10 Things We Wish Happened Every Day In Disney World

No matter the day, week, or month, Disney World is a place of pure magic, joy, nostalgia, and fun!

Always a magical view

There are so many amazing, inspiring moments that happen in Disney World, and while every day here is a magical one, there are still certain things we love that we wish happened every day.

It’s really hard to go wrong with a day in Disney World. After all, the Most Magical Place on Earth has that nickname for a reason.


But between particular things needing to be more convenient, to seasonal elements that we wish were year round, these are things we wish happened every day here.

Easy Access to Our Fav Bars and Lounges

Advanced Dining Reservations can be a blessing and a curse in that they allow guaranteed access to some of Disney World’s most coveted restaurants, but also some of these places are just darn near impossible at seemingly all times!

Sci Fi Dine-In Theater

Bars and lounges, on the other hand, frequently don’t take reservations, which is nice in that it makes them more accessible for impromptu guests…unless of course said bars and lounges are wildly popular.

Inside Nomad Lounge

Case in point: we desperately wish there was a way we could easily visit spots like Nomad Lounge and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, without having to wait for hours, or constantly refreshing our My Disney Experience app to check walk-up availability!

Line for Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Sure, some days we luck out and snag a seat right away, but “some days” does not equal “every day,” which would really be more ideal for us.

EPCOT’s Space 220 Lounge Now Taking Reservations — Click Here!

Gideon’s Cookies Were Easier to Get

Similarly, it sure would be nice if we could quickly grab some of the best cookies in Disney World without having to wait in a virtual queue for several hours.

Worth it though

We’re looking at you, Gideon’s Bakehouse. Considering how epic and amazing the cookies — and the cake slices — are here, we’re always willing to endure the wait in Disney Springs, but it would be infinitely more convenient if the virtual queue was briefer (or nonexistent?!) most days.

Gideon’s Bakehouse Shares a Pro Tip for Using Its Virtual Queue in Disney Springs — Click Here!

Shockingly Short Lines

Especially for buzzy, in-demand rides, like Flight of Passage and Rise of the Resistance and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, lines are frequently laughably long. That’s a shame, because these rides are practically mandatory for maximum Disney fun nowadays.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Rise of the Resistance, in particular, can command a line that takes basically all day to wait in, almost necessitating an upgrade via Disney Genie+.

Rise of the Resistance Line

What would be nice is if these rides had reliable and consistent pockets of time each and every day when we knew we could walk right on with a minimum wait. It happens! Trust us! But unfortunately, these instances are exceedingly rare.

You Can Still AVOID the Standby Line for Rise of the Resistance, But It’ll Cost You — Click Here

Gingerbread Should Be a Year Round Flavor

We’re fine with certain flavors being confined to a season — like, we don’t need pumpkin spice coffee on Memorial Day, thank you. But gingerbread is a flavor that Disney World makes particularly magical, and honestly we could go for some gingerbread treats every day of the year.

Gingerbread Salted Caramel Buttercream Cookie Sandwich

The gingerbread house in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is one of our favorite holiday pastimes that we adore so much we wish it was permanent.

Normalize making this a year round display

Ditto the delish gingerbread treats — and cute gingerbread merch! — that Disney whips up each year. Like, we’re fully craving a gingerbread cookie right now.

VIDEO: Here’s Who Gets to Eat the GIANT Gingerbread Displays in Disney World!

Cast Members Hand Out Free Sunscreen

Freebies in Disney World are few and far between, but they do happen!

Free Water

We know about how to get free water, but on especially scorching days, Cast Members in the parks have been known to hand out free sunscreen too!

Free sunscreen in EPCOT! But, this doesn’t happen often.

It’s such a thoughtful touch, and super helpful! We wish it happened every day, no matter the temperature or forecast, because sunscreen is always always always a good idea, and sometimes we just run out (or worse…forget it).

You Can Get FREE Dole Whip at EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival — Here’s How!

Cast Members Greeting Guests Upon Openings

When Disney World first reopened in 2020, during the pandemic, Cast Members did an incredible job of bringing the magic back (when it was needed the most).

Cast Members at Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the most amazing ways they did this was by lining up — while socially distanced — near park entrances at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, and throughout all the parks, and greeting guests, welcoming them back to the Most Magical Place on Earth in the most magical way possible.

Cast Members Welcoming Everyone to the parks!

It was a touch of pure joy and comfort, and while the parks have been reopened for quite some time now, we’d still love this kind of touching comfort every now and again. Or, you know, every day.

Now It’s Easier to Say Thank You to Disney World Cast Members – Click Here

We Spot Adorable Disney-themed Tattoos

Speaking of Cast Members making us smile, it’s become a new pastime of ours to fan out over Disney-themed tattoos!

Cast Member Neverland Tattoo

Ever since Disney World changed its tattoo rules, allowing Cast Members to wear clothing that displayed tattoos, we’ve been so pleased to see some super fun ones, like homages to classic Disney rides and parks!

Another Cast Member Showing Offer Her Tattoos

It’s so nice to see a little bit more of the personality behind Disney’s amazing Cast Members, and we’re always on the lookout for enchanting ink!

Recent Disney World Changes That Fans Secretly Love — Click Here

We Spot Celebrities in the Parks

Stars are just like us: they go to Disney World too!

Kristen Chenoweth sighting!

On rare occasions, we’ve been lucky enough to spot celebs in the parks, either filming for a special project, like Kristen Chenoweth, or just there to live their best Disney life.

Country singer and songwriter Brett Eldredge

Unfortunately, many celeb Disney World visits involve VIP tour guides and backstage transportation between attractions, so spotting them can be a rare occasion — definitely rarer than Hidden Mickeys!

Click Here to See These Hidden Secrets of the Magic Kingdom

It’s Warm Enough for Water Parks Year Round

This being Florida, aka the Sunshine State, there’s the assumption that it’s sunny and warm every day of the year. And, well, we say LOL to that.

Sunny Skies!

Not only is it frequently not sunny, but it can get downright frigid in Disney World — so chilly that water parks literally can’t operate. Because lazy rivers at Typhoon Lagoon are less fun when you have hypothermia.

Typhoon Lagoon

And since we adore Disney’s water parks, we miss them in the winter especially, so we desperately wish the weather was a little less wonky. But this is one that’s really not in Disney’s control…

Universal vs Disney World: Who Does Water Parks Better?

It’s Sunny and Rain-Free All the Time

Speaking of weather, we sure could do without “severe weather” and puddles so deep it feels like we’re wading through the Seven Seas Lagoon.

It can get pretty rainy in Disney World!

Like we said, it’s not always sunny here in Disney World. In fact, it rains quite a lot! Umbrellas and rain jackets usually do the trick just fine, but it sure would be nice if our umbrella budget wasn’t more than our Minnie Ears budget.

A rainy day in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

No matter the day, the season, or the forecast, it’s always a magical time in Disney World! While we’re not gonna complain, all we’re saying is it would be nice if we could eat gingerbread at Typhoon Lagoon on a blissfully sunny day in February. That’s all we’re asking! 

There is one thing you can count on every day — us! Follow us here at All Ears for the latest Disney news each and every day!

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What’s something YOU wish happened in Disney World every day? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 11 – Everyone could dress as their fav characters when they visit. Right now, you can only do that during the paid Halloween parties.