Our Readers Are SPLIT On Whether They’ll Be Buying Disney Genie+

Earlier this year, Disney World announced that they would be discontinuing FastPass+ and replacing it with TWO new paid options called Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection.

Toy Story Mania Lightning Lane

The new services will roll out in Disney World on October 19th, 2021 and we’ve been breaking down everything that you need to know about the new way to “skip the lines” at some of the most popular attractions in the parks. But, do many park-goers plan on purchasing the new add-ons? We reached out to AllEars readers on our Facebook Page to find out — here’s what they said!

We first turned to our readers back in August when Disney originally announced the new offerings. And, the responses were split down the middle with 56% of those who responded saying that yes, they would likely be purchasing Disney Genie+ and 44% saying that they would not.


At that time, we didn’t know exactly which attractions would be included in Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection (or whether you could skip the lines at attractions more than once). But we did know that Disney Genie+ would cost $15 per person, per day in Disney World and include access to Lightning Lanes (aka old FastPass lanes) at over 40 different rides and include new AR Disney PhotoPass Lenses within the My Disney Experience app.

What’s Included in Disney Genie+ ©Disney

Since then, Disney has shared the FULL LIST of 46 attractions that will be available as part of the $15 per person, per day charge for Disney Genie+ (they’ve also shared more details on pricing and rides part of Individual Attraction Selection too). So, has that changed park-goers thoughts on purchasing?

Dinosaur Lighting Lane

Well, we asked our readers on Facebook, “Are you planning on purchasing Genie+ for your next Disney trip?” and the response was once again split down the middle! But, readers were a bit more specific about when they will be purchasing Disney Genie+.


While roughly 50% of the respondents were certain that they would be passing on the newest way to “skip the line” at Disney World attractions, the other 50% were at least willing to try the service and see how it works for their family.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lightning Lane

Many responded by saying that they would be choosing to pay for Disney Genie+ on select days of their vacation (with Magic Kingdom being a common park that people do want to purchase it for) rather than purchasing it every day. In fact, one reader even shared their strategy saying, “We have reservations to go to each park twice. We plan to pay for it once for each park and do standby the other day.”

And, this is totally doable with Disney Genie+! Just keep in mind that choosing to pay for Disney Genie+ only on select days of your trip means that you’ll need to buy it day-of rather than prior to your vacation.

Mad Tea Party Lightning Lane

Now, there were still quite a few readers who responded but aren’t sure just yet whether they’ll be making the splurge to bypass the standby line. Many shared that they will be choosing to purchase Disney Genie+ for only one day to see if they feel it is worth it. And, others shared that it will depend on crowd levels and standby wait times when they are visiting.

Lightning Lane at Jungle Cruise

Keep in mind that Disney Genie+ does NOT include access to Lightning Lanes (aka old FastPass lanes) to 8 of the most popular attractions across all four parks, including Remy Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT and Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And, while our readers’ responses were concerning Disney Genie+, many did share that they would be opting to pay for the Individual Attraction Selection at some of these rides in addition to Disney Genie+ or instead of Disney Genie+.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Lightning Lane

Once Disney Genie+ finally becomes available in Disney World on October 19th, we’re anticipating that more Disney-goers will have a better idea of whether the new service is for them. And, of course, we’ll be bringing you a look at BOTH Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection once they debut to help you decide if these new systems are best for you!

Frozen Sing Along Lightning Lane

And, in the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more of the latest Disney Genie news and updates!

Learn more about Disney Genie+ (and the FREE version) HERE!

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Are you planning to purchase Disney Genie+ on your next trip? Let us know in the comments!

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21 Replies to “Our Readers Are SPLIT On Whether They’ll Be Buying Disney Genie+”

  1. Like anything new to WDW, I’ll wait to see how it works. Tho I’m going 4 days later.

    I see buying the Genie+ for MK, DS. For Lightening Lane(Fancy Rides TM), I think I’ll see how long standby is for those 8 attractions first.

  2. I really don’t know what the answer is. Am I willing to pay 80 extra for a ride to avoid a 3 hour line for my family of 4 yes to an extent. You tell any typical non Disney family and they will laugh their head off at you.

    Im there 2-3 times a year for over 20 years so my thought process for all this is yah maybe for a new ride but once. Then wait for other trips in line cause we aren’t in a hurry. We will back in 6 months. That’s kinda how we think about rides anymore.

    Yes I have paid premium prices for things Disney does only once a year. Like years ago with Star Wars weekends. I had no problem paying for a premium package to have close seating cause it was a once in life or a year kinda situation. How can you turn down being up close to hear frank oz talk and also it being the last day of the last weekend Disney would ever have. Yah I’ll pay to play.

    So I guess I’m on both sides of the fence here.

  3. Up until Covid, my husband and I went to WDW at least once a year. We are taking our last three grandchildren in June after having to cancel due to Covid. It is getting harder and harder for me to physically navigate the parks anyway. I resent losing all the perks we had staying on site. Will we pay for Genie+? Yes, only because this will most likely be our last trip there and I can’t stand in long lines anymore. Disney is simply getting way too expensive even though we can afford it. I’m afraid Disney is making it unaffordable for many. We will spend our vacation dollars elsewhere after our June trip.

  4. I think Genie+ is going to separate us by class. I do not plan to spend money on fast pass/genie+. I spent enough on our March trip. I could have paid off a loan and stayed home, but I wanted to see the 50th (I was born in ’71, so it’s special).

