Pandora — The World of Avatar — Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pandora — The World of Avatar is the newest land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Opened on May 27, 2017, Pandora welcomes guests to an environment — called the Valley of Mo’ara — inspired by the Avatar film franchise.

Pandora’s Floating Mountains

Pandora’s creation was guided by master Imagineer Joe Rohde and features immersive spacial design and experiences. Here, we’ll show you everything you can expect to find in Pandora — The World of Avatar.


Pandora Atmosphere and Layout

Pandora captures the “magic of nature”, according to, and one — or really two — walks through the land will show you why. During the day, Pandora is a mix of Earthly and otherworldly plant life and formations…

Valley of Mo’ara

…and at night, the land comes to life in a spectrum of bioluminescent flora everywhere you look, from the pathways to the soaring trees. It’s truly not to be missed.

Pandora at night

The centerpiece of the land is the Floating Mountains. These are known to some as The Hallelujah Mountains. To the Na’vi people, they’re sacred sites called Ayram alusìng (Floating Mountains). In Animal Kingdom, they’re a stunning feat of engineering, art, and imagination. To see the Floating Mountains from Imagineer Rohde’s perspective, check out this post on his Instagram.

Pandora’s Floating Mountains

Pandora is located on the left side of the Park in the space formerly occupied by Camp Minnie Mickey (and that had originally been earmarked for Beastly Kingdom). The land has two entrances. One entrance is off Discovery Island past Tiffins and Nomad Lounge. The other is from Africa past the Festival of the Lion King theater in Harambe.

Pandora — World of Avatar Map

The paths of the Valley of Mo’ara encourage some wandering, with plant life, stunning views, and entertainment tucked throughout the land. If you’re looking for Flight of Passage, though, you’ll find its entrance under the Floating Mountains in the center of the land. Na’vi River Journey, the land’s second attraction, is located in the left back corner of the land (the star toward the bottom of the map pictured above). Dining locations are on the right side of the land (pictured at the top of the map above). More on attractions and dining below.

Pandora Attractions

Of course, the Floating Mountains aren’t the only attraction on Pandora. Two rides bring guests into the life and surroundings of the Na’vi people living in the Valley of Mo’ara.

Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage is the land’s signature ride, and since Pandora opened in 2017, it has easily been one of the hardest FastPass+ reservations to get and one of the longest lines to endure (or enjoy, depending on your perspective).

Flight of Passage Entrance

Flight of Passage is a simulator at its core, but anyone who’s ridden it will tell you that it’s so much more. You’ll find the queue for Flight of Passage toward the back of the land.

Flight of Passage queue artwork

Click here to visit our Flight of Passage page for details about the backstory, the queue, and the ride experience.

Na’vi River Journey

The land’s second attraction is decidedly less intense, but it’s no less beautiful. Na’vi River Journey is a boat ride down a peaceful Pandoran river. Pandora’s bountiful wildlife, including insects, plants, and animals, are ‘alive’ around you.

Navi River Journey


The ride ends with a chanting Na’vi shaman, an animatronic that is incredible in its realness.

Navi River Journey

See more from the Na’vi River Journey queue and ride — including the ride vehicle — here.

Pandora Dining

Dining in Pandora is limited to just three locations, but each offers unique food and drink options worth traveling to another planet for.

Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen is the land’s Quick Service restaurant, and it regularly tops the list for favorite eats and restaurants in all of Animal Kingdom (and Walt Disney World).

Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen’s menu centers around unique offerings: customizable bowls that allow a diner to select their base, protein, and sauce. The bowls have become very popular with guests looking for something different — perhaps something lighter — than standard theme park food.

Fish and potato hash bowl

Satu’li Canteen’s other popular offering is Cheeseburger Pods. These hit all the right flavor notes for a cheeseburger, but the steamed buns are a Pandoran touch.

Cheeseburger Pods

Satu’li accepts Mobile Order (and was the first restaurant in the World to do so!). And diners have plenty of seating both inside and outside.

Outdoor Seating

Pongu Pongu

Pongu means party in Na’vi, so you know this walk-up window is going to offer some fun eats and drinks! There are two signature items at Pongu Pongu: the Night Blossom slush and the Pongu Lumpia.


