Rumored World Showcase Attractions That We Would Totally Be On Board For at EPCOT

Now that Disney’s Hollywood Studios has seen some long-awaited updates, our eyes are turning to EPCOT and the park-wide transformation that will be ongoing for at least the next couple of years.

World Showcase

While we already know about Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure coming to France and a Mary Poppins attraction coming the U.K. in World Showcase, it got us thinking about what other attractions could be added to Disney’s world’s fair.

We’re taking a look at some rumored World Showcase attractions that we would be down to see!

Coco Mexico Overlay

As charming as The Three Caballeros are on the Gran Fiesta Tour, the attraction is pretty dated at this point. The boat ride through Mexican regions and culture formerly known as  El Rio del Tiempo didn’t change much with the refurbishment besides adding the feathered musicians and their silly hijinks into it .

The boys are still playing their concerts, but for how much longer…

The bells began tolling for Gran Fiesta Tour once the animated hit Coco premiered in 2017. The movie is all about Mexican traditions, focusing primarily on the Dia de Muertos celebration of ancestors and features some catchy tunes to boot.

Coco brought the heart through its music and colorful characters

The film already has a presence in the Mexico pavilion through music with Mariachi Cobre retelling the story of Coco and through art with displays in the Mexican Folk Art Gallery. While rumors are mostly pointing to this being a simple overlay, we would love to see the Imagineers start from scratch and try and replicate the crazy environmental set-pieces of the Land of the Dead.

The Jungle Book Ride

An India pavilion has long been on a backlog of countries that we would love to see eventually make their way to World Showcase one day. The rumor mill is currently spinning that Imagineering has started developing an idea for the pavilion and that it would feature an attraction based off The Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book’s success has begun a whole new live-action remake craze, so why not get an attraction?

According to rumors, this attraction would be yet another boat ride, but this one would utilize the same revolutionary technology as Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure attraction. No other attraction outside of the Shanghai park uses this kind of ride system, so it would be something pretty unique for a Disney attraction.

Patent for Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbeans’s unique ride system

We could see being enveloped by humongous screens depicting the deep jungle and life-like Audio-Animatronics as a recipe for success in a Jungle Book-inspired attraction, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Disney confirms anything.

Rumored Brazil Attraction

Another long-rumored pavilion to be coming to World Showcase is Brazil. The country has shown up during the annual EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival as an outdoor kiosk, so we could certainly see this one paying off.

Brazil has already appeared in the park before during the annual Food and Wine Festivals

While the rumors have changed over the years, we would love to see Disney draw the crowds in with some type of attraction. Potential concepts have floated out there for another boat ride (maybe even one featuring the Three Caballeros again), but the field is wide open for anything.

Brazil pavilion concept art

This new pavilion could be a chance for Imagineering to buck the trend of World Showcase attractions and go in a different direction. Why not bring the enhanced motion vehicle ride system to EPCOT for an adventure through the Amazon rainforest or (to keep it family-friendly) a slower-moving dark ride using similar vehicles to Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland or Pinocchio’s Daring Journey?

What attractions or countries would you like to see added to World Showcase? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “Rumored World Showcase Attractions That We Would Totally Be On Board For at EPCOT”

  1. I like the fact that they are changing the Impressions de France to alternate between the existing movie (with the best music soundtrack in all of Epcot) with a new offering. I wish they had done that at Soarin’. Why not do something for Africa? The continent is very poorly represented outside AK. I think there are lots of places that could be added…..Antarctica. Now that would be something. Curious as to how much room the WS has to expand outside the area of around the existing lagoon. Could they create another lagoon with several more countries? It is a way for other countries to advertise for tourists after all.

  2. A Jungle Book ride would make total sense over at Animal Kingdom in the India land.

    AK has created India and Africa perfectly, no need to make mini versions at World Showcase.

  3. I want a Polynesian world showcase with a Moana volcano adventure boat ride and a whole hog luau buffet style! A s u rd simulator show would also be cool!

  4. You leave the Three Caballeros alone! Coco was fine, but I would never choose to see the sleeper hits of the late 2010’s replace the classic Disney characters who got us where we are today. Also, I would take the three caballeros theme song over “Remember Me” 1000x over.

  5. Jungle book does not belong in Epcot, overlay the Jungle Boat in MK if you must. How about giving Italy a Venetian gondola boat ride so it’s more than TS and shops? Add someplace cool and shady to sit and relax, WS is an oven at midday. Stop shoving characters into Mexico and make it a cultural ride like it was supposed to be.

  6. Switzerland with a Matterhorn?
    The original African pavilion with a waterhole diorama?
    Add in some of the rides originally planned, a boat trip down the Rhine in Germany or the ride planned for Japan?
    Or add some additional movies showcasing the best of the countries, having a nice AC place to sit and enjoy a movie is one of the best ideas for EPCOT.

    1. I totally agree! I feel like Disney is not using word showcase to its full potential. They are missing out on opportunities to add more attractions based on the unique culture from each country