Did It Just Get EASIER To Get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group in Disney World?

Guests looking to experience Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are required to obtain a Boarding Group via My Disney Experience. Right now, those Boarding Groups become available at 7AM and 1PM daily.

Rise of the Resistance

While the 7AM Boarding Groups can be reserved from outside of the park (as long as you have a ticket and Park Pass Reservation to Hollywood Studios that day), it was previously stated that you needed to be physically inside the park to get a Boarding Group at 1PM.

But this practice could soon change, as we visited Hollywood Studios today to test out whether or not you needed to still be in the park at 1PM to snag a Boarding Group!

Rise of the Resistance

We scanned into Hollywood Studios in the morning, but before 1PM, we actually LEFT the park to see if we could still grab a Boarding Group. And, when the clock struck 1PM, we opened up the My Disney Experience app from the McDonald’s on Disney property and were able to get a boarding group!

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

Disney has not officially announced that you can secure a boarding group at 1PM if you’ve scanned in earlier and left the park, and the notice on the app still says “Once inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, please check back here at 1PM for another opportunity to joining the virtual queue.” But, we were able to join from outside of the park.


So, it looks like there’s another trick to snagging a spot on the highly popular Rise of the Resistance. Just be sure that you’ve previously scanned into Disney’s Hollywood Studios that day for this to work! And, follow along as we share more tips and tricks from around Disney World!

Click here to read about our experience grabbing a Boarding Group before park opening!

Have you been on Rise of the Resistance yet? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Did It Just Get EASIER To Get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group in Disney World?”

  1. Umm, how would they know if you are physically.in the park or not? I don’t enable location permissions on any app and in fact when in the parks generally turn of location all together to save battery.

    Honestly, once scammed in, they consider you to be in the parks.