NEWS: Major Details Announced for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!

As we get further into 2021, we’ve been anxiously awaiting more news on how Disney World will be celebrating its 50th anniversary later this year.

Cinderella Castle

Today, we got our first glimpse on exactly what the celebration will entail — and when it’s going to begin!

Starting on October 1st, and continuing for 18 months after, Disney will be celebrating this milestone anniversary with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”!

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The celebration will feature NEW looks for the icons of each of the four parks, decor which the Disney team are calling “EARidescence”! Cinderella Castle will be decorated with golden bunting around its spires, paired beautifully with its recent makeover.


At night, Cinderella Castle, along with icons at each of the other three parks, will transform into Beacons of Magic with new lighting and “magical” touches that you can see illustrated in the clip below.

Over at EPCOT, the new entrance fountain in front of Spaceship Earth will play a major part in the lighting around the park icon! The decorative display for Spaceship Earth will be a permanent fixture, going past the 18 month celebration.


The centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life, will light up at night!


And finally, Tower of Terror will get a nightly makeover with new lighting over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Additionally, Mickey and Minnie will be getting new outfits custom made for the festivities! 


The celebrations are set to begin on the actual anniversary, October 1st, lasting for 18 months after. We’ll be sure to share more details as they’re revealed!

Are you planning on visiting Disney World during the 50th anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments below!

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32 Replies to “NEWS: Major Details Announced for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!”

  1. So excited! Going in June 2022. Taking some first timers. What a time to go! After looking at videos, it should be great. I am worried about using disney genie tho.

  2. I am looking into the possibility of going in December to celebrate my 50th Birthday since we will be celebrating the same number as we are the same age. LOL

  3. We are planning to come to WDW in May 2022 from Germany, hoping that the travel ban will be over by then. I participated at the 25th anniversary in WDW and absolutly want to be a part of the 50th anniversary celebration 🙂

  4. Aghhh I can’t wait! We booked specifically for this reason! Taking my niece to be apart of Magic Kingdoms special day!!! My dad is worried about it being super crowded on October 1st but we already have our reservations in.

  5. I am staying at Old Key West but can’t get a reservation for October 1st. Cast member tells me it is mainly a press event. I a extremely disappointed about this. Resort guests should be able to get in.

  6. We are scheduled to go on Oct 4th but are afraid the parks are going to be super crowded. We are going to have to figure out what we want to do. Picked early Oct 2020 to go for lower crowds but due to everything we reschedule to this year not realizing it was the 50th anniversary.

  7. I will probably go but I might wait till 2022. They said the celebration will last for eighteen months. October through December will be way too packed out

  8. Yes, but since I’m a senior and have a compromising condition it will be toward the end of the time frame most likely in 2022. I am inviting my friends to come with me. I’m a DVC member and will reserve a larger rental than usual.

  9. Since I was born on the day WDW opened we are planning to do a while 50th birthday celebration there that weekend. Can’t wait to celebrate!

  10. i couldn’t wait for this since i have owned the timeshare for almost 30 years! however it sold out before i could get the date which is upsetting! I have reservations so will hopefully be able to get in the 2nd day! Will be celebrating my 70th birthday since i had to cancel it during covid. I am sure it will wonderful to see all the new things and just be “home” again

  11. Not planning on going back until Guardians, Tron and the construction zone they call EPCOT is at least cleaned up. Theater shows and fireworks need to be a daily occurrence. Ticket prices are too high to only get half a show.

  12. We are actually visiting about 2 weeks before the anniversary date. Do you think the 50th anniversary merch will be out ahead of the anniversary date?