Why Everyone is So Upset With Disney

It’s no secret that not all Disney fans are happy with the company all the time.


We see it reflected in various comments on our social media and posts from others. Many of the recent changes at Disney World and beyond have left Disney fans feeling pretty unhappy. But what exactly is at the core of this frustration? We’re taking a look at recent changes, and how Disney fans are currently reacting.

Let’s talk about why everyone has been so upset with Disney.

Disney Genie+

When you saw the name of this post, the first thing that popped into your head might have been Disney Genie+. The paid replacement for the FastPass+ system in Disney World and Disneyland caused quite an intense reaction from Disney fans when it was announced.


Instead of a free offering, skipping the lines now costs anywhere from $15-$35 per day per ticket in Disney World and $20-$30 per day per ticket in Disneyland. For some, this is one of the many examples they bring up when noting that they feel like Disney is coming at a higher and higher premium, with fewer complimentary offerings all around.


Genie+ debuted in both Disney World and Disneylandwe’ve tested the system in Disney World a lot and have worked to provide you with our best tips and tricks so you can decide whether to use the system and (if you choose to use it) how to make the most of it. Check out some of our links below:

Since its debut, we’ve seen some fans noting that they’ve been frustrated with Genie+, while others have said they’ve felt like it was worth it, at least for certain rides or certain parks. We’ll have to see how the system holds up over time and if opinions regarding it ultimately change.

Click here to learn more about Disney Genie.

Star Wars Hotel Pricing

Speaking of premium pricing, when the Star Wars Hotel (Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser) pricing was released, that caused a bit of an uproar. It seems this experience may not necessarily be one that the average family can afford.

Sample Pricing ©Disney

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser has example pricing beginning at $749 per person per night. And that was based on a voyage with 4 guests per cabin (3 adults and 1 child). Whew! That price does include select dining, entertainment, and a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios; but with a mandatory two-night stay, you’re looking at several thousand dollars for a stay with just a few family members or friends. Yikes!

However, in 2023, Disney announced the closure of the Star Wars Hotel. We’ll have to wait and see if something similar replaces it or if it will become an entirely new experience!

2 Ways the Star Wars Hotel Was DOOMED from the Start

Disappearing Complimentary Offerings

While prices rise in some areas, complimentary offerings disappear in others. The free Magical Express transportation from and to the airport was discontinued in early 2022, and free MagicBands are already a thing of the past.

Disney’s Magical Express

Lots of Disney fans are taking note of what appears to be a slow but steady disappearance of several free offerings. Some have mentioned that they feel that the company is focusing more on the money than the guest experience in the modern age.

Big CHANGE Announced for Disney’s Magical Express Replacements

Fewer Hotel Perks

Some have shared that they feel there are fewer hotel perks too. Since the park closures in 2020, some hotel perks have gone away or have been significantly changed. They boil down to free transportation (the loss of the Magical Express is one thing we mentioned above) and a few other minor amenities.

Traditional Extra Magic Hours haven’t returned either. Instead, hotel guests can now experience Early Theme Park entry (allowing them to enter any Disney World theme park 30 minutes early on any day). But Extended Evening Hours (allowing guests to take advantage of extra nighttime hours in select parks on certain days) are reserved for deluxe guests only (AKA, the people who can pay more).

Early Theme Park Entry in Tomorrowland

This is another case where many Disney fans have noted that they feel there has been a potential change to a model that focuses on those who pay more. Some have noted that they feel like Disney is leaving average families in the dust.

Click here to see how Early Theme Park Entry has CHANGED rope drop in Disney World.

Disney Park Passes

Some folks also aren’t happy about Disney Park Passes. The theme park reservation system may have made sense to them when park capacities were heavily limited for health reasons, but as time goes on more and more Disney fans seem to be indicating that they’re seeing Park Passes as a nuisance.

Magic Kingdom Park Passes Sold Out

Not only can Park Passes make it more difficult to be spontaneous on your trip, but understanding Disney Park Passes and making the right ones can take a bit of research and planning!

Currently, you can’t enter a park without a park pass reservation

As of 2024, Park Passes will no longer be required for most ticket types, so it seems like Disney is taking guests’ feelings about the system into account. Also, Annual Passholders can enter the parks after 2PM without a Park Pass (with the exception of Magic Kingdom on weekends).

The LIE About Disney World Park Passes Everyone Believes

Changes at Disney can often bring a negative reaction from fans, and this past year in particular we have seen some big updates. There’s no denying that Disney World is constantly changing, but many of these new changes have led to frustration as people realize they will need to plan their trips entirely differently now.

Magic Kingdom

It’s always important to keep in mind that things are subject to change in the future.

Mears Connect bus

We know that changes at Disney can be frustrating, and while new updates are being announced all the time, rest assured that we will be here to cover all the latest, and break down all the new changes to help you best plan your trip. So stay tuned to AllEars for everything new happening in Disney World!

What do you think of these changes? Tell us in the comments! 

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215 Replies to “Why Everyone is So Upset With Disney”

  1. Everything about Disney in the last 2-3 years saddens me, and our last trip has sealed the deal, we won’t be continuing any longer. We have been annual pass holders for 10 years and visit Disney 4-5 times a year. I was willing to pay for annual passes because we are Floridians, it’s a great weekend getaway for our small family, and it is (or was) truly magical. That’s what I think many people don’t realize. Disney has always been magical, to the very young and very old it has been an amazing experience. So for many many many years I was willing to put forth thousands of dollars because of the magic.
    The magic is gone, long gone are any perks for being an annual pass holder, long gone are fast passes that truely have everyone the opportunity to the magic whether you were young old inexperienced or experienced at Disney. We were all the same. Now you pay for your passes on top of your pass rate increases and paying for parking at your hotels and paying for your magic bands now and paying for additional lightning lane attractions. It’s a joke. I looked at our expenses from our 4 day weekend. And we spent $600 more on this trip than we did a year ago. All due to hotel rate increases, genie plus and lightning lane. None of that included food or gas.

    It’s no longer magical to me so we’re discontinuing our membership. It’s creating a sour note in my mind and I have visited Disney since I was a child. My biggest fear is it will become this no magical place for everyone else as it has for me. People are willing to pay for the magic, but when it’s gone, what are you left paying for?

  2. Lots of these are frustrating. The Genie Plus is, the free parking, free magic bands, I think the biggest for me is the magic express. Not really that it’s no longer free, but I miss the luggage going straight to your room, and you could check your luggage fir your return home at your hotel also. Why do you think that MCO has so many issues now? It’s because everyone has to check their luggage now. Used to you could get your boarding passes and everything at your hotel. Now everyone has to check in at counter, creating more wait time amd issues. That’s what bothers me the most. That was a big convenience. Yes they are nickel and dining us, amd I don’t like that staying on site does not give u the perks it used to. I have always thought that those staying offsite should have to pay to skip the line, but it should be included with staying on site.

