The Definitive Ranking of Every Live Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

HOOOOOORAY for Hollywood! That’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios, of course.

Chinese Theater

One of the best things about this park is the number of live shows! From Broadway-style princess tales, to battling the forces of evil, there is something for everyone!

But which of these shows is the creme de la creme, best of the best, absolute must-see? That’s what we are here to answer today, as we rank the live shows in Hollywood Studios from worst to best.

Please note, for the purpose of today’s rankings, we are only including shows with LIVE performers (meaning fireworks and shows with animatronics are excluded), and have a scheduled SET time (meaning character meet and greets and Streetmosphere are also excluded).

8. Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Darth Vader in Jedi Training

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple is a show where your kids can actively participate!

Young Padawans can sign up to learn from a Jedi master, and help defeat forces of Galactic evil. It’s really fun — if you’re a kid in the show (or know a kid in the show).

The show is cute if you don’t know anyone, but it’s not something that is an absolute must-do. (Again, unless your kid gets to be in it, which is way cool.) If you happen to see it when you’re headed to Star Tours, great! But I wouldn’t recommend dropping everything to run across the park to see it.


7. Disney Junior Dance Party

Mickey Mouse Disney Junior Dance Party
Mickey Mouse in Disney Junior Dance Party

The Disney Junior Dance Party is basically Club Mickey Mouse. Aiming to entertain toddlers and Disney Junior fans, there are no seats so kids can move and groove with their favorite characters. We’re talking Mickey, Vampirina, Timon, and Doc McStuffins here, people!

But the reason it falls lower on our list is because it doesn’t have mass appeal. If you don’t have a young one, you can absolutely skip this show. Unless you watch these Disney Junior shows (and no judgement if you do), you’re likely better off spending your time at another show in the park.

6. Voyage of the Little Mermaid 

The list is getting harder and harder to pare down, but next up is Voyage of the Little Mermaid. That’s right, Ariel is the first of three princess shows at Hollywood Studios.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid gets points for being succinct — it’s a lot shorter than other shows if you’re pressed for time. The “Under the Sea” number is darling, and the puppets are cute. But Ursula is LITERALLY giant and terrifying, and the show seems a little dated overall.

It’s not a bad show at all, we just wouldn’t recommend using a Fastpass+ on it, when there are far better shows and experiences at Hollywood Studios.


5. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Chewbacca in Star Wars: A Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away is a great place to see a lot of your favorite Star Wars characters. It’s just about the only place you’ll see Boba Fett, C-3P0, and Darth Maul, to name a few.

But the show doesn’t hit higher on our list for a few reasons. For starters, if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you will likely not see the appeal. It’s basically like a Star Wars Fashion Show with all of the characters. And second, it’s outside during the day with no shade or seating. So, if you’re a Star Wars fan intent on seeing it, be prepared to sweat!


4. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen- Sing Along

Christmas Frozen Show
For the First Time in Forever Frozen Sing-Along

The Frozen Sing-along is DARLING.

The show mostly consists of two Arendelle Historians retelling their favorite story of the royal sisters, Anna and Elsa. And of course, they do it in song! Throughout the show, the movie’s very popular music scenes are shown on a big screen, and you’re encouraged to sing along! Loudly. Out loud! Don’t worry, the words are on the screen too — as if you even need them.

Toward the end, you’ll be joined by some famous Frozen friends. It’s really cute, the historians are funny, you’re sitting in air conditioning, and let’s be honest, your kids (AND YOU) love Frozen. You just can’t let it go. Win-win-win-win.

3. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular 


Indiana Jones in his Epic Stunt Spectacular


Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is an exciting show for the whole family. You aren’t going to see anything like it at any of the other Walt Disney World parks. Even if you’ve never seen Indiana Jones (which… you should, like right now), you’ll enjoy seeing how big Hollywood stunts come to life.

Right before your eyes, Indy will perform some of his most hair-raising maneuvers. This is a great show for every age in your party, which is why it lands so high on our list.


2. Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage 

Belle and her Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a Broadway-style show, shrunk down to theme park size. By condensing the story, but keeping the music, they are able to keep it to 30 minutes of fun.

Do you love the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack? Do you love sitting and being entertained? If you answered yes to both of these, then you will enjoy Beauty and the Beast. This show is a must-do (especially for those who love Belle), as it’s classic Disney magic.


1. Fantasmic!

Mickey saves the day in Fantasmic!


And the winner is… FANTASMIC! (By a long shot.)

Fantasmic! is a nighttime spectacular starring everyone’s favorite mouse. Mickey’s dream is brought to life — but watch out, some villains try and turn it into a nightmare!

Fantasmic! is quintessential Disney magic, and it is not only my favorite show at Hollywood Studios, it’s my favorite nighttime show in all of Walt Disney World. This is an ABSOLUTE delight and must-do for the whole family.

Want to learn more about the shows at Hollywood Studios? I saw every single one in a single day! Watch the video here:

What is your favorite show at Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments!
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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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One Reply to “The Definitive Ranking of Every Live Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. “Definitive” is a bold statement. Fantasmic is only #1 if you are rich enough to buy a decent seat. General admission seating (even Fastpass) degrades the experience quickly. Beauty is a good show but the live vocal performers vary widely in quality and most of the cast is just background with recorded vocals. It was better when it included a live pre-show. Mermaid just needs refurbishment and a small technology upgrade. And it suffers from the general decline in cast talent that all the shows share. I also think they shortened this show from its original version. I don’t even bother with Indy anymore. 2-3 times is enough. Frozen is by far the best conceived show of the bunch. Original cast was amazing. Now the cast is hit or miss. But it is always engaging and fun. And each performance is unique.