Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says Response to Genie+ Has Been “Extremely Positive”

Today was the Walt Disney Company’s fourth quarterly earnings call, and we learned more about Disney’s current financial situation.


Since the third quarterly earnings call, Disney has rolled out the Disney Genie service in Disney World, including the new paid version of FastPass+ known as Genie+, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek shared how guests have been responding to this new service.

During the Q4 Earnings Call today, Disney CEO Bob Chapek commented on the launch of Genie+ in Disney World, remarking that the “response has been extremely positive.” Chapek also noted that since the launch of Genie+, about one third of Disney World guests have been choosing to upgrade to Genie+.


The Disney Genie service, and by extension the paid services of Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection, launched in October in Disney World. These paid services replaced FastPass+ and allow guests to pay to “skip the line” via a Lightning Lane.

Lightning Lane

According to our readers on Facebook, the responses about the Genie+ were pretty split. Around half of the respondents were pretty adamant about not paying for Genie+, while the other half was interested in at least trying it out once.


If you’ve tried out the Genie+ program in Disney World, what did you think? Stay tuned to AllEars as we continue to report on The Walt Disney Company’s fourth quarterly earnings call.

Our readers are SPLIT on whether they’ll be buying Genie+.

How do YOU feel about Genie+? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says Response to Genie+ Has Been “Extremely Positive””

  1. I do not mind paying for something that is worth it. Genie Plus is not good. I would prefer to pay for the old fast pass system where I could choose attractions in advance of my trip, and I could choose my first 3 attractions. Also, the Genie plus lanes did not move quickly. The individual Lightning lane purchases are worth it to me because we get a choice of times and we were moved quickly through the attraction.

  2. To pay more money for less of a chance to ride a fancy ride is horrible. I was up before 7am and was able to book Remy at 1pm. As the day went on, the time changed 4 times and finally received a message that I was going to be able to ride the ride at 8:30pm. How’s that for planning your day. I left the park at 6:00pm after over 7 hours with kids that felt ripped off. Tip board got us on 4 rides and 1 show. Better off going to Universal buy skip the line and see more for less money.

  3. I find it fascinating Mr. Chapek has decided to comment on this. I would not call one third of guests signing up something to be bragging about. That means two thirds are not. Why has he not come out to explain and apologize for the loss of guest services that have been cut? He never even offered guests the option to pay for those services. You wanted luggage services or the DME? Tough. We no longer offer that stuff. Want to relax on vacation? Tough. You have to get up at 7AM to sign up for 1 ride. Every day of your vacation. One ride. And then spend your day looking down at your cell phone at Disney Genie to navigate your day. When I was a nurse in the hospital they had an initiative having executives ‘Walk in my shoes’ following a staff member through their day. How about Mr. Chapek gets off his gilded throne and does the Disney Guest experience and follow a family with young children from their home to the parks dragging them and luggage through the airports and try getting the kids ready for the day select a ride, and walk around trying to keep an eye on the kids while you are having so much fun looking at Disney Genie. Vacation should be all about leaving the daily grind behind, Mr. Chapek. Sounds like you have forgotten that. Wonder if he will be smiling and bragging if he finds out loyal guests only visit one third as often as they used to.