  3. I agree with all of the article’s reasons regarding why people are frustrated with Disney. But I’m glad Disney has continued with the park reservation system. This should have been started years ago. It’s frustrating spending a huge amount of money for theme park tickets and then the park is so crowded, it’s practically shoulder to shoulder, plus wait times are so high for rides. Paying such a high price should guarantee that at least 2/3 of the rides can be ridden with ease. A movie theater doesn’t sell more tickets than it has seats. No difference.

  4. Having just come back to the UK from a trip to Disney World I was left feeling the magic had gone. Having to spend so much of my day on my phone booking rides, food etc meant missing out on all of the magic. So many people were focussing on their phones than what was around them. I have been to Disney many times pre Covid but will not be heading back in a hurry. Walt must be turning in his grave at what they are doing to his dream.

  5. I do not think Disney really wants my family to visit. In the pursuit of additional margin, I think the spark of Imagination and forward thinking is absent from the current management regime. Makes me sad. First visit was in 1976. Not sure if there will be another. 😞

  6. It’s even worse when you think about people coming from overseas. For example, the median household income in the UK is equivalent to $39,395, whilst the median household income in the US is $67,521 – so something that costs $1000 is 1.48% of a US income and 2.54% of a UK income (and so $1000 would “feel like” $1716 to someone from the UK).

  7. Been a Disney family for the last 20 years but between downgrade in their product and service coupled with their decision to “play politics” have left us choosing to enjoy the great National Parks of our country…..which has been great!!

  8. I think what broke the straw on the camels back for me was seeing how at the hotels when you purchase a $20 hotel cup you can only refill it so many times now, you used to be able to refill your cups every time you came back but they have now put barcode in the bottom of the cups you can only use the cup for the length of your stay at the hotel even the paper cups have barcode in them and you can only fill a paper cup three times I just feel it’s so ridiculous the amount of money they must be spending to put these barcodes in the cups when probably the soda is cheaper

  9. Several years ago Disney offered a promo called “A Year of a Million Dreams.” This promotion revolved of small gifts such as a free cookie or a chance to reride a favorite ride all the way up to a night in the Castle apartment.
    Most of the experiences or gifts cost Disney almost zero but the joy it brought to my family was priceless!
    Sad to think that that joy is gone.

  10. My last experience at DW was dismal. Poor attitude by many cast members, transportation system a disaster, phone app required for ordering food and some experiences, changes to Disney property perks. I have gone to DW many times but won’t be going back.

  11. One thing not mentioned in the article is Mousekeeping. I did not pay a premium price for a Disney trip to make our beds. Nuff said. 🤬

  12. Our trip just ended and the magic has faded soooo much! We have been going to disney world since the 80s annually as a family and are DVC members. This years trip lacked in almost every way. The stress of booking rides on the phone and just being on phones for everything- ordering food, checking times, room keys, etc. Everything is extra charges, everything and very little feels justified for the fees. I miss the magic of disney.

  13. Why do you keep adding more resort rooms, but you don’t add to the foot prints of the parks or build another park? It is so crowded at every park, we either stand for hours in lines for rides, or we stand in line for shows and never get in to see the shows because every seat is filled already.so we are paying thousands of dollars for less and less.

    Mobile food ordering was a bust for us. What if you have food allergies and need to modify what you are ordering? There is no way to do this on the app.

  14. I think the changes they did to the annual passes are ridiculous. It is almost like they don’t want people to have them. They doubled in price!!!! I currently have the silver pass and in order for me to get the equivalent I must upgrade to the socerer pass. For a family of four, this can be quite difficult. I really don’t understand what the leadership at Disney is thinking.

  15. Hey Bob. This thread is your focus group. You’re dropping the ball and people are starting to notice the magic is fading fast. What are you gonna do about it?

  16. Honestly, it has gotten to the point that it is taking excitement of going away. We go this summer, but we will not be going to any Disney park. Maybe try something new like universal or sea world for first time. I’ve always loved Disney, but it has gotten to point it is not worth money. Paying more and getting a lot less. Disappointing! Benefit of staying at park was magic hours, magic express, fast pass…now you might as well stay at cheaper place off property because there is no benefit to stay on property anymore.

  17. What we can’t grasp as avid Disney fans is why they keep charging more and more for way less of an experience. They used to be family-friendly with perks, offerings and such and now even a family of four can’t afford a spontaneous trip to Disney. The lines are ridiculous for the prices charged. Disney has to do a better job of managing guest relations, expectations, and overall experience. I’m not paying the prices they are wanting to charge to stand in line all day or pay to stay on property when the perks are less and less satisfying! We just got back and it was our worst trip by far after going for the ten years!

  18. My latest experiences at Disney World have been disappointing. Why is Disney making it hard for people who don’t want to be on their phone all day? Phones used to get in the Parks which still has bugs and holds up the line, phone used to get in hotel room which takes a minute to open the door (security issue?), phone to order food (good help us older people if we forget our readers), phone used to obtain “fast passes” which is very complicated and has you glued to your phone for updates. My husband and friends of ours tried to use it and it kept circling. We then had to spend more time getting our money back. Fun day. Whew…. What if you forget your phone? I want kids off their phone at the Parks, not on it all day. Of course no trams, no Magic Express, paying for bands, less “special moments”. I have been going to Disney since the 1960’s and never felt the “magic” fading like it is now. It is really sad for me.

  19. My husband and I spent so much time at Disneyland with annual passports while raising our kids.
    We just went to Disneyland with one of those kids and her family in Jan of 2022.
    There was the nostalgic feelings of passing it on to a new generation, but there was also a feeling of being robbed of a lot of the magic.

    Ticket prices are already astronomical, but Genie+ feels discriminatory. What if a family of 6 who has already spent $700 just to get into the park doesn’t have the budget to spent another $120 a day ($240 if they want to get on Rise of the Resistance in under 2-3 hours).

    At least Fast Passes were equally available to anyone who paid for a ticket. We waited in line longer for Stand By in some lines, but had Fast Passes in others. It was available for everyone equally, not just those who had more money.

    It isn’t just the cost, which is already nothing more than money grubbing greed, its the discriminatory way people without Genie+ are treated. Case in point; my daughter, and son in law, and I spent almost 2 hours in line for Guardians of the Galaxy Breakout and were all the way to the Elevator. We were in the next ones to get on the actual ride, when the ride shut down and were told we needed to evacuate the building. We asked a cast member on our way out if we could get a ticket, for when the ride re-opened. She asked if we had Genie+ and when we said no, she said “Then no. You are welcome to go back to the end of the line if you want. It may get shorter while the ride is closed.”
    Excuse me? Ok, people spent $20 to have the opportunity to use the Lightening Lane. But those who didn’t, willingly spent the alternative. Time. We spent 2 hours waiting,
    but instead of having the same treatment as someone who paid, our options were to get in the back of the line for the hour and a half it would take to fix the ride, plus whatever time it would take to wait to get back on it, or walk away after 2 hours wasted, with a really bad taste in our mouths.

