Our Readers Share Their Favorite World Showcase Pavilions in Disney World

With all of the food, shows and little secrets to find peppered in the pavilions, EPCOT‘s World Showcase definitely lives up to its name. There are eleven pavilions to visit on your journey (count those steps), and it’s only natural that you might walk away with a few favorites.

Friendship Boat Cruising World Showcase Lagoon
Friendship boat cruising past the United Kingdom and Canada pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase

That’s why we asked you what are your must-do pavilions are when you’re in this neck of the World.

Here are some AllEars Readers’ favorite World Showcase pavilions!


Our first stop in this group is, coincidentally, also possibly one of the first pavilions you’ll probably walk through when entering World Showcase. Mexico gets a lot of thumbs-up from readers because of the sheer variety of diversions on offer here.

It’s like a playground within a playground

RedWolf loves to listen to the musical stylings of Mariachi Cobre, while Julie listed off a bunch of her fave things to do in Mexico like watch the glassblowers or learn about Dia de Los Muertos. Let’s not forget Mexico is also home to one of the only rides within World Showcase, even if we think it might be time for an update.


While initially it might not seem like there’s much to do in the Germany pavilion, several readers like Terry brought up the incredible shopping you can do here. If you ever wanted Cinderella’s Castle completely made out of crystals for your home, you’ll have to come here to nab it.

Germany Pavilion Edited
What to do first: shop ’til we drop or pretzel?

Jill also made sure to remind us of the hearty food and awesome live music you can find inside at the Biergarten. It’s just a shame we never got that Rhine River Cruise attraction for the pavilion, and Maryssa agrees with us!


There were two clear favorites when looking at all the comments, and it’s easy to see why the Japan pavilion would be in that contention after spending some quality time there. Atmosphere is the name of the game here, with Amy making sure the beautiful zen gardens get a special shoutout.

I feel at peace already

The food in Japan also seems to be a favorite of readers, since Michael and many others made sure to mention the quality menus from Tokyo Dining and other restaurants in the pavilion. A day in the Japan pavilion wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Mitsukoshi, though, according to Joy (they do have some really crazy stuff you can buy there).


When it comes to the France pavilion, one major factor kept coming up: the food. Whether it’s Chefs de France for a full meal, Les Halles for that out-of-the-way snacking spot or L’Artisan des Glaces for a sweet ice cream dessert, you really enjoy the food coming out of France (we’re right there with you; food all day).

This is big food mood if we’ve ever seen it

Some readers, like Jeanne, also like coming to the France pavilion to take in Impressions de France at the cinema to learn about the culture (her husband loves to take a quick power nap inside, so it’s a win-win).

Do you have a favorite spot in World Showcase? Let us know down in the comments!

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