PHOTOS: Some Social Distancing Markers Are Being Removed in Disney World

There have been several new health and safety measures in place since Disney World reopened, and we’re starting to see some of them disappear!

The temperature check tents are empty!

Temperature checks have been phased out, mask requirements are relaxing, and now, physical distancing guidelines are diminishing. Disney hasn’t been very specific about social distancing recently, but we’ve started to notice some changes around the parks!

Recently, social distancing ground markers have started to disappear from various attraction queues around Walt Disney World. We first noticed this trend a few days ago at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom.

Markers are being removed from extended outdoor queues.

At Mine Train, the markers were removed from the extended outdoor part of the line, but they were still in place once you entered the standard part of the queue. (i.e. when you passed the ride entrance sign)

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Since then, we’ve spotted this change slowly affecting other rides as well. It makes a BIG difference at Slinky Dog Dash in Hollywood Studios, where the ride queue used to frequently extend out of Toy Story Land, down the street, and past One Man’s Dream. 

Today, the line hadn’t even made it to this point!

When we stopped by today, we noticed that guests were still keeping about a 3ft distance, even though the markers were gone from the extended queue. This significantly reduced the length of the line itself. Physical distancing markers still remained in the regular part of the queue, though.

The line looked a lot shorter!

Previously, there were lines marked on the ground all the way back to Animation Courtyard as an overflow for the Slinky Dog queue. Hopefully, now it’ll be easier to navigate this area!

Slinky Dog Dash Overflow Queue Markers

But it’s not just outdoor queues for rides — we’ve also noticed some physical distancing guidelines disappearing for Disney transportation! For instance, while the numbered group markers remained at the ferry entrance at the TTC…

Ground markers for the ferry queue

…the dots had disappeared from the boat itself! Now, guests are encouraged to keep their distance from one another, but there are no specific spots to stand.

The dots are gone!

We also noticed that the markers are gone from the benches on the ferry. Previously, benches were marked with stickers so that only one or two parties were allowed to sit on each one. If you look closely, you’ll be able to tell where the stickers were located before.

No stickers on the benches, either.

At the monorail, physical distancing markers had been taken up in the queue. Parties were standing much closer together than before, although many were attempting to keep at least a few feet of distance.

Guests are much closer in line now.

Most recently, the markers have disappeared from park entrances, including the entrance going into Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom entrance

We saw this at the EPCOT entrance, too.

EPCOT entrance

We’ll continue to monitor physical distancing on Disney transportation and on rides, in addition to lines around the parks and resorts. At this time, we haven’t noticed markers being removed from any main queues for attractions.

There are still markers in the Toy Story Mania main queue.

We’ll be on the lookout for more of these changes around the parks, so stay tuned to AllEars. We’re here to give you the latest news and tips for your Walt Disney World vacation!

More Details on the Physical Distancing Changes — Click Here!

Have you been to Walt Disney World since the reopening?

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