10 Inside Jokes Only REAL Disney Fans Understand

Can you recite an entire Disney World pre-show monologue? Do you find yourself quoting attractions in everyday life? You’re not alone.

Do you know the entire stretching room monologue?

At AllEars, we love inside jokes — especially Disney-themed jokes

Come with us as we discuss some of our favorite inside jokes. How many do you recognize?

“Nice work, pal”

Patrick Warburton’s Soarin’ pre-show speech is a favorite among many Disney fans. 

This is your captain speaking!

There are so many classic one-liners that Captain Patrick delivers in that short little safety speech, but “Nice work, pal,” is probably the most popular! Next time you’re waiting in line for Soarin’ and you hear people quoting that line, you’ll know why! 

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I’m not happy, Bob. NOT HAPPY.

Recognize that quote? We’ll give you a hint: it’s from The Incredibles! Okay, so now you know the quote, but do you know the context?

Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek, the current CEO of Disney World, has managed to become a pretty controversial figure

Some people aren’t happy with a few of the changes in Disney World

With all the new price increases and changes around the parks and resorts, many people have started quoting this line in jest to express their frustration. When things go wrong in Disney World, this quote fits eerily well.

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“And, uh, fly!”

If you’ve ever been on Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ve probably had to stand through that awkward pre-show with Dr. Stevens.

That’s him!

While the whole monologue is normal enough, there’s one line that seems to stick out in everyone’s mind: “Once we do that, you’ll be able to link to that avatar, and, uh, fly.” The line is so popular that it has taken on a life of its own; you can even buy merchandise with this phrase!

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Disco Yeti

Speaking of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest is another fan-favorite attraction in the park. While this ride doesn’t have any funny safety speeches or iconic quotes, it does have a (broken) animatronic! 

Disco Yeti!

That animatronic has lovingly been dubbed “Disco Yeti,” as Imagineers decided to use strobe lights to hide the fact that the yeti can’t move. Some guests even scream his name as they fly past him in their train — give him a shout-out next time you visit Everest!  

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The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is arguably one of the funniest attractions in Disney World — the Monster World depends on it! As you probably know if you’ve ever visited the Laugh Floor, there’s always THAT Guy that the monsters like to tease.

Hellllloooooo, humans!

Some people actively try to become THAT Guy, while others fear the title with every fiber of their being. Either way, being THAT Guy is a true honor only a small population of guests will ever earn, so embrace it!

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The hottest girl in school

“Who do you think the hottest girl in school is?” was the first line of a (very old) meme from Vine.

Talk about photogenic!

The answer? “The EPCOT ball.” This random reply became an inside joke among EPCOT fans and Spaceship Earth (or EPCOT ball) lovers everywhere. If your mind is saying, “Epcoooot,” you get it. 

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This next inside joke comes from a Disney movie! 

Olaf is pretty hilarious, to be honest

Our beloved friend Olaf drops the name “Samantha? in Frozen 2, instantly creating a highly quotable line. If you ever hear a strange noise or don’t recognize someone, be like Olaf and say, “Samantha?” 

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Carlos! Don’t be chicken!

You’ll have to be a careful listener to recognize this obscure line. It comes from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

Pirates of the Caribbean is a must-ride for us!

We won’t spoil the attraction for you, so if you’re interested in finding out where the quote comes from, listen closely next time you ride! There’s no better feeling than discovering an inside joke on a Disney attraction.

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It’s rat pizza! 

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good Disney sight gag. The Quick Service restaurant named PizzeRizzo is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It might not seem too exciting, but this little pizza shop is full of fun jokes and creative Imagineering details! The neon sign might look innocent enough…

Normal sign? Nope!

…but every once in a while, the lights will flicker to reveal a play on words! 

Comedic genius

We love clever little details like this, and only in Disney World would we willingly eat at a place that admits to serving “rat pizza.”

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Splash Mountain Malfunctions

Even Disney animatronics get tired! You try doing the exact same thing all day, every day! One particular attraction has become known to malfunction, and it’s Splash Mountain.

We once caught Br’er Rabbit practically dragging himself across the field; he clearly had a rough day!

It’s okay, Br’er Rabbit — it happens to the best of us! (And it makes for a good laugh!)

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There are dozens of other Disney jokes we could discuss, but these are some of our favorites! From intentional jokes to happenstance occurrences, you never know when you’ll end up laughing in Disney World! Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney news, updates, reviews, and more!

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What’s your favorite Disney inside joke? Let us know in the comments!

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