You Can Still AVOID the Standby Line for Rise of the Resistance — But It’ll Cost You

Rise of the Resistance has been a super popular ride at Walt Disney World since it opened in 2019!

Rise of the Resistance

But, instead of waiting in line for hours, Disney used a virtual queue system with boarding passes, so you could book your pass and then come back when it was your turn to go on the ride. Getting boarding passes was a challenge in itself though, because they got scooped up very fast once they were made available! We gave you tips on maximizing your chances of getting a pass, but now, all of that is about to go out the window, because Rise of the Resistance is going to switch to a normal standby line soon!

Yep, you read that right. Starting September 23rd, you will now wait in a physical line to go on Rise of the Resistance.

Standby Line

We are really curious to see what those wait times are going to look like, but there is another way you’ll be able to get on Rise without using the normal line: Individual Attraction Selection.

Rise of the Resistance

Individual Attraction Selection is coming soon as part of the new Disney Genie system through My Disney Experience. Basically, you will be able to pay individually to skip the line at certain high demand attractions, like Rise of the Resistance, using the new Lightning Lane.

Lightning Lane Entrance

This is different than Genie+, which includes over 40 rides at Disney World and is paid for separately. We do not know the current cost of individual rides through Individual Attraction Selection yet, but paying for Genie+ will NOT give you access to them.

Rise of the Resistance

So, what does this mean now that Rise of the Resistance is no longer using a virtual queue? Well, for starters, you won’t have to wake up at 7AM and decide between trying to secure a boarding pass for free or basically paying for one.

Rise of the Resistance Entrance

Now, you will only need to get up that early if you want to BUY a pass to skip the line. Remember, Individual Attraction Selections become available to Disney hotel guests at 7AM and to other guests at park open. Otherwise, you can just show up to the ride and get in line.

Rise of the Resistance Line

This also means boarding passes for Individual Attraction Selection will not be taken out of the current boarding pass supply. So, there won’t be less boarding passes to go around for free or for paying guests because they will now only be available to people paying to skip the line at Rise.

Rise of the Resistance

With this new change, it might incentivize more people to pay to skip the line at Rise rather than waiting for hours. Let’s face it, this will probably now be the longest wait time in Disney World, and Disney knows not everyone will want to wait — some people would rather just pay to get on the ride!

Rise of the Resistance

So, now your only two options to get on Rise of the Resistance is to pay for a pass to skip the line or physically wait in line. We’re sure rope drop at Hollywood Studios will be even crazier now!

Rise of the Resistance

Disney did say they were “pausing” the virtual queue system at Rise of the Resistance, so this doesn’t sound like it will be permanent. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned to All Ears for more.

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What do you think about this new change to Rise of the Resistance? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. How does it work if we pay to skip the line for ROR and the ride breaks down? If we get up at 7am to purchase, what kind of lead time do they give us to get to the ride?