There’s Been an Update to the Free Water Policy at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

Walt Disney World has changed the way we experience dining by encouraging Mobile Order and adding more Table Service restaurants to the virtual waiting list feature.

Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s

The changes have been implemented to adhere to the new health and safety guidelines. Virtual queues help reduce guests crowding in tight spaces while they wait for their food. As crowds increase at the theme parks, Disney has continued to adjust its guidelines a bit. 

One of the best tips Disney fans will offer is that you can get a free cup of water at most Quick Service restaurants. It was a particularly sweltering day today so we headed to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Due to its popularity, the Cast Member told us that Cosmic Ray’s isn’t offering free water at the moment and is only doing Mobile Order.

Free Water!

We were sent to Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies for water instead. We’ve also heard reports of guests being sent to other less-busy locations for free water too.

Auntie Gravity’s

While we were told to go to a different location, we were still able to get our cup of water there. Additionally, if you are looking to rehydrate during the day, we have found that many water bottle refill stations around the park are still working for guests to use.

Refillable Water Bottle Station at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

To accommodate the crowds, Disney World is slowly reopening more restaurants around the parks. We’ll continue to monitor any changes that come up during our daily visits to Disney!

Do you plan on visiting Disney World soon? Let us know in the comments!

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13 Replies to “There’s Been an Update to the Free Water Policy at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!”

  1. We were able to get water at Cosmic Rays but we had ordered food. I wish MK would put in more places to get ice and water. We bring a camelbak and it was hard to refill before COVID now it is impossible.

  2. My husband and I are headed to Disney World next week for a very much needed Vacation!! You’re tips and info is so greatly appreciated! Thank you ❤️

  3. However the only hydration station at Magic Kingdom is in Cosmic Rays, & on 10/7 when I went to refill bottles the CM monitoring the door informed me that there wasn’t one. When I said that it was installed there over a year ago, she told me I must be mistaken and had to go to Auntie Gravity’s. So much for trying to be green while at MK. They’d rather use 20 paper cups to fill a family’s water bottles than let you into the restaurant without a mobile order

  4. Sure wish they would send us our annual pass refund of over $500. Our pass expired June 28th and they tell me 8 to 10 more weeks. Never will we go there again.

  5. We are hoping to visit in May 2021 for a make up college graduation celebration for both our sons which was to have been this May 2019

  6. Do we know if DVC Lounge has been opened in Epcot? We usually head there for our rest break and to fill up on water/soda there! Thank you for posting this! Do you have a map with locations of the water bottle fill up stations? We drink water like crazy in our family! Trip isn’t till Thanksgiving week!

    1. I know some people that went in July after it reopened and the lounge was open. But…I think they said there were no snacks and there were cast members who would get your drink for you.

  7. We have been going to WDW regularly. My husband and I have gone once or twice a year and have taken the entire family (grandchildren too) every five years. Sadly, I do not see us returning anytime soon. The prices are high the the experience is not optional.

    1. Today we were supposed to be on our way to Disney World. WE take our grandsons every year but canceled this year because I can’t wear a mask for long periods and in this heat.Grandsons are So Disappointed.Please try and open up without masks.

      1. I’m sorry your family can’t visit Disney World, but sadly parks wouldn’t be able to open safely without masks. The employees are already risking enough so they can keep their jobs.

      2. Don’t you agree that the magicians at Disney need to design and provide an air conditioned face shield for the many who cannot wear masks? Seems a smart mouse.friendly idea….

      3. We are going to Disney on June 20th, can’t wait. Hopefully people are patient and smart about distancing and still wearing masks indoors. We shall see…