    We have been to Disneyland countless times. Never has anything like that ever happened to us. If a ride broke down when you were reasonably close to getting on it, you were always given a pass to come back. Fast Pass or no Fast Pass.

    I guess the $130 we each spent to get into the park no longer covers being treated as equally important as any other guest. Now, that little extra magic we all used to have access to, is only available for purchase.

  20. Walt would not be happy with today’s Disney experience. First of all, one can’t just go to a theme park; a reservation is required. Second, prices are out of site; I can’t imagine how many families go into debt just to have a so-so experience. What detracts from the experience? Crowds and the lousy website/app, which brings me to third: trying to navigate the poorly designed app; it is so frustrating to say the least. Who designed that !?! When you try the “chat” option one doesn’t get a response for quite some time. They blame the lengthy time for a response on excitement of guests and popularity of Genie. Uhm NO! It’s because of many many frustrated guests trying to figure out the app, no doubt, and seeking help. Disney could do so much better if they returned to guests experiences rather than hurrying out the door with unvetted programs and maximizing profits.

  21. Please realize that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Disneyland has never once shut their doors, and are open 365 days a year. Because of COVID-19, their doors shut for months and barely reopened. Without guests to pay for food, tickets, and lodging, Disney needs to make more revenue ASAP in order to supply the demand of hundreds of thousands of Guests wanting to have a magical time at Disneyland. Out of the blue, they had to rehire cast members, buy stock to sell, and prepare the parks for opening. Of course they are going to raise the prices, and stop public transportations that have people sitting in enclosed spaces. It is understandable to think since you payed hundreds of dollars for a ticket, for your experience to be magical. Please understand that you are paying for your park entrance. Amenities and free service are exactly that, free amenities that you aren’t paying for. If things must change for the safety of the public, so be it people.

    1. disney Ceo and upper management make a ton of money no way bob paycheck needs to make 40million dollars disney has plenty of money imagine if you will a small business owner who doesnt make alot of money having to close his business and lose all wedding cakes party cakes ect for 2 years disney has the money

  22. I have been going to Disney since I was 7 years old. I have have lost count of how many times I’ve been. It is quite clear that the magic is gone, and greed is the main objective. Can I afford it, sure. However, no one enjoys being bend over without at least a reach around! It will be a very long time, if any, that we return. What a sad state of affairs.

  23. I have been going to Disney World since it opened and have only missed a couple of years since. Once I had a family the fun continued. At least until now. Like so many, I always spent more than I could actually afford. “Spend more than you can afford” should be Disney’s slogan. They are the greediest entity in the country. I have a young grandchild that I will never be able to take to Disney unless I win the lottery. Planning a trip to Disney now is life changing. Food or Mickey Mouse? It is so sad especially in this misguided insane world we seem to now live in. What else will be taken away? Please think before you give your hard earned money to this disgraceful place. This should be a place designed for the common everyday person. By the way, the last time I was there the personnel no longer gave you that “Disney Feeling”.

  24. This is disgusting! I’m sure Walt is turning in his grave at the unspeakable greed of these people. What was once an enjoyable experience for families at various price points has basically become the impossible dream with these awful money-grabbing tactics! So sad.

    1. Look, we have the power to force change! If we all unite and STOP GOING TO ANYTHING DISNEY, we will force change. If we don’t and complain, cry, and still pay their prices, we have no one to blame except ourselves for their greed. They bank on the fact that we are just blowing out frustrations but…will still pay what they want. Why? Because we always have!!

      This is the bottom line. My family has cancelled ALL DISNEY. If you wish to start a movement of uniting and stop paying for anything Disney, please write your name here and let’s unite and collect names and act on this to force them to stop their greed. Don’t we owe it to our next generations?

  25. Plain and Simple ………. DW is dying .
    I am from the North East and have been to Disney 40 + times over the last 25 years . I guestimate I have easily spent in excess of 100,000 dollars over that time . I always felt though, that I was getting a good bang for my buck . My family has many many great memories with my kids , grand kids , friends. But , it’s seems to be over and it’s sad . Time to try something new . The MAGIC is gone ! It isn’t just DW . The world changed with the pandemic . Hopefully , things can go back to a somewhat normal . I think that is years away and maybe never . I am truly sad to say this ( and I am an optimist , how bout that ) . Disney Brass needs to rethink their new SOP ……

  26. Maybe if we all stop going and buying into every little perk. Maybe if the board of WDW see how horrible things are and the complaints of the people they would get ried of the CEO HE IS SO MONEY HUNGER HE DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM SELF. FIRE THE MAN. THE BOARD KNOWS THIS IS NOT WHAT WALT WOULD HAVE WANTED. MY FAMILY CANT EVEN BEGAIN TO GO BACK AND WE USE TO GO ONCE EVERY YEAR IF NOT EVERY OTHER YEAR.SO WE ARE MOVING ON TO FINDING pleasure vacations elsewhere. GOOD LUCK MR. CEO YOUR NOT GET MY MONEY GET HIM GONE.

    1. There are still an estimated 100,000 a day crossing the gates at WDW, and that’s the number the board cares about. For every family who stops going there younger families taking that spot. They had to halt the Season Pass program due to demand. Clearly, the “old guard” are upset but I see nothing to indicate that Disney Corp. have any reason to change course.

  27. Money aside, perks aside, new learning curve aside…the culture has trickled down to the employees (they don’t deserve to be called cast members). They are trite, complicit, rude and cruel. Disney used to attract quality. Look at job boards now. They literally cannot find people to hire, so they are low-balling and getting workers of inferior quality. This is another budget cut that’s just harder to notice immediately.

    1. I sadly agree. We had so many terrible customer service problems on our last trip where cast members were downright mean to us. I’m not talking about 1-2 isolated events, I’m talking about at least 7 different cast members across all the parks that were unhelpful, impatient and treated us like idiots for not knowing things.

      I worked in retail customer service for many years and I still operate in a job where I closely interact with people all the time. I fully understand how difficult it can be and how mean park visitors could potentially be to cast members, but the rudeness we experienced shocked me. It wasn’t Disney like at all.

      1. But being rude is how customers who are nickles and dimes to death act…………

        Employees get the brunt of it and bigshots never see it. Too busy hearing how wonderful they are from media and gladhandlers, stockholder. Alls well in their little circle !

  28. Just came back from WDW and will not be going back for a long time or never again. Genie+ is a rip off and is only so Disney can make more money off guests. Was only able to do a couple of rides with Genie+ at each park and the lightening lanes are a long wait too. Then the experience is so disappointing because the rides break down while on them. Never got to use the early entry because the lines are so long to get on a bus or Skyliner so by the time your at the park entrance it’s past opening time. Night time shows are a joke. We were packed in on Mainstreet and so close, that why are we wearing a mask indoors? Never been so packed in then could barely see the Show and fireworks. Done ranting. It’s not a fun vacation anymore!

  29. The biggest disappointment to me the 2:00PM park hopping. I have paid the extra money to park hop and now I have to wait to use it. I really hope that Disney will remove the park hopping restrictions.

