Which Type of Disney Guest Are You?

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If you’ve been to the Disney Parks before, you’ve seen all types of people enjoying the attractions, taking in the theming, and dining on some Disney grub. We thought we’d take a look at five archetypal Disney guests that we’ve all seen exploring the parks. Do any of these describe you, or are you breaking … Continue reading "Which Type of Disney Guest Are You?"

What Do You Do When The Planning Is Done?

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One of the Facebook pages I read on a regular basis is “You May Be a Canadian Disney Addict If . . . “ The page is populated by dedicated Disney fans from across Canada and describes itself as “Where everything Disney meets the Great White North.” I was fascinated by a post I saw … Continue reading "What Do You Do When The Planning Is Done?"

Trip Planning — More Important Than Ever

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Carol and I have been to Walt Disney World so many times that we no longer feel compelled to rush around and try to do it all! We take our time, we savour the experience! Over the years we’ve picked up some “insider knowledge” from other Disney addicts and we’ve learned a bit through our … Continue reading "Trip Planning — More Important Than Ever"

Trip Prequel: Decisions, Decisions

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What are you doing on Saturday, September 3rd around 10:30am? Jack Spence and I are co-hosting a meet-and-greet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in front of Dinosaur (the attraction). Help us bring back an Iguanadon and act nonchalant to Phylicia Rashad’s warning. Free AllEars.Net trading cards to those who attend. Adults, as measured by age, aren’t … Continue reading "Trip Prequel: Decisions, Decisions"