The Best Ways To Pass The Time in Line at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to get away from the hum-drumness of everyday life. The parks are so full of magic that you can forget all your worries. But sometimes to get to that magic you have to wait in a line or two. Or twelve.

Lines can sometimes be a bummer, but don’t worry: we’ve got a bunch of suggestions on how to kill that time.

These are some of our favorite ways to pass that line time.

Play Disney Parks App

First up we have the Play Disney Parks App. The Play Disney Parks App is the ultimate in digital park games, and it’s completely free. The game is set up with maps of the park, and each attraction and land have different games to play. You can do some of the games before you’re in the park, like trivia games, but once you are in the parks you can turn on your location and unlock special activities and games. In the line for Smugglers Run in Galaxy’s Edge, for example, you can help Hondo get the Millennium Falcon ready to fly.

Heads Up

A classic app to keep adults and kids alike entertained in line is Heads Up. Heads Up is a game you can download onto your phone for $0.99. Players take turns trying to get one player guess a word. The player trying to guess the word is holding their phone up on their forehead pointed toward the other players. The words that are being guessed are movies, celebrities, characters, animals, and more.

©Head’s Up!

Watch Disney+

Disney+ is one of our favorite Disney products, and with hundreds of hours of classic movies and series, it is an easy way to kill a few hours while waiting to ride Flight of Passage. For this one we recommend making sure your have headphones and even headphone splitter so multiple people can watch at once.

Disney Programming


There is nothing like a classic game of charades, and one of the best things about charades is that you can play it anywhere. A game of Disney-themed charades will easily distract the whole family in the line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We recommend theming your game based on what land you’re in.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Name That Disney Tune

With countless songs in most Disney animated movies there is a great stock of tunes to choose from for a game of Name That Tune. Players take turns humming or whistling a Disney tune while the others work to guess the song. For an extra challenge you can add another layer and have players sing the next line in the song.

© Disney

20 Questions

This is another classic game that can be played anywhere at any time. Playing a Disney-themed game of 20 Questions is a great way to get through your line time. For Disney experts we recommend picking some lesser known characters like Horace Horsecollar or forgotten attractions like the Flying Saucers.

Spot the Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys are Mickey Mouse symbols hidden through the parks and resorts. Keep your eyes open for Hidden Mickeys while in the line queue. Make sure to look high and low for these. Sometimes they hidden on the ceiling or in the sidewalk.

Interactive Elements in the Queue

Disney Imagineers are smart and think of loads of ways to keep guests immersed in the magic. A lot of the queues have fun interactive elements to keep guests young and old entertained. One of our favorites is the graveyard in the Haunted Mansion queue. There is a tomb with musical instruments that come to life when you touch them.

Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue

Book FastPasses

A great way to spend your time in line is planning what your next attraction will be. You can use the My Disney Experience app to check for FastPasses and book your next ride. It may not be the most fun way to spend your time, but it is a practical way to spend it. (Note: FastPass+ is currently suspended.)

FastPass Booking Screen

Use Mobile Order

Disney snacks are one of the reasons that we love going to the parks and it’s not just the attractions that have lines. The snack stands often have lines that go on for what feels like forever. At many of them you can use Mobile Order on the My Disney Experience app to skip the line and just go straight to the pick-up window. As you get near the front of the line for an attraction, why not order a snack that you can pick up right after you get off the ride? It’s a great way to keep your day moving.

Mobile Order

Now you’ll have so much fun in the line you will hop right back into it as soon as that pesky ride is out of the way.

What are some of your favorite ways to kill time in line? Let us know in the comments.

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One Reply to “The Best Ways To Pass The Time in Line at Walt Disney World”

  1. Wow! Engaging in conversation didn’t even make the list. The end of civilization as we know it must be near.

    Seriously, in the days before the Fastpass and interactive queues, we actually got to know the people around us (yes, I know the six foot rule makes that hard presently) and never minded the wait because we were all in the same boat (instead of having to watch the privileged jump to the front of the line)