Is Disney Very Merriest After Hours Worth the Big Price Tag?

This week, we got the chance to attend the first night of the Disney Very Merriest After Hours!

Disney Very Merriest After Hours

This event is happening in place of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Christmas Party this year, running on select nights until December 21st. It’s a little different than what we’ve had for the holidays in years past, and it’s a LOT pricier…so is it worth the cost?

What Does it Cost?

The Disney Very Merriest After Hours tickets range anywhere from $169 to $249 per person, depending on which night you visit. The cheapest tickets are for weeknights in November, and the most expensive days fall during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Disney Very Merriest After Hours

That’s quite a bit of money to pay for just six hours in the park, especially when compared to the prices of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in 2019 ($99-$139 per adult) and the Disney After Hours Boo Bash ($129-$199 per adult). So does the event offer enough to make it worth what you pay?

What Does it Offer?

Throughout the night, you’ll be treated to many exclusive offerings that only guests of the event get to experience. Those with Very Merriest tickets can enter Magic Kingdom at 7PM, but the event itself doesn’t start until 9PM (when the park closes), so you’ll get to enjoy some of the daytime options in the park until then.

It’s so magical!

Once the clock strikes 9PM, the holiday festivities begin. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy some free snacks, exclusive entertainment, and lower crowds than during the daytime.

Parade crowds

The party goes on until 1AM, giving your four hours to explore the park and enjoy the festivities (don’t forget about those extra couple of hours you get BEFORE the party even starts!).

Is it Worth it?

Like most hard-ticket events at Disney World, you’ll have to assess your family’s priorities to determine if Disney Very Merriest After Hours is worth the hefty investment. We aren’t going to sugarcoat the cost — tickets are expensive this year. That said, there are many components to this after-hours even that we think justify the cost more than previous after-hours events.

It’s Santa Stitch!

There are several party-exclusive offerings your ticket gives you: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks, Mickey & Minnie’s Very Merry Memories, along with a series of snacks to purchase while you’re there.

Ginger Apple Funnel Cake and Apple Cider Float

We kept a close watch on wait times the first night we attended Very Merriest, and the longest wait time we saw was 25 minutes for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. So if your goal is to experience a ton of Magic Kingdom attractions with little to no wait, then this may be a great way to do so!

25 minutes isn’t bad for this one.

One thing we will point out is that you have to prioritize whether you’re at the event for the rides or for the entertainment. While there are multiple showtimes for most of the entertainment (with the exception of the fireworks), the after-hours event isn’t quite long enough to fit in all of your favorite Magic Kingdom rides, plus the parade, plus the stage show, plus the fireworks…so go into the evening with a plan!

Mickey and Minnie’s Very Merry Memories

Very Merriest After Hours certainly seems to offer more to attendees than Disney After Hours Boo Bash did earlier this year — the Halloween after-hours event had similar pricing but offered no entertainment beyond returning character cavalcades. So if you attended Boo Bash and were disappointed, you may still want to give Very Merriest a try!

Gingerbread Almond Cake Pop

Stay tuned to AllEars for more holiday news and updates, including all the details from the Very Merriest After Hours! We’ve got you covered!

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Will you go to this event this year? Tell us in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Is Disney Very Merriest After Hours Worth the Big Price Tag?”

  1. We did it a couple of years in a row back when it was a lot less money. We fell for the “limited number of tickets.” Each time, Magic Kingdom was more crowded at the “party” than it was during the day. People were shoulder to shoulder. Even the second parade was very crowded. We never attended another Christmas party and certainly won’t nowadays with the cost.