Should I Cancel My Disney Trip?

This post was last updated on August 4th, 2021.

The unprecedented closure of Disney parks around the world and their subsequent phased reopening has left many guests with some big questions about their Disney plans.

Cinderella Castle

The biggest question? Whether or not you should cancel your upcoming Disney trip. It’s a tough one! Obviously, no one wants to forgo on a trip to Disney, but with uncertain months still ahead of us, we know this has been the top question we’ve received here at AllEars. We’re breaking down everything that we know so far below.

So, should you cancel your Disney trip?

These continue to be strange days, so it can be hard to decide to keep or toss your upcoming Disney vacay. Despite Disney World being reopen since July of 2020, we’re still not entirely sure what the remainder 2021 will hold for Disney World! There are some things we do know, however, so let’s dive in!


When Are You Going?

The first thing to consider is when you’re planning on actually going to Disney World. After all, a lot of people have concerns that the current situation will have a much longer-lasting effect on the Disney parks. Even with the parks reopened, there are many modifications and guidelines still in place that will make your Disney World vacation look and feel a little different than what you’re probably used to.

Haunted Mansion

Simply put, the sooner you’re planning on visiting Disney World, the less “normal” things will look. Currently, Disney still has many restrictions in place, including Park Pass reservation requirements, mandatory face masks indoors, no FastPass+, no parades (instead there are character cavalcades), and no character meet and greets.

UK Pavilion

We expect many of these offerings to return, but at this time it’s hard to predict exactly when that will happen. Some things have slowly started to return, like the modified return of Park Hopping in January of 2021, and fireworks returning in July 2021. So, it’s possible that by the time you travel to Disney World, more things will be back in place, but you should still be prepared to have a modified experience in 2021.

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

So, is the current information and current park offerings enough to cancel right now?

What We Know

While Disney World is currently open with certain modifications in place, and we recommend you continue to monitor any and all updates from Disney World at this time, as things could change on an almost daily basis.

Walt Disney World Entrance

Many hotels have reopened over the past year., and the remainder will be reopen by the end of 2021.

Port Orleans-Riverside Resort at Night
Disney’s Port Orleans — Riverside Resort

Click here to read more about the reopening dates of all hotels

In truth, the current situation is uncharted waters for all of us, including The Walt Disney Company. But one thing we do know is that Disney will make the process as magical as possible if your trip is affected.


There is the consideration of travel restrictions and quarantine to keep in mind. Depending where in the world you live, your country may request self-quarantining upon return from Florida, or you may need to produce a negative COVID-19 test.

Recent Health and Safety Changes

Disney World previously reduced its health and safety measures with the removal of temperature checks, less social distancing, and the ability for vaccinated individuals to go maskless. Yet, the CDC recently provided recommendations that all people — regardless of vaccination status — should wear masks indoors due to the more contagious Delta COVID-19 variant. In response, Disney World then put its indoor mask mandate back in place.

Hollywood Studios

At this time, masks are still not required outdoors, but that could change. This could be due to a major increase in COVID-19 cases in Florida as of late. On July 1st, the seven-day average for the state was 1,839. But, the cases jumped up 800% to a seven-day average of 17,024 as of August 1st.

Inside The Emporium

Disney World still has limited capacity in place around the parks right now, although officials have stated that capacity numbers and percentages will be increased throughout the year.

Mask Store Sign

Disneyland has also placed a mask mandate in the parks as well, where everyone must wear their masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. The parks are following guidelines from both the CDC and California officials in its operations moving forward.

Disneyland Mask Sign

What’s our advice if you have an upcoming Disney World trip? We recommend closely monitoring the latest updates from Disney World, as well as local health officials.

The Grand Floridian

Disney World DOES have a lot to offer their guests right now, should you choose to visit. With all four parks reopened, you can enjoy a relatively “normal” vacation, with the exception of a few aspects you’ll need to adapt to, including the indoor face mask mandate which has recently returned.

EPCOT Entrance

All in all, we don’t have a definitive answer for what you should do if you have a trip coming up soon. Ultimately, it is up to you and your family to decide what is best for you.

Space Mountain

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out so that we can pass on anything that Disney reports in relation to future trip reservations!

For all you closure questions answered, click here!

Do you have a Disney trip coming up soon? Tell us in the comments!

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29 Replies to “Should I Cancel My Disney Trip?”

  1. So much for having an “annual pass”-Now those are COMPLETELY KAPUT!! Could this get ANY WORSE for Disney and its guests?? Even if you DID have an annual pass-which used to allow someone to come at ANY time, now you must have a “reservation”-if not-you are SCREWED!! My wife and I love living only about an hours drive away-but we will be avpoilding the mouse for quite some time!!

  2. Booked to head down July 24, will give it until June 24, my last cancel for full refund date. I have the old ticket price and a hotel discount, so I hate to cancel and miss out if they open for July, but also Don’t want to be stuck with a ticket credit so I can be in the same boat next summer when hysteria takes over again, assuming it ever relents, and lose the money for them either. Even if the parks are open, I won’t go with ridiculous regulations like rushing to the park at 5 am to virtual queue for a ride at 3 pm, nor will I wear a hot mask in the FL heat, nor allow a company to conduct medical procedures on me to prove I am healthy to enter and do god knows what with the data. Basically it’s either business as usual with (hopefully) guests limited to those with existing reservations at a Disney resort to keep numbers down or I am out.

