15 Things That Don’t Make Any Sense at Walt Disney World

In the Parks of Walt Disney World, not everything makes perfect sense.

Some things are weird and confusing.

Over the years, rides and shows have been reworked and replaced, making the theming a little wonky in places. On top of that, sometimes Disney makes decisions that really confuse us.

Today, we’re discussing all the things that don’t make sense in Disney World.

Guardians of the Galaxy in EPCOT.

We get that Disney can only include certain Marvel properties in the Florida theme parks, but why did the Guardians go to EPCOT of all places? The only thing that makes sense is that they’re near some space-themed attractions, but we really don’t get it.


There’s a lack of IP in restaurants. 

We get Intellectual Property all over the place in the park shows and attractions, but why not in the restaurants? We’ve got a few themed options in Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge, but other than that, there isn’t much. We would love to see more IP character meals!

Hey, Mickey!

Space Mountain as an Individual Attraction Selection.

Note: Space Mountain is currently included with Genie+ through January 3rd.

When the “Fancy Rides” list was announced for Disney World, we were surprised to find that Space Mountain was chosen alongside Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for Magic Kingdom. Why not something else more popular, like Splash Mountain or Peter Pan’s Flight? Both of those have consistently higher wait times.

By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense.

Expedition Everest as an Individual Attraction Selection

Note: Expedition Everest is currently included with Genie+ through January 3rd.

The same thing rings true for Expedition Everest. It’s pretty odd to have it as an IAS pick in Animal Kingdom when the wait time typically doesn’t get above 30 minutes. Kilimanjaro Safaris or Na’vi River Journey would probably be a better choice.

Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall. 

Why is Princess Elena of Avalor still at Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom? Her TV show was canceled a while back, so it makes sense that they should move a new character into her spot. It would be really cool to see Snow White here since she was the original Disney Princess!

We love her, but why is she here?

Star Wars: Launch Bay in general. 

Don’t get us wrong, the Star Wars artifacts and props are insanely cool, and it’s a neat idea for the space, but it’s just strange that all the Star Wars spots at Hollywood Studios are spread out across the park. And without the film running and the character meets, this space is a little dead. We really miss the old animation studio that was here before!

Why aren’t there more World Showcase pavilions

In EPCOT, there are still land plots open for more countries to be added to the World Showcase. Even though Disney has made several updates to the pavilions that are already there, they haven’t added a new country in decades. We’d love to have more lands to explore!

There are so many cool countries that could be added!

Why Avatar was chosen for Animal Kingdom. 

Let’s ask what we’re all thinking — why did they pick this movie? Pandora is an absolutely stunning land, and the movie was a box office success, but it definitely doesn’t have the fanbase that other IPs have. In fact, we’re still waiting on a sequel!

The theme of Hollywood Studios. 

Bless poor Hollywood Studios, it’s having a bit of an identity crisis. It used to be a park where you could see behind the scenes in the movies, but it has lost a lot of the “movie magic.” Now we have some Hollywood-theming mixed in with Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge, so it’s pretty confusing. 

Hollywood Studios is all confused.

Confusing parade schedules. 

Why doesn’t Disney World get a nighttime parade anymore? After the last one ended, they never replaced it. Also, why is Magic Kingdom the only park that has a parade these days?

Disneyland’s events are better and cheaper. 

In 2021, it was painfully obvious that Disneyland was getting better After Hours events for cheaper prices…why?! They got full-scale entertainment and cooler character interactions, and east coasters ended up with price increases and old offerings taken away.

Disneyland even got castle dream lights this year!

Why don’t they sell Mickey balloons in EPCOT? 

Mickey balloons are sold in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and in Disney Springs, but surprisingly not in EPCOT. We know that they don’t allow them in Animal Kingdom for the safety of the animals that live there, but why not in EPCOT? We just want to know.

Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land didn’t get proper sit-down restaurants. 

Why is this? Toy Story Land only got Woody’s Lunch Box when it was first built, and even though Roundup Rodeo BBQ is on its way, it’s taking a LONG time to get finished. And in Galaxy’s Edge, the closest thing we have to sit down is Oga’s Cantina, and their food is weird.

Oga’s Cantina

The Hollywood Studios layout. 

We know we’re dogging on Hollywood Studios a bit today, but we HAVE to talk about the layout. All the other parks are lovely hub-and-spoke or circular designs, but Hollywood Studios is super confusing and scrambled. Sunset Boulevard is like a strange little side street off by itself. (And don’t even get us STARTED on the Fantasmic amphitheater location!)

No shade in Toy Story Land. 

This place is the straight-up surface of the sun in the summertime, and the most that Disney gave us were a few umbrellas in the Slinky Dog Dash queue. Why is it hotter here than everywhere else in the parks? We’re not sure, but be prepared to SWEAT and SUNBURN.

It’s SO HOT here.

Those are some things that don’t make ANY sense in Disney World. What would you add to the list? Stay tuned to AllEars for all the Disney World tips, news, and advice!

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Which of these do you agree with the most? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Replies to “15 Things That Don’t Make Any Sense at Walt Disney World”

  1. I am a former Animation Academy artist. It was devastating when the attraction closed. Disney is synonymous with animation. It was truly MAGIC. In addition to Animation Experience in Animal Kingdom, Animation Academy should reopen.

  2. I disagree with the character meals we don’t need more of those. They tend to be way over priced for food quality and honestly who wants their meal interrupted 6 times to see a character who makes most small children cry out of fear.
    I agree with the world showcase pavilions we need more. Pandora fits AK because the film is about saving the native life on the planet and that is underlying theme of AK.

  3. I have said for years Disney should expand the World Showcase. There are no pavilions to any South American, Middle Eastern or African (save Morocco) countries. The African themed shopping market is a joke and an insult to Black people across the globe. How about the Artic or Antarctic continents? Think of the possibilites. Not sure how much land is available to use,but think of converting the Boardwalk area. It could be done. Or you could expand the showcase to completely encircle the lagoon.I doubt anyone would miss the Imagination pavilion. I get motion sickness. Another roller coaster or thrill ride does nothing for me. How about Disney does something for people like me? And widens the public’s cultural horizons. We could all use more of that.

    1. It’s because Disney expect the countries involved to part pay for it and no other country wants too, Russia was going too but obviously that might not happen now

  4. What is the rationale for Elena to be removed? Her show is more recent than any of the other princesses movies. It is great for representation. My oldest daughter loves Elena because she looks like her. We always go meet Elena when we go to Disney world.

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment about Doc McStuffins or Vampirina over at DHS either.

  5. Of all the things you mentioned, the one that makes me most nostalgic is the fact you miss the animation studio.

    Watching the artists and drawing at the end was one of my favourite things to do!