Get Ready to Um, FLY (Without a Major Scene!) on Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

JAMBO! We’re exploring a newly re-opened Animal Kingdom during Passholder Previews today!

Tree of Life

As Disney World starts to welcome guests back again, restaurants, stores, and attractions (one of our favorite parts) are ready to give everyone a chance to relax or go on an adventure.

Although be visiting with the Yeti again on Expedition Everest and time travel to the prehistoric era on Dinosaur later today, we’re back again at Flight of Passage to take flight on some Banshees!

Flight of Passage

Out of all the rides in Animal Kingdom, Pandora’s Flight of Passage is easily the most popular with its incredible simulation that transports you to the Valley of Mo’ara.


The lines can extend to over two hours long when the parks are open to their full capacity. However, Disney has limited the amount of people visiting with required Disney Park Pass reservations that only allow guests to visit one park per day.

Animal Kingdom Entrance

Although things are looking a little different today at the Passholder Previews than they will be when the parks re-open, we still have an idea of what the ride process will be like when guests visit Pandora again!

Flight of Passage Entrance

Since there are no FastPasses or Virtual Queues at the moment, Stand-by lines are the only available way to ride Flight of Passage. The lines may look longer at the moment since guests are distanced from one another. The ground has distancing markers to keep everyone separated by 6 feet apart.

Flight of Passage Queue

We didn’t stop moving until we got to the room with the life-like Avatar in the tank. While the line seemed long, we were able to get on quickly within ten minutes. However, the wait time was extended when we exited the attraction, so times will vary for guests! While we were waiting, we noticed that both the restrooms…

Flight of Passage Restrooms

…and the refillable water bottle stations were still open to guests at this time.

Refillable Water Bottle Station

Although we’ve seen pre-shows suspended in Magic Kingdom, the Flight of Passage pre-show still happened with some modifications. The room is limited to three parties (so there were only 5 people in our group this morning).

Flight of Passage Pre-Show

The pre-show was limited to the introduction by Dr. Stevens. The part where guests are attached to their Avatar was noticeably not included during this time. The second pre-show room (before you enter the room with the ride vehicles) was also being used to space guests and show the same first preshow that we saw.

So rather than “preshow 1, preshow 2, ride,” we were spaced between the preshow 1 and 2 rooms and watched the same modified preshow 1. Although this might be because our group was smaller, we’ll keep you updated on the attraction during its initial opening stages!

Flight of Passage Pre-Show

The room where the Banshee simulators were located was also limited to the 5 people in our group. We were handed our 3D glasses and placed at least two Banshees apart from one another.

Flight of Passage Attraction

After the (awesome) ride ended, we were moved out of the room quickly. While we weren’t able to see if they were wiping down the attraction, the next set of guests were brought in quickly after us. However, there were hand-sanitizer stations available as guests exited the attraction.

Hand-Sanitizing Station

Although we’ve seen multiple attractions look a bit different during the park re-openings, there weren’t too many changes to how Flight of Passage operated. On top of the distancing measures and smaller groups, the biggest change we saw was the queue line. Keep in mind that wait times can fluctuate, depending on the crowd levels and distancing measures used in the parks!

Flight of Passage Pre-Show

And, if you want to keep trekking across Animal Kingdom with us today, we will continue taking you with us all around the park to spot everything new and exciting!

Follow along with us from a newly re-opened Animal Kingdom!

When will you going back to Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Not going back until next July. Cancelled vacation for this year. Have visited annually since 2005. Too many changes, too many restrictions to make it a magical vacation this year. We really feel for the cast members but it won’t be long before some foolish guests feels that the rules don’t apply to them and that is just too scary.