Mugs, A Spirit Jersey, and New Tees Arrive in EPCOT’s Norway

Okay, so here’s a controversial question: what’s your favorite country at EPCOT?

Stave Church Gallery in Norway

Some of you might love seeing the small Eiffel Tower in France. Some of you might enjoy being inside the pyramid in Mexico (and the margaritas). Some of you might prefer the serenity of the Morocco Pavilion. However, if you love Norway (and those TROLLS), get ready to do some shopping!

That’s because a LOT of new merchandise is now available at the Norway Pavilion!  There’s a new Norway Mickey Mug for $19.99

Mickey mug!

…a Norway Glass for $14.99


…a Norway Stein for $24.99

It’s like a holiday sweater!

…a Norway Kitchen Utensil Set for $29.99

Everything you need to do some baking!

….a Norway Tote for $34.99


…and a Norway Tumbler for $29.99.

Pretty Tumbler

We also found a fun Norway Mickey Raglan Tee!

Fun t-shirt

Plus, you can get a new Norway Spirit Jersey with the Norway flag on the front…

Spirit jersey

…and “Norway” printed on the back!


You can also get a Norway Ornament for $19.99. It’s got the Norway Pavilion on the front…

The pavilion

…and a Norway map on the back!

Norway map

So if you want to collect some fun Norway souvenirs, head on over to EPCOT now. While you’re at it, be sure to stop into the Stave Church Gallery and say hello to the Norse gods (and Marvel characters).

You’ll also want to pop into Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for some delicious School Bread.

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What’s your favorite country in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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