Now It’s Easier to Say Thank You to Disney World Cast Members

Mickey Mouse and pixie dust might get all the credit for making Disney World the Most Magical Place on Earth, but the truth is that we have someone ELSE to thank for a lot of the magic that happens in the parks.

Cast Members

Disney Cast Members make magic happen every day in SO many ways, whether it’s at the attractions, on Disney transportation, at your hotel, in a show, or anywhere else! And now there’s an easy and individualized way for you to say thank you when a Cast Member makes your day.

Cast Member Compliments in Disney World have been a thing for a while. These notes of gratitude to helpful Cast Members started out as emails and letters to the Walt Disney Company, then it became a trend on social media to say thank you with the #CastCompliment tag, and lately you’ve been able to leave a note on the My Disney Experience app under Mobile Cast Compliment.

Cast Members

According to Disney, the Mobile Cast Compliment feature has already shared more than 25,000 compliments with Cast Members throughout Disney World.

Cast Members are awesome

Starting today, you can now give a compliment to individual Cast Members! The previous Cast Compliment feature on the My Disney Experience app only allowed you to specify where the Cast Member was working. But now you can add in their name and hometown so that the compliment is sent directly to that person.

We <3 Cast Members

Search for “Cast Compliment” in the My Disney Experience search feature, and you’ll find the Mobile Cast Compliment page.


On that page, you can choose a reason for your compliment from the dropdown menu (with options like “making us feel like family” or “going above and beyond to resolve a situation”) and the location where that Cast Member was working at the time.


If you know their name and hometown (you can find that information on their nametags), you can include it in your Compliment. Make sure to spell their name and hometown correctly so that the system will send the Compliment to the right person. When you hit “Submit,” the Cast Member (and their leader) will be alerted and get to see your message.


You don’t have to include the name and hometown, so even if you didn’t catch that info, you can still send a “thank you” to Cast Members in a specific area. But many guests had requested this addition so that they could point out individual Cast Members who helped make their trip even more magical.

How cute are they?!

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When has a Disney World Cast Member made your trip more magical? Let us know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Now It’s Easier to Say Thank You to Disney World Cast Members”

  1. It’s better to find a ‘blue shirt’ cast member and give the compliment in person. Latest information being passed around the social media sites is the cast members are not being recognized if the compliment is given through DME. Only compliments that are physically given to the managers/blue shirts/guest relations are being recognized.
    Just an FYI.

  2. It was many years ago now. But I was a young sailor on leave. My buddy and I were coming out of the Grand Floridan to get on monorail. While we were waiting we we chatting with a cast member and he ask if we were going to the Halloween event.
    He gave us complementary tickets to the Halloween party in the park. It was awesome. Now it’s my favorite time to go and have gone for many years. Recently I found out u can buy a pass to go as may times a u want. Sign me up. Thank you Cast member for giving the gift that has lasted more than a decade of memories.

  3. This is a nice way to further thank the awesome Castmembers. We will still thank them in person too because that is more personal.
    we used to Buy the WWWD (What Would Walt Do) pins from a website years back and give them to Castmembers including a couple bus drivers that made a trip to or from a park fun (one of them had us all singing Disney songs). They were pinned to a card that said:
    “What Would Walt Do? Thank you for treating me just the way Walt would have: As a Guest! You remember that even designing and building the best park means nothing without the people to help preserve the magic”