    1. Can you tell me if you were able to hop with ease? We have had to spend even more money to upgrade to park hop as all the ‘park reservations’ left for December 20th week are for Epcot. This barely makes sense to me

      1. Especially when they are selling tickets at the main gate to others but people staying at Disney can’t book a reservation for that park. They are disgusting.

  30. My wife and I have decided to not renew our annual passes. It’s sad. Without the 3 free fast passes which we could preplan, and the continuing need to reserve parks and wear masks indoors when masks are no longer required anywhere else, have ruined the whole experience.

  31. At Disney now. The magic is the money grab they call Genie+. The WW2 term SNAFU seems to best describe their idea of magic. What a terrible place to be where crowds are off the charts and prices are absurdly high and the service is generally poor. Not sure where the magic is unless it is the deceptive wizardry that possesses people to think this is vacation. It’s just overpriced controlling experiences that grossly understaffed deliver on magic!

  32. I am a die hard Disney person with annual passes but all I feel is upset with the focus on money. You pay at least $125 to get I. (If not pass holder), after paying the $125, you now have to pay to ride rides – have a decent chance at riding rides, and soon you will have to pay to see characters. What the heck is going on?? Disney is changing to focus only on the rich, something Walt Disney never wanted. It is sad to see Disney move from people to profits.

  33. I loved planning trips and thinking about my strategy. I once rode 40+ rides in a day. Looking at the app, genie+, constant pricing decisions, racing thousands of others on the app to get a reservation… Just dread the idea of going. So stressful now. Homework before you go, testing as your there, final grade after likely an F.

    I am also unhappy that my $100 dollar a day entry is basically just subsidizing a bunch of rich people who can pay even more. And if everyone decides to pay for genie plus then you are all paying more for longer lines? Why should money be the factor on getting on rides at Disney of all places. Is there anyone who has not heard and been inspired by Walt’s story of sitting at the carousal watching his daughter and thinking there should be a place for families to go and enjoy together! So far from that. Just a very expensive and unbelievably stressful competition with less and less joy.

    Just exhausted Disney. Won’t go again. Very very sad….

  34. The magic is waning. Taking away magical express is a huge bummer. But now with Enterprise Rental car being the “official” car rental of WDW and Disneyland I see whats happening. And now having to pay for parking at your DVC? Genie+ was a bust the day we tried to use it.Lots of tech issues with the app. And the virtual que for Ratatouille was a joke. Got in que right at 7am… said to come back at 230pm. All day long the time kept being pushed. 655 was our final time given and we still had to wait 1hr 10 min. May just use my DVC for hotel only and hit up other places in future.

  35. They got rid of Stacey. That channel meant you were at DISNEY! Magical Express is another terrible move. Good quality has definitely taken a hit across the board from counter service to the higher end resort restaurants. On a plus note the Skyliner is amazing the Boardwalk area is almost back to normal. Can’t wait for Flying Fish to reopen! The Magic is not gone completely but it is waning

  36. So sad that prices a every year causing us to drop down our pass levels every time we renew, not sure if we will continue to buy Fl annual pass. As most people are saying more money and many less perks every year is it worth it not sure. Sea World pass so affordable and they continue to give passholders perks!

  37. My Sister is a HUGE Disney fan. They go every year – sometimes twice/year. My other sister and I have never been able to wrap our heads around it. We had family vacations there but by the time I hit my teen years I lost interest. It’s always seemed so fake and hokey. It’s a corporation – Its all about making bank. Spend your money and take your kids to experience other cultures – Italy, Spain, Ireland, Hawaii, Japan – my other sister and I have been around the world and probably didn’t spend a dime more then our other sister. I’ll never understand the appeal of spending money to stay in a fake made up world with fake countries (you CAN go to real Germany instead of fake EPCOT Germany) to have your senses assaulted and stand in lines with hoards of people in Florida heat. It’s crazy. If Florida is your thing there are plenty of cool places in Florida that have a historical Florida vibe. Teach your kids to scuba dive or water ski – not sitting in an air conditioned fake ride for manufactured thrills. So much more you can do with your money that will actually enrich a chid’s life rather then make them a lifelong patron to a corporation.

  38. We promised our last three grandchildren we would take them like we did the other four. Thanks to Covid we’ve had to cancel twice. We have rebooked in June, but this will be the end. My husband and I are Seniors & have been going at least once a year for many many years. After June, we will be done. Disney took away all the supposed perks/conveniences. We really liked our luggage being transferred for us and hotel airport check in. This Genie+ is complicated and stupid. We have vacation dollars to spend & will go elsewhere.

  39. First of all, no to $15 and being treated like a second class visitor after spending hundreds. Secondly, the powers that be continue to devalue our money by printing more and more, so having to charge more is not Disney’s fault directly (other than them supporting these money printing types politically). Disney as a place the middle class can afford to visit is just one more example of what we are loosing as a society by continuing down this path.

  40. We were just at our magical place and have to say that the park pass system really put a damper on our trip. Having to make theme park reservations did not make planning easier, in fact it was a source of frustration for all of us. It is our hope that Disney ends these reservations and allows families to plan their magic their own way.✨🏰

  41. All of this is true. The magic is being syphoned off while all the pricing is increasing to restrict the fans and patrons that can afford the trip. The reason for WDW Park was to evoke a world of imagination and create memories for all people. Now it is only for a select few and those who save and go into debt to make a “dream” come true. I look back now and am glad I experienced both before the place became yet another over priced amusement park. I reached my turning point already and will not be returning. My kids are grown and have little interest in going either so we’ll spend our money on vacations to the real world showcase.

  42. My life is complicated enough right now,and it hasn’t been simple in a long time. I used to enjoy planning my trip to WDW but they have taken that off the deep end… I will NOT do genie or plus or whatever it is–as long as it as complex and weird as it is now. The prices are ridiculous and for less and less. Not happening. They have lost me as a fan girl. I’m looking at a trip to Italy in my future….instead.

  43. I’m so tired of hearing people complain about disney. They are in business to make money just like every other company. Where do you think the money comes from for the new attractions and refurbishing the old? You do not have to buy the new genie+ if you dont want to. Name one thing that has not increased alot in the past year.

    1. Yes.they are a business but they were a business 10 years ago and made a profit and gave us a some perks and a reason to go

  44. Disney has shot themselves in the foot. The original concept as a “Happy Place” with family and friends has been exchanged for a money making conglomerate. Walt and Roy would be ashamed of you.

  45. Disney just reflects the current state of America, i.e., 20% of people live a good to great life whereas the remaining 80% are being left behind.

    1. Very well put. America is consumed with greed! There are so many more amazing places to visit in North America. If the collective visitors stopped going, boy wouldn’t that send a message!

