Is It Weird to Visit Disney Parks Solo?

The Disney Parks are known as exceptional vacation destinations for families, couples, and groups with young children, but what if you’re a full-grown adult who wants to entertain your inner child? Is it weird to visit the Disney Parks alone?

Spaceship Earth at Night
Spaceship Earth


Spoiler alert: NO! The Disney Parks can be a ton of fun when you travel alone for many reasons.

Not the least of which is because visiting solo makes you super efficient, and efficient means getting more done. Need to cross the Park quickly to make your Splash Mountain FastPass? No problem when you’re on your own!

Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World


Another benefit of a Parks trip by yourself: you don’t have to take a straw poll to figure out where to eat! You can sidle up to the nearest quick service spot, track down a beloved snack, or make an Advance Dining Reservation for that table service restaurant you’ve always wanted to try!

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar for dinner? Yes, please!


And when you’re done noshing and you’re ready to ride, you might discover that you can save a ton of time by using the single rider line! Find these (usually much quicker) lines at headliners like Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and you’ll typically get your adrenaline rush (and your funky on-ride photo!) faster!

Expedition Everest


If you’re a park commando, you’ll also enjoy a solo trip because you can rope drop, skip that afternoon break, and stay through for the Kiss Goodnight without having to worry about anyone else’s energy levels or bedtimes! Nab a bunch of rides after the sun has set (and families with young kiddos have retired for the night!), enjoy a nighttime spectacular like Happily Ever After, and then take your time returning to your resort.

Happily Ever After

You won’t be alone on your solo venture; loads of people travel to the Disney Parks for a break away from it all — and by all, we mean people, too. You love your friends and family, but there’s something special about visiting the Happiest or Most Magical places on Earth on your own — a sense of conquest and relaxation that can be hard to attain when you’re responsible for everyone else’s happiness.

And if anyone else thinks your solo trip is weird, flash them a smile as you efficiently scoot away for more fun!

Check out our searchable Tips Database here for more ideas about how to enjoy the Disney Parks with a crowd or on your own!


Have you enjoyed a Disney Parks trip all by yourself? Tell us what you loved (or didn’t love!) about it in the comments! 

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14 Replies to “Is It Weird to Visit Disney Parks Solo?”

  1. I will be soloing for the second time next month. It’s great to be in charge of the pace. I can move as fast or as slow as I want. I love to linger at the animal exhibits at Animal Kingdom and get bored quickly in stores. On a solo trip, I can do as I please. Because you can move faster solo, you have more time to take in shows and street happenings that you might rush past with a bigger party. One drawback though is you always get the back row on Pirates and the view just isn’t as good. That being said I’m really looking forward to the trip.

  2. I did a 10-day solo stint at WOW a few years ago and it was the most relaxing vacation ever
    Got up when I wanted and went to the bus stop. No plans. Got on the first bus to come by and that was where I spent the day. No pressures. I would highly recommend a solo trip, if only just once.

  3. Love to travel to WDW solo. Very relaxing, and I feel safe. As you mentioned, having the freedom to what you want, when you want is awesome! As a family we go every year, or every other, and I have a great time then, but there is a special feeling when doing WDW solo!

  4. October 31, I did Mickey’s Halloween Party solo and had the best time ever (my family arrived the next day) Flying to MCO had me wondering if I was doing the right thing. Dressed in full costume as Cruella De Vil made the party more fun than I expected. I did rides but not solo. Guests invited me to ride with them especially
    the kids. Anyone and everyone took photos of me a long
    with their families. It was soooo much fun and I highly recommend the party solo. Looking forward to going solo for one week during the Christmas Season. 😊😊😊

  5. All but 2 of my Disney trips have been solo. Single rider on Test Track is way faster than a FP! I find sit down meals easier solor because they take you to a table vs quick serve where all the tables get nabbed while you get your food as you lack a scout and place holder. Still solo os so much more fun. Go at your own speed, where you want, when you want.

  6. I have done Paris and DLR solo. Loved it.
    For DLR I flew into Vegas for a few days, the officer at Customs asked me what I was doing, I said few days in Vegas then I am getting a car and heading to Disneyland.
    ‘Are you going to Disneyland on your own?’
    ‘Yes sir’
    ‘Man. I want to come! I wish my wife would let me do that’

    It’s great to go with family, but I have also treasured my solo trips, with no one to please but myself!

  7. I am planning a solo visit for the Fall of 2020. I am looking forward to doing whatever I want whenever I want. I am already planning on where I will eat and what rides I will Fast Pass when the time comes.

  8. I’m a passholder and only 75 miles from the parks so I make frequent day trips – many of them solo. I don’t ever feel self-conscious.
    When visiting alone I always eat counter service anyway.

  9. I turned 50 this year, live on the East Coast and have been to WDW multiple times … but I had never visited DL or DCA. As a birthday gift to me, I decided to couple a West Coast Disney visit with a Rose Parade tour. The family and friends weren’t interested in going, so I went solo and it was absolutely the best vacation I ever took.

    I agree with everything outlined in the above article. I saw and did so much at my own pace without having to worry about what anyone else wanted to ride or where they wanted eat. I rode the original “It’s a Small World” (the beautiful holiday version) three times ina Row and there was no one to complain about it or pull me in a different direction. I loved every moment of that trip, would do it again in a heartbeat and would encourage anyone else thinking about a solo trip to book it!

  10. Solo trips are the best! Magical Express gets you to your resort and the Disney bus system gets you where you desire to go. You have no time constraints except those dining reservations, but be sure to make those dining reservations and select those items on the menus YOU like. Stop at merchandise locations and just look around for as long as you want. Maybe pin trading is something you like to do–approach the cast members and look at as many pins as you want. People watch is a lot of fun. Then venture to those rides and attractions that your family/friends don’t like, but you love. Oh, have you ever entered the monorail and just stayed on it for as long as you want and if the people mover or as we call it the blue line isn’t with a long line ask if you can stay on it for another ride around. Take a short nap at any of the places where there are films: Canada, France, People of Progress (not sure this is correct)China, and so many other places etc. Take all the pictures you want even selfies and those provided by the Disney photogs. Stand in line and wait for the characters to get their autographs and your photo with them. Sit in the sun at the pool with that book you have always wanted to read. Have a leisurely breakfast at that restaurant you have always wanted to do. Sleep in or get out to the extra morning hours openings. Sign up for one of the special programs or events that Disney offers. Get a massage. There are so many opportunities you can take advantage of on a solo tip. Be brave and do it. The first time is always a little scary, but once you do it, you will be back as a solo.

  11. Just got back from a full week solo. Best time I have ever had in Disney. No pressure, stress arguments. And you do move a whole lot faster solo. I recommend it to all Disney lovers.

  12. I have done Disney on my own several times the first time I was a bit nervous but it’s Disney there are people everywhere and if you need help a cast member is just a few feet away. You DO WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT no discussion with other people in your party.I attended the Flower and Garden show twice on my own and just wandered through all the beautiful gardens and exhibits. No pressure no run here run there. Dining was amazing and I was treated so special especially at Citrico’s it happened to be my 60th birthday the first time I went and they pulled out all the stops.Don’t get me wrong I love going with my family and friends but a solo trip is truly amazing. Don’t be afraid to try it.

  13. Nothing weird at all. Did a solo visit to Epcot many years ago as an add-on to a business trip. Knocked out several Future World attractions in a few hours. All other guests are so busy, they will not notice that you are on your own.

    If eating at a sit down restaurant feels a bit awkward, consider sitting at the bar or lounge adjacent to the many fine restaurants on property. Full menus are available and the bartenders are generally friendly and attentive.