How to Purchase a Pay-Per-Ride Attraction on Disney Genie

Disney’s new paid Fastpass replacement called Disney Genie+ is here. Guests can purchase Genie+ and ride over 40 Disney World attractions with a shorter line, or they can pay individually to ride the “fancy rides” through the Individual Attraction Selection (IAS) system.

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The Individual Attraction Selection (IAS) system uses surge pricing and allows guests to skip the line for select high demand attractions. Now, you might be wondering how to purchase an Individual Attraction Selection, so let us show you!

Guests will have the option to purchase an Individual Attraction Selection for up to two rides per day in Disney World. We’ve seen the prices for each attraction range from $7 to $25.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay to ride the IAS attractions. There will still be a virtual or standby queue. But, if you are interested in using the Lightning Lane to ride those “fancy rides,” as we like to call them, here’s what you’ll have to do.

Lightning Lane Entrance

First and foremost, make sure your My Disney Experience app is updated to the latest version.

Once your app is updated, you’ll see a section on the home screen to enter the Disney Genie section of the app. If you haven’t already, it will prompt you to link your theme park tickets. From there, you can select your personal interests and enter any existing plans like your park pass reservations or where you’re planning to park hop.


A reminder that you can enter all of this information before 7AM on the day you’re planning on visiting the parks.

Then you will be brought to your tip board. On the tip board, suggestions for rides and shows will appear. Here is where you will see the standby line wait times as well as the Genie+ Lightning Lane or Individual Lightning Lane availability for each ride (if applicable). Next to the Individual Lightning Lane availability you will also see the price listed for that ride for they day.


To purchase an Individual Lightning Lane, select the ride you would like to buy. Genie will then bring you to a page to select a time for your Individual Lightning Lane reservation. If you are park hopping that day, it will not give you times before 2PM for the rides in your second park.


Once you’ve selected the time you want, and confirmed your party, you can review the details before purchasing. To purchase, hit continue.


You will be brought to the payment info page to purchase. Note that there IS added tax for these Individual Lightning Lane purchases.


Once you purchase your Individual Lightning Lane, you will see your order summary.


Then, in your My Day section of Genie, your plans will be listed for the Individual Lightning Lanes you have purchased. Remember, you can purchase 2 of these per day. If you try to purchase 3, you will receive an error message.

It will also show if you’ve purchased an Individual Lightning Lane for that ride on your tip board.


That’s it! Note that once you pay for an Individual Lightning Lane, you cannot modify it, meaning it cannot be switched with another ride or cancelled. Don’t forget that you can also purchase Disney Genie+ to skip the line for most other Disney World attractions. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to share more Disney Genie tips!

Do you think you’ll give this new paid service a try at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

Genie+ Just Got More COMPLICATED in Disney World

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9 Replies to “How to Purchase a Pay-Per-Ride Attraction on Disney Genie”

  1. Do you have to purchase Genie Plus for the day to purchase the higher tier “fancy rides”? Meaning $15 for Genie Plus and then whatever the fee happens to be for say the Ratatouille Ride? Or can you just pay for the Ratatouille ride fee without having to pay for the rest of Genie Plus for the day?

    1. Hi Sam! You can purchase “Fancy Rides” without having to purchase Genie+. 🙂 They’re separate from each other.

  2. I keep seeing that ILLs can be purchased “one at a time,” but I’m not seeing an explanation of what that means. Does that mean I have to book one, go on it, and can only book my second ILL after I’ve ridden the first one? Or can I book one, confirm it, and then immediately book the second one? Thank you!!

  3. I believe Disney resort guests can purchase individual entry earlier than non-resort guests. What if my party consists of a mix? I’m managing the party and will be a resort guests, will this affect my ability to purchase individual entry at the earlier time?

  4. If I pay for a “fancy ride” and it’s down during my hour window, am I given a new return time? Also, if it’s down for the remainder of the day, am I refunded?

  5. If I purchase two individual attraction tickets for myself and my sister: what do we need to actually check-in to the Lightning Lane? Just my phone? or does my sister need to have the My Disney Experience app on her phone too? If so how do the tickets get linked? Thanks!

    1. Hi Becki! You’ll want to make sure you’re linked as Family and Friends through My Disney Experience ahead of time! That can be done on the app or through the Disney World website. After that, one person will be able to book for both of you, and you can just scan in with a MagicBand similar to FastPass!

  6. If you pay for a pass for one of the fancy rides in the evening, will it effect your ability to use the other lighting lane attractions throughout the day? For example, if I want to purchase a pass for Remy’s around 7pm, will I still be able to make lightning lane reservations for other rides at Magic Kingdom at say 10am, 12pm, etc?

    1. Hi Christine! From what we’ve seen, when you buy a Fancy Ride it shouldn’t affect any Genie+ reservations you make (unless it’s an overlapping time). The timing in between rides mostly applies to Genie+ selections.