What Happens If You Get Kicked Out Of Disney World?

As magical a place as the Disney Parks are, there are actually several scenarios that may cause guests to be removed — or, even worse, banned.

Magic Kingdom

Have you ever wondered just what will get a guest kicked out of the park? And what happens after they are removed from the premises? We have a few answers.

What Gets You Kicked Out or Banned?

Below, we have listed a few acts that could have a guest removed from the park. Some of these, if extreme enough, might even cause a person to be BANNED FOR LIFE.

Cutting in line can get you kicked out of the park. This really will depend on who sees the person cutting and if it angers those around them enough. Some line-jumping happens all the time without any repercussions — we’ve all seen it. But, if the person who cuts the line is caught, they will likely be removed from the park.

Les Halles Line

Jumping out of a ride can get you kicked out as well. I have heard that in some cases this can even result in the person being banned from the park. The issue not only the safety hazard this creates for the person who jumps out of the ride, but also for the others who are endangered around them.

Making rude gestures. This is another good way to get kicked out of the parks. This often happens on ride photos like Splash Mountain. If the right cast member sees the offensive gesture while blurring it out, they might just take action to have you removed from the park. The same goes for making rude gestures or remarks at cast members or other guests in the park. Keep it classy, folks! You don’t want to be removed for a silly impulsive decision.

Refusal to comply with Disney rules. This is obvious, right? If, for example, you somehow get a selfie-stick through security and are seen with it in the park, you probably won’t get kicked out simply for having that “illegal” item. But Disney cast members WILL escort you from the park if you refuse to give it up.

Fighting. Especially with cast members or characters! Disney is all about safety. So, if a guest does anything that disrupts other guests or a cast member’s safety, Disney will likely take precautions. There are times that families will actually get physical with one another while waiting in lines or for the fireworks. These guests are removed from the parks. Some fights have been bad enough for the guests to earn a ban as well. It’s easy for emotions to run high when you’re hot and tired and maybe even a little bit “hangry” (hungry AND angry!). One example of this was when NHL player Darren Kramer attacked the Walt Disney World police when his friend was accused of stealing — of all things — bowling pins! If you find yourself in a situation where tempers are starting to flare, try to be the bigger person and walk away.

Kylo Ren

Smoking. As of May 1st, 2019, smoking (which includes vaping) has been banned in Disney Parks. There are designated smoking areas located just outside the park entrances, at the Disney hotels and Disney Springs, but getting caught smoking in a nonsmoking area may get you escorted out or possibly banned. Be sure to read up on the new policies before your trip.

No Smoking Policy

Sneaking Backstage. Poking your nose into areas you’re not permitted to be in will also get you booted out of the park. Disney, like most other companies, does not allow guests in private employee areas behind the scenes, both for safety reasons and to help preserve the mystery of how the “magic” is made. If you’re caught in an off-limits area, you will be escorted from the park. Even Disney cast members are prohibited from taking photos “backstage,” so sneaking behind the scenes is a big no-no. If you simply must find out what’s going on behind the guarded walls, there ARE tours that will take you to some backstage areas. One, the Keys to the Kingdom tour, even takes guests into the Utilidors beneath Magic Kingdom. 

Cast Members Only

Getting too drunk at the parks. It’s OK to have a good time and to drink around the world if that’s what you want to do. But, if drunk guests start causing problems or scenes (see “Fighting” and “Rude Gestures” above), Disney will not hesitate to remove them from the premises.

Spreading ashes can get you kicked out or even banned for life. Yes, a lot of people want to have their cremated remains sprinkled around the Disney Parks, on the Haunted Mansion in particular. Believe it or not, the ashes will glow and the cast members will be alerted to what has happened. The ride will have to be closed until the ashes can be cleaned. Then, Disney will locate those who threw the ashes and will likely ban them from the park. Don’t forget, Disney has cameras everywhere and is always watching.

Haunted Mansion

Flag, banners, or signs to incite a crowd is another way to get Disney’s negative attention. Local Orlando news stations shared that recently a man held up a political sign at the parks, not once BUT three times!  He held up a banner at Magic Kingdom over the train station and was banned from the park, his pass revoked. But, Disney soon took him off the blacklist after he promised he would not hang any more banners at Disney World.  Not too long after that he held another political sign on Splash Mountain and was ultimately banned again from Disney World, but not from Disneyland. The man then took went to Disneyland where he dropped another banner off the side of the Mark Twain River Boat. He has been banned now from both parks.

Stealing. Duh. This one is pretty obvious, but stealing is another action that will result in being banned or kicked out of the parks. Don’t even think about it, not even on a dare. Disney has eyes (and cameras) everywhere!

So, what happens if you get kicked out?

These are not the only scenarios that could result in a guest being removed from the park — there are others, but the above are the most common. Of course, Disney operates on a case-by-case basis. They’ll evaluate each situation based on a variety of factors to determine what action should be taken. As in the case of the political signs above, they may change their original decision…or they may decide to enforce their rules even more strictly.

