PHOTOS & VIDEOS: What the New Face Mask Policy Looks Like in Disney World

Yesterday it was announced that Disney World would be ending the requirement of face masks in most outdoor areas.

Face Mask

The new policy went into effect at Walt Disney World Resort today, so we went to check out exactly what it looks like around the parks!

The new policy outlines that the use of masks is no longer required in most outdoor common areas, but lays out several exceptions where masks still must be worn. This includes entering and throughout rides, in all theaters and on all transportation, and in any indoor locations.


So, what did the policy actually look like in effect today?


As noted in the new guidelines, face masks are still required to be worn on transportation, and at transportation entrances. We saw this on the boat ride to Magic Kingdom, where guests were still wearing their masks as they loaded onto the boat.

Line to load boat

And, mask-wearing continued on the entire boat ride over.

On the ferry boat to Magic Kingdom

The Friendship Boats were operating in a similar way as guests wore masks while they were traveling, and the plexiglass barriers were still in place in between the seats. However, the boats were seating in every row.

Friendship Boat

Guests were also wearing masks when they boarded the Disney Buses, too.

Bus stops at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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At the Parks

Once at the parks, you’ll notice that temperature checks have already ended a day early. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom there were empty temperature check tents that guests were walking through.

Empty Temperature Check Booth at the Transportation and Ticket Center

Once at the parks, you’ll notice new signage outlining the updated face mask guidelines, noting that they still must be worn indoors and through attractions (including queues).

New Face Mask Signage

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a Cast Member was at the entrance updating guests on the new face mask policy. Since it was announced late last night, many guests seemed to just be learning about it as they came to the parks.

Throughout the parks, we saw a mixture of people no longer wearing masks outdoors, as well as a fair number of guests who still were wearing their masks.

At the entrance to rides, guests must put a face mask on, and wear it through the line and on the attraction itself.

Rock n’ Roller Coaster

This includes for outdoor queues and attractions, such as Prince Charming Regal Carrousel at Magic Kingdom.

Prince Charming Carrousel

Slinky Dog Dash is another outdoor ride where you can see guests wearing their masks on the ride, which was loaded every row.

Some attractions, like the Tower of Terror, already began to remove plexiglass from the rows of seating. We could see additional rides continue to do this as health and safety measure are adapted.

Tower of Terror Seating

Stores are another spot where guest must still wear their face coverings, as you can see at the Emporium.

The Emporium

There are signs indoors indicating that masks are still required there.

Guests must wear masks indoors

Guests are also asked to wear masks indoors at restaurants, like the Main Street Bakery. We noticed that guests were spaced out in the queue and asked to wait on one of the dots as you wait for your order.

Main Street Bakery

We also noted that all Cast Members throughout Disney World were still wearing face masks, as the new policy only applies for guests.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the newly reopened Festival of the Lion King had already updated its seating arrangement, nearly doubling its capacity.

Festival of the Lion King

Additional seating opened up as guests were able to sit in every row, staggered throughout the sections. Stickers on the benches kept parties 6 feet apart from one another, instead of the newer 3 feet apart guidance.

Guests Are Seated Closer Than Before

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, multiple shows have seen changes as well. At Walt Disney Presents, parties only have to have one seat between them during “One Man’s Dream.”

The Walt Disney Theater

At the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, one row is kept empty between guests, but only one seat is kept open between parties in the rows that are filled. Additional rows towards the back may be filled if there is a need for more seating.

New Frozen Sing-Along Celebration Seating

The performers are still kept at a distance from one another onstage.

Distanced Performers

Disney Springs

Guests heading to Disney Springs no longer have to participate in temperature checks, although the tents are still set up.

No Temperature Checks!

Fully vaccinated individuals don’t need to wear masks outside, but everyone is required to wear them inside dining and retail locations. Guests who aren’t fully vaccinated still have to wear their masks and distance at all times.

Previous Mask Sign

We’ll keep an eye out for any more changes coming soon!

Read more about the Festival of the Lion King capacity update here!

We’ll continue to keep you updated throughout the day with what we see with the new face mask policy in Disney World!

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3 Replies to “PHOTOS & VIDEOS: What the New Face Mask Policy Looks Like in Disney World”

  1. This is a step in right direction. Hopefully it will b even lighter rule by my trip in September.

    I probably wouldn’t wear mask when its Allowed due to Heat.

  2. I have heard some people will continue wearing masks forever even vaccinated. That’s they’re choice and if that makes them feel safer good for them. Glad Disney loosened this policy especially outdoors as it’s hot down there! I’ll celebrate this with a pub crawl around the world in Epcot!