We Asked AllEars Readers: What Some of the Craziest Things You’ve Ever Overheard at Walt Disney World?

Sometimes you can’t help but overhear other people’s conversations at Walt Disney World. Even now, when guests are keeping six feet of distance from one another, it’s pretty easy to pick up tidbits of chatter while waiting in line for rides, using Disney World’s transportation, or dining in a restaurant!

Magic Kingdom

That’s why we recently reached out to our readers on Facebook to tell us about some of the wackiest things they’ve ever had the pleasure of overhearing (or witnessing) at the Parks.

Here’s what you guys shared with us!

Main Street U.S.A.

Jamie told us, “I did not overhear something. I saw a woman dump a whole drink over her husband’s head outside of 50’s Prime Time – always wondered if he was getting too friendly with the rest of the cousins in the restaurant!” Yikes, Jamie! Now we’re wondering that, too!

50s Prime Time Cafe

Heather overheard someone ask a rather innocent question on Saturday at EPCOT:  “Aren’t buffalos extinct?” We have a feeling she might’ve been riding on Living with the Land at the time since buffalos and prairie dogs appear in the desert scene. At least, that’s what we’re hoping otherwise buffalos are a pretty random topic to be discussing at Disney World!  In fact, buffalos aren’t extinct, and they’re no longer considered endangered, either!

Living with the Land Mural

Lisa shared this comical moment: “Buckling our seatbelts on Star Tours, the Cast Member had to reassure a guest that “No, this is not Tower of Terror. ” The guest was convicted that her friends were trying to trick her.” We know those types of ‘friends’, but don’t worry: all the drops on Star Tours are merely simulated, although we still have to close our eyes a lot!

Star Tours

Tables were turned for Jenna who received a call from a friend in need! “I was in line for Tower of Terror with my little sister when I got a call from a friend asking how to bail someone out of jail!! Neither of us had done that before so we were trying to figure it out. I got some weird looks from the people around me!” It’s hard to have a private conversation somewhere as public as Disney World!

Tower of Terror

Nick told us, “Took sister in law on Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. When we asked her how it was, she replied at least it didn’t go upside down!” Guess she didn’t notice those inversions!

Rock n’ Roller Coaster

A lot of guests seem to be talking about Disney World’s landscaping. Rachel said, “We heard someone explaining that Animal Kingdom is super lush with so many plants because all the plants are fake.”

Leslie told us, “As a Cast Member, had a number of guests tell me that it had rained enough to water the plants, and we needed to go ahead and close the dome. They were dead serious.” And what “dome” were these people talking about? We’re just as confused!

Tree of Life

J. Selena had this to say about her very first trip to Disney World with her family: “My sister and I went on Tower of Tower with our Nana. When we got off, she asked us ‘Well girls, how did you like that one?’ I said, ‘It was amazing.’ My sister said, ‘I need therapy!'” We’ve felt the same way as both of these sisters, too!

Tower of Terror Lobby

Karen said, “I once overheard a dad telling his kids they’d ride Tower of Terror in a little while. But this was in EPCOT. And he was pointing at the prayer tower in the Morocco pavilion. I was stunned. I hope a kind Cast Member eventually advised him…” We certainly hope so, too! In fact, from a certain angle, the top of Tower of Terror is visible from Morocco, and it was intentionally designed to blend in!

Morocco Koutoubia Minaret with Clouds
Morocco Pavilion

It’s not unusual for folks to get a little confused about what attractions are in which theme park! We’ve overheard guests asking Cast Members, “Where are the Harry Potter attractions?” One time at Guest Relations in Magic Kingdom I personally witnessed a lady ask a Cast Member, “So what’s there to do here?” 

We’d love to keep hearing the hilarious, the nonsensical, and the irreverent stuff you’ve overheard during your Disney World trips, so share them with us in the comments below!

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16 Replies to “We Asked AllEars Readers: What Some of the Craziest Things You’ve Ever Overheard at Walt Disney World?”

