The Secrets to Having the Best Time EVER at Walt Disney World — By Yourself!

Have you ever planned a solo trip to Walt Disney World? Going to the parks by yourself doesn’t have to be weird — you can have a great time as a party of one! You’ll get to choose what YOU want to do, there’s so much to experience that you surely won’t get bored, and it may help you step out of your comfort zone.

Main Street U.S.A.

Today, we’re sharing our best tips for how to plan a great day at Disney World by yourself!

Plan a Little Beforehand

When you’re the only one making the decisions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Before your trip, think ahead of time about your favorite attractions, rides, and activities so that you have an idea of what you’d like to do in the parks.

Planning your rides ahead of time can be helpful!

Making a list of your favorites will help narrow down the choices and make your schedule for the day less intimidating. Decide ahead of time what park(s) you’ll be visiting, what rides you’re doing, and what snacks you want to eat. (Unless the point of your day is to be spontaneous!)

Do the Things You Usually Skip

Is there a ride that your spouse doesn’t like or a snack that your child won’t eat? Well, today’s your chance to do all the things that you usually have to skip! 

You don’t have to do the “kiddie” rides if you don’t want to!

When you’re traveling alone, you don’t have to be the people-pleaser, so there’s no guilt when you make a decision that your family and friends don’t like. You’re free to choose whatever you want!

Come Prepared to Entertain Yourself

The downside to going solo in the theme parks is that you don’t have people to talk to while waiting in line. For this reason, we suggest planning ways to entertain yourself while in ride queues. 

There are tons of cool details to look for in ride queues.

If you need some suggestions: try bringing a book to read, playing a game on your phone, or downloading music or a podcast to listen to during your wait. And if you’re a Disney fanatic, maybe take the quiet time to look for hidden details in the queue that you’ve never noticed before!

Treat Yourself!

When traveling alone, you won’t be spending as much money on a large group of people, so now is the time to treat yourself! You may be able to afford things that you usually can’t, so make sure to take advantage of this chance.

Treat yourself!

Eat that Signature meal, buy the more expensive snack, or stop by and pick up the souvenir that you really want. This is your time to shop guilt-free!

Relax and Unwind

This is YOUR trip, which means that it’s important to focus on actually relaxing and enjoying yourself. Try not to let your mind dwell on the stressful things happening at work or home and just be present in the moment.

Soak in the moment…you’re at Disney World!

Take your solo park day as “me” time. Some people go shopping, some people go to the spa, but if Disney is your way to unwind, then treat it just like you would if you did those other things. Allow yourself to get sucked into the “magic!”

Cinderella Castle

If you’re planning a solo visit to Walt Disney World, we hope this list helps you out! Stay tuned to AllEars for more help planning your next theme park vacation and for all the latest Disney news!

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Have you ever been to Disney World by yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Replies to “The Secrets to Having the Best Time EVER at Walt Disney World — By Yourself!”

  1. I have done several trips to WDW solo. Always stay at the New Orleans French Quarter, it’s a small resort, ask for a room close to the front main entrance. Who can resist spoiling yourself with fresh beignets and coffee before catching the bus to get to the parks. Never do I feel lonely there are plenty of folks to talk to. Don’t forget to take advantage of solo riders lines. I can’t not plan a trip but when you’re solo it’s so much easier to change things up if need be.

  2. I regularly make trips to WDW as a solo traveler. It can be a great way to experience all the “World” has to offer. I would add a couple of suggestions to the above list:
    – Talk to cast members. Whether at a shop, attraction or EPCOT pavilion, speaking with cast members is a great way to have a bit of their magic rub off on you. (And I always try to thank them for making my trips magical.)
    – If queue times permit (once pandemic queueing ends), skip the single-rider line. While it may seem counter-intuitive, attraction queue areas have tremendous details and theming and are a joy to experience. Single-rider lines can take you down hallways or other uninteresting areas. Besides, if you enjoy the ride, you can do the single-rider line on your next ride.
    (and… try to spot All Ears crew members out-and-about to say Hi and Thanks!)

  3. I did all those things when I accompanied my husband to a conference! I hit all four parks in one day (riding only those rides my husband can’t), took the boat from Disney Springs to Port Orleans just to wander around, and enjoyed people watching at the International Gateway while sipping a hard cider as I waited for his conference to conclude at the Swan/Dolphin. A totally relaxing day!