  46. You forgot the new annual passes going up 40 percent while taking away days and making photo pass extra on top of the 40 percent. New blackout weekends, one a month, now nt allowed in the annual passes too.
    You also need to add as of today at least, when you call them, they are basically calling people old. They offer you a special offer if you are 50 or older and transfer you to a sales person trying to sell medic alerts. This person just kept talking over me until I hung up on her. When I called back, I waited over 30 minutes without ever talking to anyone. I do not call what used to be my happy place to be called old.
    Funny thing is, I am that lady that brought all her kids up disney, my home is decorated with stuff I’ve bought at Dusney and who goes to Disney for my anniversary. I am thinking of calling it quits. This is too much.

  47. We have been to WDW over 50 times and we are done. The ticket prices are already ridiculous and NOW if we want to have a better experience we have to pay an additional $15 a day to use Genie+? Nope. Not doing it. Disney is not the only game in town.
    Taking away Magical Express is also a deal breaker for us. As senior citizens, Magical Express made it possible for us to avoid the hassle of a rental car. Orlando traffic is wild and I’m not interested in driving there.
    We have our final trip scheduled (Before ME ends) so we can use up our remaining park tickets and we will take our travel dollars elsewhere.
    We’ve been there three times this year and each time noticed that the food selections were pretty awful. It seems like all they can figure out to offer is burgers and hot dogs and chicken tenders. Yuck. Give some variety. And we also noticed that the portions had declined dramatically. We had waffles at Sleepy Hollow and they were dry and burnt. It was like eating a shingle. So, I hope that Disney listens, but I doubt it.

  48. I make a Disneyland trip every fall with friends, but with fewer actual restaurants (my husband and I have food allergies), no way to reserve restaurants on the app (only window food) this just isn’t a fun place to vacation any longer. Should I bring my granddaughter to a miserable place? Not going to happen.

  49. Welp, you can add the crappy bland new Confectionery Shop’s design to this article as yet another reason Disney sucks now! I nearly cried watching a walk through on YouTube. Everything is so BORING in there now and empty feeling! They replaced the striped wallpaper with plain white in large sections, barely there pink and green in others. They have some large tube dispensers for candies along 2 walls. And that’s it. A few table displays, too many prepackaged bags of candy you can get at the outlets, and they replaced the hat shop with a custom mix popcorn area with very few options. SO DISAPPOINTING! I feel so sorry for everyone who didn’t get to see the previous version. It was truly so much better!

  50. I agree with everyone here, Disney is now for the privileged, I am protesting by not going and will be going to Universal, Sea world ect. Everyone needs to boycott it but the problem is they won’t, Disney knows this and is arrogant in their knowledge that the fans will pay whatever it takes. I really hope every one will stand together and not go, if only for one or two visits. I am so glad I didn’t get into the DVC club. Come on everyone let’s show Disney how unhappy we are and stand together, even if you can afford it. They need to be hit where it matters, in the pocket and Chapeck needs to go, get back to the values of Walt and Roy where every family should be able to go to this Happy place and are welcome.

    1. I did buy DVC, but you know what? It’s a fifteen minute drive to Universal, I have an annual pass there, FREE premium parking, and I stay in my already paid for Disney hotel room and don’t spend a dime on Disney property. Does it hurt their bottom line? No, I’m one person, but I’m one person using a hotel room for two or more weeks a year…and spending my money over in Universal. Does my little heart good.

      1. We were previous AP holders too but the new prices have forced us out. Used to travel to WDW a few times per year but that will be no more. As a family of 6, I can’t even think of spending $1200 for an AP!!! *6!!! We bought Universal APs this year for only $399! We own dvc and will enjoy the resort and then drive to Universal to theme park. I’m so sad that this is what is has come to with WDW.

  51. It is just plain inconvenient to plan a trip to DisneyWorld. And I am a premium annual pass-holder for around 20 years and live so close I can see the fireworks every night. I just went to the MK Sunday and remarked to my daughter – it is like Disney is trying to make it as hard as possible to come to the park and daring me to stop. Just the amount of reading to make a park reservation was daunting. Then, still no trams so the walk to the MK is quite long and very hot walking on that pavement for so long. It’s not the distance, but the heat of the pavement that makes me miss the trams so much. So by the time you get to the security you are already a hot mess. You will test your patience and deodorant before you get any magic.
    And no fast passes, but soon if you pay $15 per person you can pay a toll for what was once free. Why not roll it into what I’m already paying just to make it simpler? Want me to cringe a little every time I visit and pay another $60 for a family of four?
    Oh, don’t forget to wear a cloth mask (which has openings around 80 microns large while the sars-cov-2 is less than one micron in size) so you can enjoy rides less than normal. Let’s kill a little more magic on every indoor ride. Let’s try to make it harder to breathe.
    And if you are a disabled vet who has hearing issues like me, those masks make it impossible to read lips so you feel the discomfort of a hearing loss even more. And don’t let me see those cast members smile. Why was it so important to train all those cast members to smile all those years if it wasn’t important for the magical experience?

    Despite all this, I still have fun at Disney, but it is because I’m living some experiences from past memories. It is a shade of the past magic and more expensive. Shouldn’t it be magical and fun? I’m hurting from my sweat glands to my wallet and discomfort and magical barriers abound.

  52. Costs have increased everywhere and because of changes to requirements to even have the parks open has increased the overhead considerably. I am a travel agent and I go to Disneyland at least once a year and WDW every other year. The cost has certainly increased since I started selling Disney vacations. The amenities have also changed as well in the resorts and parks. What we need to remember is that with the costs of everything rising so must the cost of going on vacation. Planning is still your best bet when it comes to saving money and maximizing your time in the parks. Of course I am going to tell you to use a Travel Agent. your best friend is an agent who can help answer all your questions and tell you some tips. The other best thing is to watch Youtube Videos (Team Molly!!!) and read blogs to help you figure out what is important to you on your vacation.

    1. Or just go to the beach. Don’t hire a travel agent who gets her and her family comped for free. And have them justify Disneys actions to keep the freebie coming. Right Molly !😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  53. I have been coming to Disney Orlando, since the Mid 80’s and yes change is expected, but this is too much. The cost has sky rocketed and they offer little by means of perks in exchange. Example Epcot’s food and wine festival didn’t even have all of the kiosks up and running and it was August. Shops didn’t open til 2:00, very disappointing. I just don’t find the emphasis on people is there, it’s all about the upfront money! Getting harder and harder to visit and they are going to price themselves right out to the competition.

  54. I think your article is correct but what can be done? Disney is pricing out average family visits. As a former Disney Vacation Planner, I would be hard pressed to keep selling Disney vacations right now as I just don’t see the added value these added prices bring. I know the company lost money from Covid, no doubt, but to turn around and take it out on visitors make no sense. I am so disappointed in the holiday offerings. The magic is completely gone.

  55. Just got back from my last trip. Literally. Tickets were bought prepandemic. We stayed off sight for 4 days at what one would have cost on site. Had a pretty good time. Most cast members were great. But as a retiree I’m priced out. And it’s only gonna get worse.