  3. We have reservations for 7/30-8/9. Concerned that if Disney World is up and running, how many rides/attractions will be closed due to social distancing. What about the restaurants? How do you think all of these things will be affected?

  4. We have a trip planned June 15! I’m holding on to hope but I just don’t know at this point. I’m going to wait until the week off to be honest

  5. We have early May ressies that I hope we can use. Realistically, it doesn’t look very likely, and even if things start to open back up, I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable to go rub shoulders this early with the melting pot of visitors from everywhere. All this said, it will only take one scientific breakthrough to make this virus less fatal, and that breakthrough could happen tomorrow. For this reason, I won’t cancel my trip until the very last minute. No amount of hand sanitizer and masks is going to save us, it will require vaccines and better treatment options. God bless all those fighting for other’s lives everywhere. Stay safe.

  6. Our trip is planned for April 15-21 and it was booked on a cast member discount with the college program so I think our discount is gone. But I just can’t seem to dial the number to cancel. I know realistically it won’t be open but it’s just so hard to cancel a vacation that you’ve been looking forward to.

  7. Have a trip planned for may 10th through the 15th don’t want to cancel but things are not looking good

  8. Our trip is booked for Tuesday, April 28th through Tuesday, May 5th. Keeping my hopes up for re-opening. DVC members.

  9. As a travel agent it can be in your best interest to wait for the vendor (Disney, etc.) to announce cancellations. At least that was true in the pre-COVID19 world. Wait until they are waiving change/cancel fees.

    The delay in announcing additional closures, I’m sure, is because the agents need to deal with guests that will be arriving within days, if not en route, to Disney.

    As to reopening – and we were scheduled to for a 3/26-4/5 trip and it broke my heart to cancel our Polynesian Studio as we got it on a travel agent rate and couldn’t afford it otherwise – look at the backlash the Spring Breakers are getting for flocking to beach towns across Florida and the U.S. I really don’t think the situation will be stabilized by April 1st and Disney would just be slammed if they reopened that quickly. I think anything before that 8-week time frame of no groups above 10 (or 50?) is just not going to happen. Believe me, I held on to hope as long as I could. I’m beginning to worry about summer programs at this point.

  10. I have a princess trip with my 3 YO booked for 5/17 to 5/22.. I’m still holding out hope that well still be able to go and just be very diligent with washing hands and face and bring tonnes of wipes for the rides. But the governor of Florida has issued a request to hold off on large gatherings over 50 ppl for 8 weeks which is until May 10. 🤷‍♀️ We can only go with the flow and wait and see. If you’ve booked with Disney, then they will accommodate you.

    1. So are we! Waiting to buy our tickets. I called and they said no refunds, only credits for future use. We don’t know when we can get all of these high school and college grandkids together again. The problem is booking fast passes

  11. We have a trip planned for the week of 04/12. We are just waiting it out. We go on a charter. This is basically it. We have a lot coming up and my daughter starts high school in the fall so don’t want to pull her out at that point (and I’ve been to WDW in the summer–never again, it’s just way to hot/humid for my taste). So if our trip 04/12 gets cancelled then we’ll just have to bag the trip. And sadly, I’d be shocked if they were open by then. I don’t like to be negative but it really sounds like April is going to be a lost month for a lot of things. People with May trips may be in better luck so I’d definitely would hold off for the time being (unless you want to change it to a later date).

  12. Scheduled to stay at the Beach club April 22-25. Can’t bring myself to cancel yet but I also can’t believe that Disney will be up and running by then.

  13. I’m supposed to check in May 3rd for 8 days staying on property with my Grandchildren. I bring them every year, but I’m a little worried about coming so soon after they reopen. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’m going to hold off till after the first of April and see what happens. Hopefully the curve will be going down by then.

  14. Our trip including DVC resort stay, fast passes, tickets, food reservations all planned April 18-26th…we are waiting it out with High Hopes

  15. Our dates are May 11 to15. We don’t know what to do. Flying from Delaware. How long should we wait before we cancel?

    1. March 20. We have planned a trip there for April 15 to the22 what should we do we wanted to extend it into May second week and we can only change our airline tickets once so what would recommendation be and also I am staying on a Disney resort really need to no if they will be open we plan on being really cautious and only 6 of us coming and only will be doing 1 Disney park and sea world with folding what should we do

  16. We’re using positivity to manifest our April 4th trip and will handle whatever comes our way. (Though it’s much more fun to visualize each day of Disney magic, than speculating the unknown)

  17. We have a week at Boardwalk starting 4/12/20. Keeping our 🤞🏻that we will enjoy Flower and Garden this year.

  18. We have tickets only April 2-5. I have cancelled hotel and will change tickets to August. Disney needs to do a better job than waiting til the last minute.