Many times, guests are only removed from the parks for a day. They are given a warning and allowed back into the park. Other times, Disney may “blacklist” a guest, banning them for life.

Magic Band Scanner

Disney will document what has happened so that they can keep a record of the events that took place. They will also take a photo of the offending guest.

If the situation warrants it, Disney will contact the appropriate law enforcement officials to take action. This could result in the guest being arrested. Other times, the guest may just be presented with a trespassing admonition.

Despite its best attempts, Disney cannot monitor who is entering its parks and properties everywhere at all times. Such monitoring is more difficult at Disney resort hotels, miniature golf courses, and outdoor shopping areas like Disney Springs. But if you are caught trespassing after you’ve been banned, Disney will contact the authorities.

 Do you think these reasons for removal or banning are too lenient? Or too harsh? Let us know in the comments below! 

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26 Replies to “What Happens If You Get Kicked Out Of Disney World?”

  1. When I was young I was in a stroller and my mom pays for everything I have so many things for Disney and have them respect I am 16 now but when I was younger I was in a stroller and my mom has medical issues and we were in a store buying me something and my dad was there and she told him to hold the item while she goes to the bathroom me and my dad were still in the store with the items when she came back she payed for the items but another employee saw walk out of the store with stuff and accused my mom of stealing when there were bags and receipts and banned her for life they didn’t question they didn’t hear our part of the story my mom has always payed for things and works very hard for our money she even write Disney multiple apology notes recently and Disney said no sorry and this was years ago I’m 16 now this is absurd. I get rules are rules but at least give her a second chance.

    1. You may be able to call them and explain to them what REALLY happened and how it was all a mistake.

      If that doesn’t help, I’m really sorry. ☹️

  2. Was at Disneyland in January and lots of people were vaping out in the open in lines and in front of the castle. Disney did nothing. It was kind of frustrating.

  3. One person pushing in is annoying but groups of 10 or 15 or more are absolutely infuriating – this happened to us at the Pirates of the Caribbean – until the four of us in our party made a line across and didn’t let any more pass us by.

  4. If you could get banned for cutting in line, there would be an entire country chanting and carrying their little flags out the exit lol. I don’t believe that one is true in the least.

  5. I was at Disneyland last year and family started to fist fight with each other in toon town of all places made the news and yes I believed ban for life

  6. I want to know what Disney is going to do to smokers who use the handicap bathrooms to smoke their cigerettes inside the park.

    They need to install tamper proof smoke detectors in all of the handicap bathrooms and have them connected to security so that they can be waiting for them when they come out.

  7. In 1967 6 of us recent highschool students,returning from Hawaii to the mainland, were denied entrance to Disneyland because our dresses were too short! We were traveling back to Ohio and had taken a cab from hotel (had a layover). Luckily our cabdriver turned off the meter and took us shopping. After buying shorts we were allowed entrance to the park and spent 4 hour- with our cabdriver in Disneyland!

    1. Yes! I’ve put that in all my evaluations thank you. Don’t want to be around that nasty stuff. Grew up with a cigarette smoking mom and cigar dad. And I hate It now still 40
      Years later. Don’t come in the parks if u want to do your dirty habit-that makes me cough btw. It affects others!

  8. Not following a castmember’s instructions should probably be added to the list. I got testy recently and came very close to violating this one. The castmember quickly called security and I backed down. Fortunately, I was on my way out of the park anyway.

    Definitely not my best moment

    1. I admire your admission of being in the wrong! So many people today refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Kudos to you!

  9. I think it is the right thing to do I worked at six flags and had to call security for a guest who got out of hand

  10. i dont think if you get caught smoking a cigarette in a remote area should get you kicked out!its not easy to stop smoking all day,and to have to go all the way outside and pass back thru security just to rejoin your party is rediculous! the smoking areas in the park were there for that reason. disney should bring them back! p.s for adults only!

    1. I’m not a smoker, but my husband is. We’ve noticed over the years that Disneyworld has had fewer and fewer smoking areas. And I get why, I hate smoking too! But I agree with you. To ask a smoker, who just paid a fortune to enter your park, to spend an entire day in the park without smoking, or walk all the way to the front, is just crazy! I think this will deter people from vacationing there, which only hurts the children.

    2. The article says that the smoking areas are just outside the entrance. No they are not. You still have quite a walk to get to a smoking area especially at the Magic Kingdom. Take a cue from some of the airports and build a small smoking room that ventilates the smoke out and safely away from the majority of the crowds!

  11. I actually know someone who brought ashes. Literally a spoonful that went into a potted plant and covered in dirt. Probably not the best thing, and not something I’d want done. But spreading them inside an attraction? Sorry, that is disgusting.

    1. If you only knew some of the things people have done in, and on, the attractions, ashes would be the least disgusting.

      1. I would like to see the science behind “glowing” ashes. I think it’s the same when you say there is a chemical in the pool that turns colors if you pee in the pool. LOL. That being said…Yuck!!

        1. Ashes aren’t actually ashes but tiny bone fragments. These will in fact glow in the ultraviolet blacklight that illuminate the dark rides.