  56. I live in a tourist destination in the Northeast…high season is mid July – mid August…most of our visitors are paying top dollar at those times and are increasingly demanding, arrogant and entitled. The rules regarding their dogs, their children or really anything don’t apply to them. They feel entitled to abuse the restaurant and hotel workers. Disney is making a huge mistake here. The parks and resorts will be swarming with these people because ordinary families will be priced out, except for Florida residents. My prediction is that the prices will be rolled back and the genie will be back in the bottle by 2024. By then people will be able to travel more easily and will skip the parks for more affordable family vacations.

    1. Marie, I hadn’t thought about your insights before now, but I think you may be correct in your predictions! I belong to several FB RV travel groups & repeatedly see the complaints posted by the arrogant, entitled individuals well as rude responses these individuals make to others’ posts!
      How long will cast members endure this disrespect before they decide the pitiful salary they receive isn’t enough to put up w this behavior?!?
      But then Disney could be like the government & once prices have been raised & expensive programs put in place (no matter if they aren’t used or are hated), there is no backing down or going back!!
      I just know for our family, Disney has become ridiculously priced & we can no longer justify that expense. Plus there is no longer any ability to be spontaneous!EVERYTHING MUST BE PLANNED!!! No thank you! That doesn’t qualify as a vacation nor is it a Happy, Magical Place any more, but full of stress instead!

  57. I get that Disney took a financial hit during the pandemic, but so did a lot of businesses as well as a lot of people. We’ve always paid a premium price for the Disney experience, but the extras like Magical Express, FastPass+ resetvations at 60 days out, and Extra Magic Hours made it seem worth it. Staying onsite seems much less of an advantage now.

  58. Disney is getting way to greedy!!! I have enjoyed many trips there over the years and was in the planning stages for next year’s family visit…but we are now looking at other ideas due to all of the outrageous changes!!! So this may be farewell to Disney for us!!!

  59. I think Disney is only interested in making money not the people that look forward all year to go there. We are a family of 7 and when they were young we went every year. Now I couldn’t afford it. I enjoyed Disney so much. But now I won’t go. Think of people not your shareholders. Walt I’m sure would not be happy as what has happened

  60. I agree with all the reasons noted in the article. I would like to add to the list by saying that it seems Disney has gotten into the business of being political. This immediately excludes people who may have different political leanings. We are a moderate income family who have worked extra hard to be able to afford Disneypark vacations and Disney cruises. Our last couple of trips to Disneyland were a bit of a letdown as this area of California seems to have taken a real “nosedive” in the feeling of safety and security. As well, I was surprised that some of the cast members seemed to be a bit “grumpy”. (Most were still exceptional, but I had come to expect super perky attitudes from all Disney staff.) I’m still trying to decide if Disney is on the radar for the next big family vacation.

  61. Lots of good replies and thoughts here. Personally, I understand increased pricing, but have trouble with the feeling we are being “nickle and dimed”. I’d much rather have base costs increased than be charged for things like parking and have previously free perks like fastpass move to paid Genie+. Watching people with fastpasses get on rides in a couple minutes while others are waiting hours was acceptable because everyone had the same opportunity – doing the same because someone paid more is a constant insult to everyone waiting their turn.

    I also hate the feeling that everything about a trip must be planned in advance. Park reservations take spontaneity out of trips, and also limit your ability to adjust plans if something happens. It’s inexcusable to pay for a week at Disney and be unable to ride an attraction because it happened to be closed or extremely busy on the day you are in the park, or it happened to rain all day (rain never happens in Florida, right?). While I understand the need for reservations for sit down restaurants, quick service restaurants requiring mobile ordering are ridiculous – why can’t you order from the counter if you wish to do so?

    1. Your comments are spot on “nickel and dimed” definitely describes the feeling I get. The changes like parking, magic bands, Genie+, etc. could have easily been absorbed by all visitors and kept the “Magic” the same without glaringly highlighting more affluent guests that are able to or choose to pay more for what once was included for all. My family has made over 30 trips to WDW for multiple days. Upper management is definitely out of touch with their customers and all the comments made here justify the feelings of many. I believe all the moves that they are making will eventually come back to hurt them. They’re insulting the hand that feeds them!!

  62. I just don’t get it. These comments are like 95% negative. And Disney doesn’t even say ‘Sorry’. I worked with people as a nurse. And the thing drilled into your head was to always make sure the customer came first. No matter what. No matter how absurd the customer’s expectation, you ALWAYS responded to the customer. I have sent emails to Disney about all this and the response has been silence. How can they just ignore the public outcry. They do surveys. What for? They have already decided the public input is not welcome and they are not interested in making concessions. I have said all along I am willing to pay more for things like DME and luggage service. But clearly Disney is not interested in changing. It isn’t So much what they did, but how they did it. Like picking at a wound over and over until you finally yell “Enough”.

    1. Even with Covid, the estimated daily attendance in WDW as a whole is over 100,000 a day. And even factoring in season pass and multi day ticket holders that’s at least $50 a person just to walk through the door – $5 million a day at the gate. They are not “ignoring” a public outcry, 128 posts on a Disney message board is not an outcry. All these changes have deterred people from going. And until that changes and crowds start voting with their wallets and stay away I’d expect nothing to change. And I do not see that happening anytime soon.

      1. This. This right here. As shocked as I am with the recent price changes (insult to injury, this is my first time going to Disney since I was about seven or eight), are enough people going to boycott Galactic Starcruiser or the parks in general to convince Disney to lower their prices? I highly doubt it, and if this situation is anything to go on, they may raise prices even more to make up for any lack of attendance.

  63. I just cancelled our trip for November. We just couldn’t come up with the money, Everything in our lives has increased cost wise and the money needed to go elsewhere. I was all set to book a trip for May 2022, I had a package in cart, ready to put $200 down. Now I am hesitant, I look at the hotel, tickets and meals. Guessed at cost for flights, parking, pet care and all misc expenses and see that $6k estimated cost for 4 adults. I think about standing in lines in the heat for 1.5 hours and the crowds of people. I just can’t hit purchase button. We went in Dec 2020, I didn’t make it on the RoR and now it may be a few years, if ever, that we go to WDW. That money can be utilized in other ways.

  64. Don’t forget annual passes! They’re charging more and you’re getting less. I think when our passes expire, we won’t be renewing them.

  65. For years I have been planning to celebrate my 50th birthday in WDW, as I too was born in 1971. I love the parks, especially in the USA, and as I live in the UK now this requires planning ahead of course, to make the most of the time in Florida. Then a virus came, pandemic, etc… and my plans were put on hold.
    Just this week we have learned that the US is once again allowing UK travellers in the country (details TBC) and this meant maybe I could plan my postponed trip to 2022. However, not just is the added expense of tests and stuff to take into consideration (and this is not Disney’s fault of course) but it is the OTHER stuff: the park reservations, the Genie thing, the reduced offerings, all that hassle. So it is with great sadness that I’ve shelved my plans again, but this time because I really want to give all these new things time to “bed in” before I jump into what should have been the trip of a lifetime that could easily turn into a terrible disappointment. I don’t have extra money to throw around so I’ll have to sit this one out, even if it means missing out on the 50th celebrations entirely.
    It’s almost like I subconsciously don’t want to destroy all the good WDW memories I have, by travelling right now when things are not great. I’ll keep my memories as they are for now and postpone this trip. Or maybe go to DLP instead.

