It Took HOW Long to Get on Rise of the Resistance in Disney World This Morning?

Rise of the Resistance is perhaps Disney World’s most popular ride!

Rise of the Resistance

Last week, it was announced that the ride would be switching to a standby queue after operating on a boarding group system since its opening in 2019. Today was the first day of the big change, so we headed to Hollywood Studios this morning to check out the crowds. Here’s what our experience was like!

The toll plaza for the Hollywood Studios parking lot opened up at 7:45AM this morning. When we spoke with a Cast Member, we were assured that this could change depending on how many people attempt to rope drop the park on any given morning.

Crowds were pretty hefty this morning!

Guests began to move through security around 8AM, but were held near the front of the park until 8:30AM. After that, the crowd was allowed to get into the actual line for the ride. Guests who were trying to ride Rise of the Resistance were herded into a separate area.

Make sure to look out for the sign!

From our experience, it seemed like the wait time was slightly inflated. When it first opened this morning, the wait time was listed at 220 minutes. By the time we got in line at 9AM, it had dropped to 180 minutes.

The crowds are pretty intimidating.

In fact, it only took about an hour and a half for us to reach the pre-show room, and we were off the ride around 10:45AM. That’s only 105 minutes from start to finish!

It wasn’t nearly as bad as we expected, but still pretty long.

One of our readers (@emfelker on Instagram) shared that she arrived at the park at 7:45AM and got into Hollywood Studios when it opened at 8. She was able to get into line for Rise of the Resistance at 8:37AM and was on the ride around 8:50AM! It sounds like it pays to be among the first in line.

We stopped by later in the day around 3PM to check in on what the wait was looking like and found that the line had gotten even shorter than it was in the morning. The wait time was listed as 60 minutes and Cast Members that we spoke with shared that it was likely even less than that.

Line was down to 60 minutes around 3PM

And, it was pretty clear that the crowds had died down, as guests getting in line were able to walk right into the queue area…

You could head right on in!

…rather than having to zig-zag through all the ropes that Disney uses to extend the line.

The extended queue was empty!

We imagine that the wait times will be much higher once guests start to arrive at Disney World for the 50th Anniversary, so stay tuned to AllEars for an update. We’ve got all the latest crowd and wait time news to share with you!

Click Here to Learn About the New Standby Queue!

Have you ever been on Rise of the Resistance? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “It Took HOW Long to Get on Rise of the Resistance in Disney World This Morning?”

  1. Let’s hope the wait times stay low so that I don’t have to sell a kidney to afford Lightning Lane passes for this when Genie+ goes live!

  2. It always pays to be among the first in line, for any headliner ride. The power of sacrificing a little sleep for pre-rope drop cannot be discounted.