10 Cringey Things We See Everyone Do in Disney World

Look, we aren’t trying to be haters or the Fun Police.

Woody and Jessie Meet-and-Greet

However, some of y’all need a little bit of… erm… redirection… when it comes to your behavior at Disney World. We get it, you’re on vacation! You spend thousands and thousands of dollars to be at the Most Magical Place on Earth, and you should be able to live your life as you please. We totally agree with you, until your way of living life interferes with others’ magical experiences, including the Cast Members. So, we’re here to let you know that your actions might be pretty cringey and that you should probably stop. (We say this lovingly.)

Without further ado, here are 10 CRINGEY things we see a lot of folks do at Disney World.

Complain to the wrong person.

Once again, we get it. You spent thousands of dollars. You prepared. You did your part. And STILL, something has gone awry. Folks, that’s going to happen anywhere, even at Disney World. Manage your own expectations and have backup plans so that when an inevitable mistake or change of plans happens, it’s not the end of the world.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Stop finding the closest Cast Member you can get to and just letting ’em have it because your app is glitching. Do you really think the Jungle Cruise Skipper knows why your app is crashing? Come on. Be a decent human, don’t take it out on the Cast Members (or anyone else), and just go to Guest Relations to see what they can do.

Smoke or vape.

This ain’t the ’70s, pal. You can’t just smoke where you want, especially not in the Mouse House. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in most places on Disney World property, unless specified by signage in certain areas of the parks and resorts.

Animal Kingdom

Regardless of whether or not it’s allowed, Disney World is a high-traffic area, and many of the visitors are children, some are SICK children who are living our their dream by visiting Disney World, and some people just simply hate the smell. Be considerate. Don’t smoke or vape in the parks.

Put hands/feet in the water on rides.

Listen, we know it’s hot as heck at Disney World and that you’re sometimes riding these dark boat rides to cool off. However, it’s a little off-putting to see you dip your fingies and piggies in the water.

Pirates of the Caribbean

We don’t even want to know what sort of germs you have now voluntarily introduced to your skin. We also don’t want to know what sort of germs you have voluntarily introduced to the water, which sometimes splashes on us, BTW! Yuck. Stop doing this, plz.

Stand in the bathroom and refuse to leave when it rains.

Central Florida is a rainy, rainy area. Even when the forecast says it’s gonna be sunny skies for the day, a random thunderstorm will often pop out of nowhere in the late afternoon. So, it’s not uncommon for folks to get caught in the rain without a rain jacket (And without a pina colada. Sorry, Rupert Holmes. ).

Please don’t hang out in the bathroom when it rains!

A lot of folks tend to stay in the restrooms during these downpours and then just not leave. First of all, that’s awkward. Some of us are trying to do our business without a whole slew of folks in the bathroom. Also, you’re preventing others from easily entering or exiting.

Force Cast Members to clean up a mess.

Some quick service locations like ABC Commissary allow you to leave your trays and trash at the table, as Cast Members who work there will clean them up. Situations like this are rare, though. Please clean up after yourselves unless it’s stated inside the restaurant to do otherwise!

Pinocchio Village Haus

Sometimes, Cast Members will be kind enough to carry your trash to the bins for you. In most cases, though, you’ll need to do that yourself. Make the lives of Cast Members and other visitors easier by making this a rule of thumb throughout your stay.

Cut the line by going under the chains.

Most Disney World queues are separated by ropes or chains to allow Cast Members easier access between the two. Some visitors take it upon themselves to cut line using these chains or to even join the Lightning Lane queues past the checkpoints, hoping they’ll get a free shortcut to the front of the line.

Haunted Mansion Queue

Please don’t be this person. Not only will you probably get caught, but it’s so annoying to watch this as another visitor waiting in line.

Sit down in the queues.

We get it. It’s hot, Disney involves a LOT of walking, and you’re tired. Well, everyone around you feels the exact same way. Please stop sitting down in line like you and your crew are enjoying a game of Duck Duck Goose.

Soarin’ Queue

Doing this slows down the line, because chances are, it’s gonna take you a minute to stand back up and get moving.

Not watch where you’re rolling that stroller, wheelchair, or ECV.

We have suffered some ouched ankles multiple times at Disney World because of people impatiently trying to force their way through crowds with their stroller, wheelchair, or electronic vehicle.


Please watch where you’re going and be patient just like the rest of us.

Stop randomly in a high-traffic area.

Nothing is as annoying as walking through a narrow, crowded walkway and having the person in front of you STOP without warning.

Keep walking, please!

Not only do we almost run in to the person, but it stops the flow of traffic. Please. If you MUST take a photo of the Disney duck swimming by in the nearby lake, step out of the crowded part of the walkway to do so. It’s especially cringey when your whole group stops, too.

And there you have it! If you do or have done any of these things, we’re not trying to shame you. We actually did some of these things when we were new to Disney World. Just try to learn from them and take into consideration the ways in which your habits might inconvenience others. Make sure to follow along for more Disney news and updates!

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What is YOUR Disney World pet peeve? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “10 Cringey Things We See Everyone Do in Disney World”

  1. Yelling at your kids when they are hot, tired, hungry, thirsty, need a bathroom and/or could not care less how much you spent on this vacation “for them.” Additionally, not trying to address behavior issues when your children are legit misbehaving and instead you ignore and let the rest of the guests endure it.

  2. I understand that there are times when strollers, wheelchairs, and ECV’s can be dangerous to those around them if someone is rushing or not paying attention, but the problem goes both ways. Pushing wheelchairs and strollers is difficult enough without someone stepping directly in front of them when another park guest is hurrying to a ride or trying to catch up to their family or friends. It is not an easy task either to stop quickly with any of these modes of transportation (wheelchairs, strollers, or ECV’s). (Especially in the parks that have more hills than others). So please, be kind. I promise that 99% of people are not purposely trying to run into anyone. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open and have some understanding for others in the most magical place on Earth.

  3. I use an electric vehicle, I always keep an eye out for people around me. I keep the speed to acomomidate people walking near me especially children, I know how excited they are & that means wandering(absolutely understandable). One of my favorite things is watching the joy & excitement that show on their faces. My problem is the adults who don’t pay attention to their surroundings & carelessly walking into myself & my EV. I’ve had them walk into me when I was sitting next to a bunch not moving with the power off. They walk over children because they only look straight ahead. I know this because being a 5′ tall adult for for over 55years it happened when ever I was in a chowder. So if you would add one more problem to your article ask people look down & stop walking on people just because you are bigger than me & the children.
    Thank You