Have YOU Noticed These Hidden Details on a Classic Disney World Ride?

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Whether it’s trivia about Magic Kingdom coasters or hidden Star Wars details in Galaxy’s Edge, there’s lots to learn about the parks! And today, we’re hopping aboard a ship and taking a journey through Pirates of the Caribbean. If you look closely, there’s tons of Easter eggs throughout the ride, and we’re going to point some out for you!

Let’s get started! Once you make it through the canon fire and the smoke clears, you’ll see two familiar-looking animatronics by the well. They’re modeled after Smee and Captain Hook! We knew we recognized that striped shirt from somewhere.



A little further into your journey, you’ll come across an auction scene. That auctioneer was originally voiced by Paul Frees, who also voiced the Ghost Host on the Haunted Mansion. Pretty cool, right?

It’s Paul Frees! Kinda.

And as you cross under the bridge heading into the prison, you’ll see a pirate swinging his leg. The hair on that leg is actually real human hair!

That’s real human hair up there!

Pirates of the Caribbean’s oh-so-famous tune (you know the one!) was written by X Atencio, who also wrote Grim Grinning Ghosts for the Haunted Mansion. He was a former animator, and before working at Disney he’d never written music in his life! But Walt Disney saw potential, and now we have 2 truly classic ride songs.


Okay, let’s head into the gift shop! Can you spot this red and gold vase on the top of a shelf? It actually contains a piece of gold used in the very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie!



Well, that concludes our little tour! We hope you learned some fun facts about Pirates of the Caribbean. Next time you hop aboard, keep an eye out for these hidden details — and let us know if you find them! We’ll keep bringing you fun trivia from all around Disney, so stay tuned to AllEars.

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