PHOTOS: New Tattoo and Gender-Inclusive Hairstyle Dress Code Now in Effect at Disney World

Disney’s been making some big changes to the company recently. And, one of those are the HUGE updates to Cast Members’ appearance guidelines.

Cinderella Castle

Along with the gender-inclusive hairstyles and tattoos, jewelry and nail polish are among the other modified appearance options. And, we were able to see these new policies in place during our visit to the parks today!

One Cast Member we met up with the lovely Davina, who had some gorgeous tattoos, painted nails, and earrings, and was kind enough to let us take her picture!

Nice to Meet You, Davina!

Her feather tattoos on both wrists came together as a pair…

Davina’s Feather Tattoos

…as her blue, metallic nails added a pop of color to her outfit.

Davina’s Nails

Plus, the matching dangly earrings were an extra fabulous finishing touch.

Davina’s Earrings

We also got to meet Samantha over in EPCOT! Samantha has two Disney-themed tattoos, once is a Mickey outline on her wrist.

Hi, Samantha!

And the other is an infinity symbol tattoo with Peter Pan, Wendy, and her brothers taking flight on her ankle!

One of Samantha’s Tattoos

We love seeing how the Cast Members channel their personalities through their appearances. It makes us appreciate their uniqueness all the more! And, we’ll have to be on the lookout for more examples of the new Cast Member guidelines soon. Stay tuned with All Ears for more Disney news!

Click here to learn why Disney’s new dress code is such a big deal!

When is your next trip to Disney planned for? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “PHOTOS: New Tattoo and Gender-Inclusive Hairstyle Dress Code Now in Effect at Disney World”

  1. One more reason not to go back. They have been going downhill for years. I used to go multiple times a year but it’s honestly not worth it anymore. The magic has gone from the parks

  2. Great….. so since Disney is cheaping the experience, does that mean the food, tickets, souvenirs and hotels are going to be cheaper? It’s going to be wonderful paying huge prices for the same experience I can get at IHOP with someone all tattooed up with purple hair serving me. Great job Disney….. keep screwing up!