VIDEOS: What We’ve Learned Using Genie+ in Disney World

Disney Genie and Genie+ have certainly changed the game when it comes to planning the perfect day in Disney World. Disney Genie is a complimentary planning tool, offering customized itineraries based on real-time data and personal preferences. Genie+, on the other hand, is the new paid version of what used to be FastPass+.

Goodbye FastPass lane, hello Lightning Lane!

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to navigating the new services, so we’ve been experimenting QUITE a bit over the past several weeks.

In fact, we did SO much experimenting, we now have an entire collection of videos at YOUR disposal so you too can learn all of the intricacies on how to use Genie and Genie+. We were in the parks on its launch day back in October, so check out this video below of our initial reactions!

We then put Genie+ to the test, comparing the paid service to good old fashioned theme park knowledge to see if the paid service really did provide a better experience!

We did the same experiment over at EPCOT to see if the results were the same or if things turned out different!

AND we took a turn at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is definitely an important question to address for the park that has so many popular rides.

Heading to Animal Kingdom, you’ll want to check out this video as well, where we answer the question: “is it worth it to buy Genie+ for Animal Kingdom?”

We then tackled each of the four parks individually using Genie+ (testing out a new challenge!), and we have a video on using Genie+ in Magic Kingdom

…a video on using Genie+ in EPCOT

…a video on using Genie+ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

…and a video on using Genie+ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

We also have a video where we used the free Disney Genie service for the day!

Have some paper and a pencil handy to jot down lots of notes so you too can be a Genie+ expert by the time your upcoming Disney World vacation rolls around! We’re always uploading new videos over on YouTube with more of the latest tips and tricks, so be sure to follow along!

Not interested in purchasing Genie+ on your next vacation? Click here for some tips!

Have you used Disney Genie or Genie+ since it launched in October? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments!

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One Reply to “VIDEOS: What We’ve Learned Using Genie+ in Disney World”

  1. Should I be alarmed that Genie+ usage tips are too complicated to simply write an article about?
    I truly appreciate AllEars work but I refuse to watch a video to learn how to use a pay for play add on to my already expensive enough park tickets. I also don’t really have the time to invest as I’m already busy trying to secure park passes, dining ressies, transportation to/from MCO, a possible 2nd mortgage, a job application for a job to pay off said 2nd mortgage, etc.. Yes, I’m full of sarcasm towards disney, but I still LOVE all the work AllEars puts into making the best out of a trip.