We’re Sharing YOUR Favorite Walt Disney World Memories!

Whether you’re young or young at heart, the magic of Walt Disney World can make the best vacation memories. The smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean flume, watching the fireworks over Cinderella Castle, or meeting Mickey again or for the first time: something about these trips stays in our “happy thoughts” vault for when we need it.

Seeing Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street is usually good enough to get our tear ducts working

We asked readers like you for their favorite stories from their first or second or hundredth visit to Disney World, and we’ve compiled some of these memories for you to look back on here.

These are some of your favorite Disney World memories, readers!

First Visit

A first trip to Disney World is a really special time for a child. They don’t know it yet, but you’re about to blow their minds by flying with Dumbo, meeting their favorite princess, and snacking on all things Mickey-shaped.

“Look at me; I’m the Fairy Godmother now.”

So it was when Jamie took her daughter Kalee for her first ever trip. Kalee was immediately immersed in all things Disney, even getting a princess makeover to stand out like the royalty she is.

A Caricature Proposal

Disney World is a pretty popular location to pick for an engagement (it’s probably because of all the magic and wonderment in the air). Angela probably didn’t know it, but she was about to get proposed to in one of the most Goofy ways.

This is “framed and hung above a fireplace” art

Angela’s boyfriend picked the spot right across from Sleepy Hollow, and this caricature artist “just happened” to capture the whole thing on canvas. Nice pick, Angela’s fiance.

An Auspicious Birthday

Disney World makes for a pretty great birthday present, especially when you share your birthday with Uncle Walt himself. So of course Ellen and her hubby had to spend the day at Magic Kingdom to celebrate.


After meeting with Mickey “the Big Cheese” Mouse, they capped off the occasion at The Wave at the Contemporary.

Meeting Old Friends

The Cast Members are integral to creating a lot of the Disney magic. One Monorail driver in particular became fast friends with Kelly and her family during a stay at the Polynesian.


Brett, the driver, even had a nickname for Kelly’s family: the happy family! Four years later, Kelly’s mom and aunt are visiting the Polynesian again while in Orlando to see Kelly graduate from Navy bootcamp.  Who should their Monorail driver be? It’s Brett on his last day riding the rails.

Hurricane Can’t Stop This Hangout

Charlotte and her BFF got a pretty amazing gift from Charlotte’s boss: a trip to Disney World! Since it was her best friend’s first trip, Charlotte was looking forward to showing her why Disney World is so amazing. Unfortunately, this trip would coincide with Hurricane Dorian’s trajectory toward Florida.

They’re reason they’re smiling is because they just rode Flight of Passage 10 times because of no crowds

That didn’t stop Charlotte and her best friend from enjoying the magic of Disney. Since the Parks were empty, the power duo were able to do Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios in one day (total step count: 32,000). We’re tired just thinking about it!

The Things We Do For Love

The Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Polynesian is known for two things: eating ’til you can’t eat any more and dancing entertainment. We usually prefer when the dancing is handled by professionals, but, you know, amateur husbands are good, too.


On one trip to Disney World, Adam decided he had to let the music live through him and got up to hula like he’d never hula’ed before. He had a good reason though: he wanted to make his wife laugh out loud. Thankfully, he chose hula instead of fire dancing!

The Next Generation

One of the great things about Disney World is it’s a legacy that we leave to our children. We don’t remember the intense prep beforehand because that’s not what matters. It’s a father getting to spend time with his son that’s important.

Two generations of Disney fans

Chad looks back fondly on the trip his parents took him and his sister on to Disney World. Unfortunately, Chad’s father passed away before he could see his son get married and share this photo spot with his wife, the same one where Chad’s father took a picture long ago with Chad and his sister. The two trips are now inextricably linked in Chad’s heart.

AllEars readers, do you have any other favorite Disney World memories? Let us know in the comments down below!

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