The Pongu Lumpia is a pineapple and cream cheese-filled spring roll in the style of Filipino lumpias. This handheld treat is good any time of day, but we love grabbing one right before jumping in line for Flight of Passage!

Pineapple Lumpia

The Night Blossom is a blend of apple, desert pear, and limeade slushies topped with passion fruit boba balls. This refreshing drink is a favorite, especially in the heat of mid-day in central Florida!

Night Blossom

Pongu Pongu  also features Hawkes’ Grog Ale in bright green and a colossal pretzel that is easily big enough to share, making this funky counter spot a must-try.

ACE Mobile Treats

ACE Mobile Treats is the land’s frozen treat and beverage cart, and while that may not seem very exciting, believe it or not, this unassuming cart offers yet another unique-to-Pandora treat!

Pandora ACE Mobile Treats

The Fruits of Mo’ara Fruit Bar is an ice pop with three layers of flavor: strawberry, lime, and raspberry. This spot is also one of the only places in the World you’ll find the Outshine Coconut Bar.

ACE Mobile Treats

Pandora Shopping

When visiting another planet, you’ll want a souvenir by which to remember your adventure. Thankfully, the Na’vi of Pandora have a shop for that.


Windtraders is located between Flight of Passage and Satu’li Canteen on the right side of the land. This indoor retail store offers some typical — though typically Pandora-branded — merchandise like tee shirts, hats, and plush. But you may also find a new friend.


That’s because, when in Pandora, you can purchase your very own banshee from the Banshee Rookery in Windtraders! These interactive toys have articulated mouths, necks, and wings and make noises in response to your actions. And with ten (or more) designs from which to choose, you can determine the banshee (or ikran) that’s right for you. Carry your banshee in your hands, or let it perch on your shoulder for the ultimate Pandoran accessory.

Adopt a Banshee in Pandora

Colors of Mo’ara

If you or your traveling companions like a good bit of face paint, the Colors of Mo’ara will give you a unique treatment that’ll have you fitting in with the Na’vi better than ever!

Colors of Mo’ara

This stand is located near the Discovery Island entrance to the land, and in addition to face painting, you’ll also find a selection of Pandoran souvenirs.

Pandora Entertainment

Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage are Pandora’s main attractions, but as this is still a Disney Park, there’s more entertainment around every corner!

Pandora Rangers

The Pandora Rangers wear a Exo-Carrier Utility Suit and put on an interactive show near the exit of Flight of Passage. This show is a demonstration of how the suit works. And in our experience, it’s both interesting and a little intimidating!

Pandora Rangers Utility Suit


These Pandora Drummers beat from the “sacred place of song” along the paths near Na’vi River Journey. Follow your ears to experience unique and energetic beats in the Valley of Mo’ara.

Pandora Swotu Waya Drummers
The Swotu Wayä Na’vi Drum Ceremony in Pandora

Guests may even be able to play the drums themselves when a show is not in progress. Feel the rhythm of the land on your next visit!

Pandora Drums

Wilderness Explorers

If you or your little adventurers are planning to become Wilderness Explorers in Animal Kingdom, Pandora has its own Wilderness Explorers booth and Cast Members. Be sure to find them along the trails in the center of the land.

Wilderness Explorers

Coin Press Machine

If you’re collecting pressed coins during your Walt Disney World vacation, find a coin press machine at Windtraders.

Pandora Amenities


There are three restrooms located in Pandora. The first is located on your left when you enter the land from Discovery Island. These include a companion restroom and changing tables (in the women’s restroom).


The second restroom is located to the left of Satu’li Canteen on the far right side of the land. This restroom also offers a companion restroom and two changing tables in the women’s restroom.


A third pair of single restrooms is located mid-queue for Flight of Passage. These do not offer changing tables.

Flight of Passage Mid-Queue Restroom

Note: The Park’s Baby Care Center is located in Discovery Island, so if you’re looking for services or supplies for a young child, you’ll have to backtrack to Discovery Island, just behind Creature Comforts.

Bottle Refill Stations

There are two bottle refill stations in Pandora (in addition to water fountains located near the land’s restrooms). Bottle refill stations are found in the queues for Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage.

Refillable Water Bottle Station

Pandora Services

If you require Hearing Disability Services during your vacation, Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey offer this service. Learn more about Hearing Disability Services here.