  5. Most of the internet shows a 12 to 1 ratio, favoring those who want nothing to do with Genie, with a valid sample size. Not sure who your “readers” are, or how many there are, but it’s quite a stretch to suggest that it’s a split.

    1. Come on man…everyone knows the internet is overwhelmingly a place people go to complain. A business complaint/compliment line is essentially a complaint line. No one gets on to say “I had a perfectly acceptable time in relation to money and time spent and wanted to let you know you sufficiently met my expectations.”. Hardly anyone politely tips 15% and just doesn’t go back. It’s all “I need to talk to the manager” and “this completely ruined my family’s time and I’m horrified that this is deemed acceptable by your supposed family friendly establishment” for minor inconveniences. This is the stuff why disney doesn’t listen to complaints. Even if a million of you complain, that’s STILL a drop in the bucket of the tens of millions who attend! Just quietly go somewhere else if this is your last straw. Come on man…you think genie+ is really only going to have an 8% adoption rate!?

      1. Check the Disney Parks channel on YouTube. Almost all of the videos have an overwhelmingly popular response with upvotes outweighing downvotes by approx 20 to 1. The Genie videos have exactly the opposite ratio. It’s not just complaints. Disney is internally concerned about it, and they should be. And sorry, no one should just quietly go away when the line has been continually crossed as far as it has this year. As if Disney are the only ones affected by the pandemic.

  6. We’ll be visiting WDW in about 10 days and we’re still undecided about whether to purchase or not.
    But one thing we do know is it will cut into our spending on food and souvenirs if we have to pay to not stand on long lines.
    Walt must be spinning like a top in his grave.

  7. thank you disney for finally taking measures to curtail attendence. the parks are too crowded, showing that too many people are willing to pay the current prices. i would prefer that genie+ just cost $100+ and include everything, but this is a good first step.

    1. I’m pretty sure the only thing Genie does is make you pay for a cut in line. Didn’t read where it curbed attendance. And what exactly are you suggesting that $100 include? A park pass is well over $100 in most cases….so what exactly is it you’re willing to burn $100 for? smh

      1. For something like Express pass. In fact, I wish it were $150-$200 so it would be a limited buy item. I am aware that the park ticket is over $100. $100 gets you in standby lines and another $150 gets shorter lines…? Where do I sign up!? It’s no different than $100 gets you in to have to sit in a spot for 2 hours for good fireworks view, or spend an additional $100 and you get a great view and show up 10 min before show starts. I’m not willing to spend 80grand on a car, but I’m not “smh” that others are. Spend your money how you see fit, yeah?

        1. I find it comical how some people have finally discovered Disney is a fun place and not simply “a place full of strollers and screaming brats that they would never visit”. It’s disheartening, though, that they also believe they and their money should be able to “own” the place since that is polar opposite of what Walt Disney planned for the place to be. What people like John don’t understand is that your admission ticket used to provide you the opportunity to sit in the now reserved areas to view fireworks shows without paying extra. Disney is creating the overcrowded situations he speaks of by selling reserved areas that allow you to continue to crowd the ride lines up until 10 min. before fireworks shows instead of the old days when you decided if you wanted to continue riding, or stake out a good viewing area and get out of the way for an hour or two. This is just one of many examples of how Disney has gouged pricing and taken away perks from those of us in the know.

    2. And how much of that overcrowding is due to the 80,000 Cast Members using their passes? Or the numerous closed attractions and entertainment venues? There are plenty of solutions. This one is just thinly veiled greed.

  8. I will try the new Genie + when I visit Disney World this December. My concern is will it be a good paid program. I’m always amazed how quickly Disney is becoming more expensive. This may be my last Disney vacation.

  9. We will be visiting DW in February. We plan on buying Lightning Lane privileges on the day that we go to Animal Kingdom, so that we can finally ride Avatar Flight of Passage, and on the day we go to Hollywood Studios, so that we can get into Galaxy’s Edge and ride the rides. I resent having to spend even more, however. I’m a senior and this will probably be my last trip to DW, since it will soon become more than I can afford.

    1. I don’t get people who keep reading and posting on park blogs who claim they have no interest in going to them. They make zero sense to me. I mean, if it’s THAT BAD, why would you still be reading and following it?

      I am excited to try Genie and I think Genie+ brings some much needed balance to the skip the line services that FP+ needed to prevent standby lines from getting out of whack and benefited predominantly skilled Disney park pros who have been on those rides a million times before who snatched up FPs for them leave once in a lifetime goers left in escalating waiting times in the standby queue.

      Prediction: After a period of adjustments by the park and guests, most people will realize that the controversy over Genie+ was overblown and predictions that it would lead to a mass exodus of people coming to the parks won’t materialize.

      1. Our last trip is at the end of this month…then we’ll be selling or DVC timeshare. Disney has outpriced itself. Many people feel the same way…just take a look at recent DVC resales…they’re through the roof.

        1. …the exact point of raising prices when more people want in than can be accommodated (demand at current pricing is exceeding supply). The entire point is to price some people out. There is a point where we would be priced out too, and we would just quietly reallocate those vacation dollars to cheaper things. We love going to football games. We got priced out, and just stopped buying; that’s how an adult acts. Disney is not even close to pricing itself out yet, per attendance levels…not even close.