  66. I went every year to DisneyWorld with my son when he was age 2 up until age 17. We always tagged on Universal Studios. We went to the 25th celebration, and I was actually going to take my son to the 50th. But things have changed so much at Disney, I no longer care to go. Hearing about all the price hikes and the fact that they don’t make any good movies anymore, I’ll gladly spend my money elsewhere. So glad I have so many pictures and videos. I tell my son all the time – he grew up during Disney’s best years. Never thought I would miss Michael Eisner so much. C’est La Vie Disney.

  67. Disney has always catered to the 1%, hence club 33 and all the other crazy expensive perks! Now instead of visiting the park as middle class. We are the low class! You gotta pay to be cared about. Don’t believe me?… Don’t pay your bills and i guarantee that you’ll get a call from someone who pretends to care.

    1. Disney has priced their selves out of the common individual reach , it’s always been my impression Walt Disney was to have a park for the common person to afford to go to and be safe and relax, and for the park to continually grow hence the Disney World. I thought growing ment adding too not destroying the past its not like they don’t have the room. I always hoped to take my grandchildren there to share the memories that our family held dear, it’s now impossible. Where’s the magic, what happened to dream’s you’re no longer a guest, your opinions do not matter, characters no longer take pride in being helpful. Our last trip was three years ago today, our family is no longer interested in going back, they said if they wanted coasters and junk food they would stay close to host Ceder Point,they have ruined typhoon lagoon, my personal opinion by taking out shark reef again more renovations. We miss the ambiance of the resort’s and the parks they need to step back to the atmosphere of 2000, instead of throwing everything helter skelter trying to appease groups. Our family of 54 won’t be enjoying another Thanksgiving there or anything other time there. Sad.

  68. I’ve been reading comments for the last several weeks about the changes, the costs, etc and at first much of my thinking was in line with the negative comments of less perks, more costs, losing magic. But then I paused to remember a bigger picture and trying to decide what it means for my Disney World future. First, a Disney vacation was too expensive for my family when I was a kid, the 60’s and 70’s. we could never have afforded Disneyland nor WDW once it opened. I forget this sometimes. It has always been out of reach for a significant cohort of the population. My first visit to WDW was in 1992 and I was 30+ yrs old. I fell in love with it, all of it. In the last 30 yrs I have been over 50 times. As I try to sift out why I love it, what’s the magic, it comes down to fun and fantasy. And ease of vacationing. Overtime Disney created things that made that continue to happen. As crowds increased, it was harder to find seasons that were less busy, and so on. Along came fast passes, Magical Express, more importantly the LUGGAGE SERVICE that went with Magical Express, magic bands that handled charging and room access, and so forth. But it does seem that Disney has an issue it is struggling to balance… making money (it is a business) and keeping the magic (too many people to create the illusion of stress free fantasy). I guess I would opt for the costs to go up on a package of experience rather than create a nickel and dime costs for each choice. And as costs have risen in our culture, those costs have to go up. Do I wish my annual pass was less than 1200$? Sure. But when I really break apart all the “noise” surrounding the changes and announcements, I actually think I would pay twice that if it meant the wrap around perks of the vacation remained… DME, luggage service, no resort parking costs, free photo pass, resort magic hours, discounts on merchandise and food as thank you for loyalty, park hopping freely, fastpass+ which seemed to be working well,and so forth. What I want back is my stress free fantasy escape from the real world. But nothing stays the same… and I guess I am thankful that for 20+ years it was fun. Now I have to decide if there is somewhere else I can find the same feeling, the same escape. Maybe I’ll adjust and it will continue to be Disney, but maybe it will be somewhere else. It’s out there I just need to find it.

    1. A well-thought-out post. As you say, the “perks of the vacation” made everything feel reasonable; by taking those away, things are feeling less magical, aren’t they.

  69. There was a time when Disney World was a yearly tradition for my kids and myself. I have a modest income and by no means could I afford a yearly Disney trip. Also the changes that have been made no longer makes the sounds of a Disney trip sound fun or exciting. The days for us to look forward to our annual countdown and planning are long gone. Disney has priced themselves out of the average person being able to afford the trip. Not very magical Disney way to go!!!!

  70. It used to be that Disney would do everything and anything to make sure that everyone 8n your party had a wonderful experience
    Now it seems they will do everything and anything to make money. I got fed up when I discovered I would have have to pay for parking at my on grounds resort. Then Genie + and discontinued Extra Magic Hours. Disney constantly chips away at all of the little perks and pleasantries that used to come with your on grounds stay. Going, going, gone will be the days when an average family can afford a Disney vacation, and going , going gone is the magic and that ” Disney feeling” my family has always cherished. Our vacation plans now include other options and considerations. Let’s go to Disney again….nope.

  71. There was a time our extended family would gather at a Disney Park but that will be no longer. They are pushing the pricing of everything out of touch of the average person. Disney is increasingly becoming the vacation place of the 1%. I guess Disney will be known soon as “The Happiest Place on Earth for the elite”.

    1. Hey everyone if all of you & I am sure some are doing it now but pass along to your Disney loving friends about this and how to get here to put in their comments also and let it snowball . And maybe the shear numbers will cause Chapek, everyone who he put in high positions because they would do what he said, and the board members who made him CEO to resign by the pressure. Then put in people who think like Walt, Roy, Lillian & Iwerk’s who helped form Disney and there needs to be Disney family members. Then maybe Disney will get back on track for all Disney fans!!!

  72. I keep repeating this on the forums, but I’m polite about it so I hope y’all don’t mind. My theory is that Disney is deliberately trying to price people out so fewer guests will come to Disney. The crowds are so thick every single day, every hour, and the parks can no longer provide a quality experience for guests as a result. Making it cost-prohibitive for many people will thin the crowds.

    1. Exactly. Just looking at the wait times on on any day demonstrates the parks are too crowded. Funny how there are complaints about the cost, but no mention that “Walt’s vision” also did not include standing in line for hours.

      1. Remember when there were “slow weeks”? I haven’t been able to experience those for a few years. The week after Thanksgiving used to be such a nice time!

  73. I have been to Disneyland over 440 times and Disneyworld 13 times and have sailed on 4 Disney cruises thru the years. This is going to stop. I am finished with Disney. I will spend my money someplace else. If Walt Disney were alive today this would not be happening. Disney does not care about its loyal customers anymore. All they care about is MONEY.

  74. The main problem I have with the $15 extra per day is that I was planning on moving near the parks and I’m retired and was hoping to have at least the 3 free fast passes (I have a weekday only annual pass). Now I have to wait and see how long the lines are without the $15 fast pass because if I move near the parks and want to go frequently, I won’t be able to buy those every time I go.

