NEWS: Disney Will Remove Guests Using Profanity or Offensive Language

Disneyland Resort will be welcoming guests back to the parks and select hotels at the end of this month.

Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure

Similar to the guidelines at Walt Disney World, Disneyland will be requiring guests to face masks and social distance to help ensure the health and safety of guests who are visiting the parks. But, it seems that there will be one addition to the Disneyland policy when it reopens.

Disneyland will ask guests who are not properly wearing their face masks to leave the parks, but there is one additional violation that can get you kicked out of the park. According to Disneyland’s website, Disney will also remove guests who use “profanity or offensive language towards…Cast Member or other Guests” from the resort area.

Screenshot from Disneyland website ©Disney

Update: Disneyland’s website has since been updated and the language has changed a bit. The Disneyland site now states “Guests must properly wear approved face coverings, refrain from using offensive/abusive language and follow all other Park rules. Disney reserves the right to require a Guest to leave if they fail to comply.”


Disney has faced issues with park guests complying with the face mask policies and other safety guidelines in the past. Just last month, a man was arrested in Disney World for spitting on a Cast Member after being asked to wear a face mask.

Disneyland Health and Safety Measures

It seems Disneyland is laying out expectations prior to reopening and will be kicking out guests who fail to comply. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest Disney news and updates, so stay tuned!

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10 Replies to “NEWS: Disney Will Remove Guests Using Profanity or Offensive Language”

  1. They will never in a million years be able to control that. It would be nice but lets face it, they’re not going to throw out thousands of dollars a day because it would be a non stop job. The control is getting out of control. I can see if you cus out a CM, but not just walking along and you stub your toe….or see the price of building a lightsaber. :/

    1. It doesn’t say that they are kicking people out for using profanity. It seems specific to people using abusive profanity directed at others or CMs.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it. Disney has rules on line breaking as well, but as many times as I have seen it happen, Disney never enforces this rule and they never do anything about it.

  3. They’ll clear out half the park or more at Epcot during Food & Wine festival if WDW adopts this. Also the tequila bar in the Mexico pavilion would be emptied frequently too!

    What a joke WDW is becoming or at least the people running it!

  4. I hope they actually enforce this policy. I’ve had in recent years, had cringe worthy moments on the resort bus, due to young adults swearing with my kids and others around. I just hope this is not just talk and need action behind it

  5. I hope WDW adopts this profanity/removal policy. I’ve notice more profanity in recent years, especially on EPCOT Food & Wine Festival evenings. Young adults + alcohol too often results in less than magical language.

    1. You’ve noticed that too? Glad we’re not the only ones. EPCOT, especially on weekend evenings but a lot of evenings seems to have become a neighborhood bar for a lot of people.

    2. We will never visit Epcot at night during the Food and Wine Festival. We got so tired of the drunks and rude behavior and Disney doing nothing about it. I had beer spilled on me last year and saw the same thing happen to a child. We leave before dinner time and before the drunks come in.

  6. Does Walt Disney World have the same policy about having guests removed from the park if the guest uses profanity towards Cast Members or other guesta