  1. Two of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard were at AK on the same day. First a teenager girl told her dad that she was worried that the lions would attack the truck on Kilamonjaro Safaris. Then as we explored the trails with the zebra another teen girls said to a Cast Member “Aren’t you worried the zebras will eat the meerkats?” He very patiently replied, “ No Zebras are herbivores”. She then says “I know. But how do they not eat the meerkats”. We still laugh about these girls

  2. I was at Epcot on vacation from my job as a nurse and I looked up and saw one of the doctors I worked with who had no idea I was there. I ran up pounding my feet loudly on the sidewalk and huffing and puffing, pretending I was out of breath and got his attention and acted like I had run all the way from New York and said to him “They told me this is where I would find you”! It was quite humorous.

  3. That Disney Stress Factor came in to play one day, as I saw a young kid crying. I overheard the dad say, “Listen, this is the happiest place on earth, SO GET HAPPY,RIGHT NOW!”

  4. A teenager was browsing through some books at a Disney Store and she found a biography on Walt. She turned to her mother and exclaimed, “Walt Disney was a real person?”

  5. Several years ago my wife and I were on the Maharajah Jungle Trek looking at the animals. At one window we overheard a small boy cry out in anguish “Oh, no- the deer’s going to eat that duck”. His older sister then piped up with all the authority a 9 year old can muster and reassured him with “No, deer don’t eat ducks; ducks eat deer.”
    Still one of my all time favorite Disney moments.

  6. I think it was our 2010 trip — We were sitting at the Dawa Bar in AK next to a family of three generations with obvious wealth. The senior gentleman commented to his partner something along the lines of, “I thought this place was supposed to be new. Look how run down it is.” He totally missed the whole purposely-designed atmosphere of AK.

  7. oh where to begin? LOL. As a former Reservations CM there are so many. Guest asked me if the Water Parks were for whales only? A couple asked me when we put Animals in Animal Kingdom because they had been to the park several times and never seen any animals. When I said months before the park ever opened, they didnt believe me. A girl on my team had a State Senator’s wife ask if they could have their own private pool while staying at the Yacht Club because “they don’t swim in the same water as common people”

  8. Just enjoying a day at Magic Kingdom (WDW) and I overheard a guy tell his teenage granddaughter that he was so thrilled to show her Walt’s original park and that next year he hoped to take her to Disneyland to see how the second, larger park turned out. I walked, almost ran, away before I could correct him or laugh out loud. Just a very WOW moment.

  9. On my nephew’s first trip, we were about to ride the attraction in the Mexico Pavilion. My nephew asked a cast member whether the ride went upside down.

  10. I did my DCP at Mission: SPACE and one of my co-workers was working at Test Track one day and it started raining, so obviously track wasn’t running. A couple in the fastpass line asked him when they were going to put up the dome so the ride would run. He joked that it would probably be up in a few minutes and then he realized that they were dead serious, too! I guess they mean the weather bubble that Walt talked about putting around Disneyland so he could control the weather now. 🤷‍♀️

  11. Ha! These are hilarious. Once a little girl on the monorail told us how her family had moved to the Grand Floridian and it was their new home. She loved their new house. Lololol! She asked us which hotel we lived in as well. It was so precious! I have always wondered how her parents broke it to her that they were going home…

  12. I heard a woman complaining, outraged, that they were letting all these people onto Spaceranger Spin ahead of her group! She was in the standby line. The people going on the ride ahead of her were in the FastPass line

  13. Back I 2005 my friends and I waited on the line for Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom, and people getting off said “I can’t believe it flipped over!” We spent our entire time waiting on the line thinking this was true. Of course, it wasn’t.

  14. As a cast member I was in Magic Kingdom and a guest asked me how to get to Disneyworld. He insisted that Magic Kingdom was a separate place from Disneyworld. Lol

  15. We were pushing our daughter in a stroller. She had fallen asleep holding her Winnie the Pooh. A nice man shouted Really loud, “Watch out, she’s losing her Pooh!” Thankfully it was just Winnie dragging on the ground.🤣🤣

  16. I was walking down Main Street wearing my “Grumpy and Proud Of It” t-shirt. As I met a young man of about 12 years old and his mother I heard him say “Mom! We need to get dad one of those shirts!”