You’re Skipping the Best Parts of EPCOT’s World Showcase

Sure, you’ve been to EPCOT. But are you skipping the best parts?

Spaceship Earth

EPCOT’s World Showcase has a lot to see and do, so it can be easy to miss out on a few things here or there. You just might be walking past the best part of each country — and we don’t want that for you!

Here’s the most underrated piece of every World Showcase Pavilion!

La Cava Del TequilaMexico Pavilion

La Cava del Tequila is a tiny lounge tucked inside the Mexico Pavilion pyramid that serves up some of the best drinks in all of World Showcase. And yes, they are margaritas.

La Cava del Tequila

Stave Church GalleryNorway Pavilion

If you didn’t know better, you might think the Stave Church Gallery is just a façade that guests can’t enter, but it’s actually got a beautiful exhibit about the Norse gods.

Stave Church Gallery

Reflections of ChinaChina Pavilion

Reflections of China is a Circle-Vision film that brings views from across the world right to you in EPCOT. Plus, this film is soon getting an update to become Wonders of China, so you’ll want to check this out while it lasts!

Reflections of China

Germany Model Train — Germany Pavilion

A small detail is super underrated in Germany, and that’s the Germany Model Train. Stop by the little town and wonder at the detail. This petit town gets the festival treatment during EPCOT’s many festivals, too.

Miniature Train Set

Tutto Gusto Wine CellarItaly Pavilion

Tutto Gusto serves a ton of Italian wine options and offers a welcome respite from the crowds of EPCOT during the day. You might even find it hard to believe you’re still in a theme park!

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

The American Adventure Exhibits — The American Adventure Pavilion

You probably stepped in to see the animatronics in The American Adventure show, but did you wander around the two history galleries in this pavilion’s main building?

The Soul of Jazz

Mitsukoshi Department Store — Japan Pavilion

Japan’s main merchandise location is a must-visit in EPCOT. Sure, shops aren’t usually all that exciting, but this one has some absolutely amazing merchandise you probably won’t find anywhere else.


Fez House — Morocco Pavilion

A theming detail takes the win for most underrated in Morocco. The Fez House is gorgeous with mosaic tiling on the floors, walls, and ceiling.

Morocco Pavilion

Tale as Old as TimeFrance Pavilion

While waiting for the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along, take a look around at the Tale as Old as Time gallery to see some pieces from French literature on stage and screen.

Tale as Old as Time

The Tea Caddy — U.K. Pavilion

The Tea Caddy is a store sponsored by Twinings where you’ll find a delightful variety of teas and homeware!

Tea Caddy

Canada Far and WideCanada Pavilion

Another Circle-Vision film made the list! New last year, Canada Far and Wide is an immersive experience that will let you get a cool glimpse into our northern neighbor.

Canada Far and Wide

Do you like any of these underrated gems? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Replies to “You’re Skipping the Best Parts of EPCOT’s World Showcase”

  1. I always enjoy watching the area in the Japanese department store where they have an aquarium full of oysters and the customers choose one and then they open them up to find the pearls inside and then they beat a little drum. Quite fascinating! They also sell excellent candy there. The film in France is also a “must see”, with excellent photography and great French classical music.

  2. We think that Morocco, Germany, and Norway exhibits are always fascinating. Mexico’s exhibits are great too. Love the beautiful charm of the whole United Kingdom, especially England.

  3. I can vouch for all of these. It makes our trips to Epcot even more enjoyable. We really like touring the gardens around England and the Canadian and Chinese movies. But we would add the French movie which is our favorite.

  4. Love the German railroad always thought it was always cool to see them run. The Mexican margherita’s was the best sat there and relax

  5. I have been in most of these at one time or another. Love the movies of Canada and China along with the different foods

  6. Some of these gems are really cool. But some of them I usually skip, like the China film and the Canadian film.