We Tried the New Method of Booking a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance from Outside of Disney World!

We recently learned that Disney World was shaking things up over in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Specifically, there’s a MAJOR change coming to the way you can grab a Boarding Group for the land’s headliner attraction, Rise of the Resistance.

Rise of the Resistance

A virtual Boarding Group is currently the only way to experience the attraction, and with the immense popularity of the ride, those Groups go in a flash! Before, you needed to be scanned in and physically standing inside the park before 10AM in order to secure a Boarding Group via My Disney Experience.

But now, you can try your luck at grabbing a Boarding Group from the comfort of your hotel room bed! Starting TODAY, November 3rd, you do not have to be scanned into Disney’s Hollywood Studios in order to obtain a Boarding Group.

Rise of the Resistance Pre-Show

All you need on My Disney Experience is valid theme park admission and a Park Pass Reservation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for that particular day. We gave this new method a shot this morning before we headed into the park! Did we get lucky enough to grab a Boarding Group?

Rise of the Resistance

One very important detail to keep in mind is that first morning Boarding Group distribution happens WAY earlier! Whereas before the Boarding Groups were handed out at 10AM (followed by another batch at 2PM), now those first Groups will be distributed at 7AM ET!

Plexiglass Barriers

When we tried to book from home, the process worked the same as what we’ve seen in the parks! Passes opened up at exactly 7AM on the My Disney Experience app, as prior to that you can see the option wasn’t available.

New Boarding Group Process

Starting at 7AM, you can then join the virtual queue from wherever you are, as long as you have a Disney Park Pass for Disney’s Hollywood STudios that day.

New Boarding Group Process

We were able to snag an early group, meaning we’ll want to get to Disney’s Hollywood Studios when they open to ensure we get on during our window!

New Boarding Group Process

The new system was most likely implemented to reduce morning crowds. There was still a bit of a line to get inside the park. Hopefully, the lines will lighten up as more guests become accustomed to the new process.

Entrance to Hollywood Studios

We were able to grab the first boarding group and received the notification that we could head straight to the attraction upon entry!

Boarding Group Notification

Once we were inside Hollywood Studios around 9:30 AM, there was a sign in front which stated that Boarding Groups were already full. The park officially opens at 10AM, which means that it’s recommended to get your reservation right at 7:00AM before they run out.

Rise of the Resistance Sold Out Sign

Overall, the process was incredibly simple and convenient, allowing you to make your Boarding Group selection from bed! If you miss the 7AM distribution, you’ll still have a second shot at 2PM. Just remember that for the 2PM distribution you will need to be physically present inside Hollywood Studios.

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Have you been on Rise of the Resistance? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “We Tried the New Method of Booking a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance from Outside of Disney World!”

  1. Went on this ride a week ago! It’s AMAZING!!! Was placed in the overflow que at the 2:00 time. Around 5:00 got a notification that our group was called!! Ran over and it was totally worth the wait!

  2. I got Boarding group 36,after hitting the button exactly at 7am! But, until 1pam the app didn’t give an estimated time when that might be called. So, I had no idea if I should rush over, or go back to sleep. We gambled and got there. At 10:30. Group was called around 12:30. Would have been nice to have an estimate though.

  3. Hello there! Just wondering the general area of your home base. I live in east Orlando and was thinking that would probably be too far to snag a reservation so I’d still have to head over early…hoping you can give me some clarity!

  4. News today (November 3) is that boarding groups were all taken by 7:01, and the first boarding group was called at 9:46. That time is BEFORE the park’s posted 10:00 opening. So if you get one of those precious early boarding numbers, don’t go back to bed! Get up and get to HS!