transportation. And while you can’t get from resort to resort via bus, you can always take the bus to a location where you can hop on another bus, monorail, Skyliner, or boat.

On a bus

Disney buses can also be pretty quick depending on where you’re heading and how crowded the parks are while you’re there. Plus, being able to ride the bus during severe weather makes it one of the most reliable options for transportation. The Skyliner and boats often don’t run if the weather is too bad.

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Minnie Vans

Minnie Vans are another Disney World transportation offering — though they come at an additional charge. These red and white polka dot vehicles are run by Lyft and feature trained drivers who are knowledgable about Disney and the area. A few of our readers said that despite Minnie Vans not being free, they still preferred traveling this way around Disney World.

Minnie Vans!

It’s essentially a Disney-run rideshare service, so you’ll be the only party in your car — no need to worry about sharing a Skyliner gondola or being squeezed into a monorail. You can also schedule Minnie Van rides so you know exactly when you’ll leave and arrive at your destination.

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3 Replies to “The BEST Transportation Options in Disney World”

  1. the walt disney world transportation system is not free !
    when you pay a entrance fee to a the park the fee includes transportation.

    1. Hi Paul! You don’t have to pay for park entrance to use the Disney World transportation. For instance, you could park at Disney Springs for free, take the boat over to Port Orleans, then you could take a bus to Magic Kingdom and hop on the monorail, but you never have to enter the parks so you wouldn’t have to pay a park entrance fee.

  2. The Skyliner is a great addition to the transportation options. However, Disneys definition of “high winds” and “inclement weather” are questionable. We were there the first full week of November with squalls and strong gusts coming through and the Skyliner was our only way to get back to the Riviera, no bus option for the squeamish. I have no doubt we were safe but very uneasy by the swaying and our car being pushed around by gusts of wind, which were even worse during the temporary stops it sometimes makes.