  75. WDW also does not have any room discounts past 9/4/21, so the on property rooms are now full rack rate. We have 2 adult and 4 child Platinum passes, but the park pass system limits us to 5 reservations without staying on property.

    We are staying just off property the week before Christmas for $155/night in a suite with a kitchen. For now, theme park parking is included with annual passes but Photo Pass is going away.

  76. The only corporate goal greater than supply & demand is to make your investors (and yourself) more money. Unfortunately, the consistent level of demand the parks are seeing justifies these price increases. Elitist level pricing might not have been Walt’s vision (neither is what Epcot has become), but I’m also sure Walt didn’t envision just how over-crowded the parks would become (especially in a pandemic). Sure, Disney could use a lottery system to control park crowds, but that would bring about completely other issues – not to mention a loss of revenue. Raising prices incrementally across several aspects of the parks is the best way to reduce the perceived impact by consumers (and avoid the mass backlash). I’m guessing the next huge price hikes will be on food when the meal plan is re-instated.

    I’m glad my wife and I did not join DVC, it was mighty tempting when we were there last. I can’t imagine what even a 30 year cost projection on the use of that membership would look like.

    Only way prices will drop is if attendance plummets. I guess we’ll see what the world wide budgeting threshold is for character themed amusement parks. I’m guessing there are still plenty more people who still have a lot more budgeting room to play with. Or, maybe it’s that there are enough fans who have to have the experience despite whatever the financial toll is.

  77. Disney has gone all WOKE. This was suppose to be a place to go with your family and all be kids again. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave. He loved children and wanted an affordable place for families to enjoy. Well that is gone. From being the happiest place in the world it has gone to the money grabbiest place in the world. Too bad. Gone is the joy. Will not be going again.

  78. Who wants to have their eyes glued to their phones for 8 hours a day? I can do that at home. Who wants to wait hours in the 90° heat for a 1.5 min. Ride? Who wants their hard earned money going to more “woke” political campaigns, movies, products, indoctrination of youth? Who wants to spend exorbitant amounts of money for subpar food, merch, accommodations, and rude staff? Who wants to spend thousands of dollars and not feel safe or protected in the parks (fights, blistering language)? Who wants to walk an avg. of ten miles a day to look at stuff you either don’t need, want or can’t afford? Nope, me either…

  79. Wow, over 80 comments already. I get that people, especially DVC owners and Pass Holders are upset. Personally, I think Disney is missing a chance to both “increase costs” and keep the longtime loyal park goers happy. Why not “frequent flyer” status like the airlines use? There should be perks earned for multiple visits and on site stays. They track everything, so pulling that data should be easy enough. The newbies and “casual” visitors probably see value in all the add ons more than long time park goers since most of them are “one and done” or every 3-5 year visitors. DVC owners are locked in so at a minimum there should be concessions there besides “free” parking – BTW, I am not DVC. I’d take the increased cost if I was “earning” something for spending that extra money.

  80. I have family that works In Disney project management and get to hear a different perspective – WDW cannot handle the demand! It used to be that folks went to WDW maybe a few times a year- not folks go 3-5 times a year and some comments indicate monthly visits! Pricing is not so much a money grab but a way to manage demand. Especially given Covid mitigation. They simply cannot accommodate everyone who wants to get in!

    1. Disney could limit the number of people allowed in the parks. Find a number and price combination that returns the desired level of profit. To increase merch and dining sales, Sell an entry ticket that doesn’t include any attractions. Many parents and grandparents would love this option. Supposedly they are already doing this so I do not see the need to increase prices. Manage guest experience, not how much money you can squeeze out of each guest.

    2. That supports my theory! I’ve been thinking they’re trying to price people out, essentially trying to keep the crowds thinner.

      1. I do understand what Cheryl is saying but Disney needs to be careful of getting what they wish. We stayed at Wilderness Lodge twice in 2009 & 2010 (following the economic downturn) where we paid less than we did a few years later to stay at a Moderate or Value – their domestic attendees plummeted as well as their overseas visitors. Demand has been extremely high as many started traveling after a year and a half. I think they need to be willing to be full to keep future demand in place rather than pricing out a large portion of their devoted fans. The more they charge the higher the expectations and their ability to keep people happy will diminish. I feel they are mortgaging the future with this strategy. As for the Starcruiser, I always expected this would be a “Super Deluxe” experience so am not surprised by the pricing – never expected to see the inside except maybe online.

        1. Yes, consistent high crowd levels indicate a need to increase prices to reduce crowds. Why then does Disney continue to offer Florida residents annual passes for the price I pay for a 7 day ticket? I don’t have a thing against Florida residents but they are the ones that are ableto visit monthly or even less which only increases the crowds

  81. All of these changes makes me think of the scene from “Dogma” when the two fallen angels crash the boardroom meeting for “Mooby the Golden Calf” and accuse the board members of a multitude of sins, not the least of which was greed. Life imitating art?

  82. I really think that Disney is slowly but surely killing the magic. It’s not the most magical place on earth any more, but the most frustrating place on earth right now. Overpriced
    if they only wanted millionaires to go to their parks…they are doing a great job…sad…sad…sad

  83. The magic has gone. Of course Disney needs to make a profit all company’s do. But to put this over and above anything else is shamefull. If their goal was to price families and lower income people out of the market then well done. Goal achieved. Equally if their goal was to make people feel like second class citizens because they can’t afford to pay for the up charges, well done again. Goal achieved. Disney is now for adults with big incomes who want an exclusive experience. And something else that bothers me is the number of new rides developed for adults. Where does my granddaughter go to experience a princess ride? Oh yes the Little Mermaid and Frozen. Disney I can see the direction you are taking and its rich adults only

  84. I’m completely done with Disney. I’ve been going since 1971. It was so much fun throughout the years. Now it’s too aggravating and too expensive. Sorry for you Disney , but I don’t know you anymore.

  85. Let’s not forget about being charged for parking at Disney hotels .My wife and I have gone to Disney World at least once a year since 2008, but I doubt we go back anytime soon. We used to go for RunDisney events but with all the price increases and fewer perks ,we can no longer justify the expense.

    1. Completely agree about the charge for parking at Disney hotels. Our family stayed at the Poly in August and it’s actually insulting to pay those room rates and be charged for parking. Is it the end of the world? No. But the slow nickel and diming is even making me, a Disney World die-hard, rethink things.

  86. Disney is making it to where an ordinary family can no longer afford to visit. They are giving no perks and many extra fees. I am very disappointed and not sure we can continue to visit each year.😥

  87. I’m DVC and if you don’t like it stay home. I can’t got a reservation cause so many people are going and all your hear is people are unhappy about something…that’s the way it goes. We go 3-5 times a year and I’m pumped for D50 so if you’re not happy for any reason please stay home. Trust me I’ve been going 3-5 trips a year for 15 years and I can sniff out these people who are complaining have either never been or went once or twice and cant afford it…stay home.

    1. 30+ family trips here from out of state, always staying on property and I’m complaining about the reduction in value like many here.

  88. We had Annual passes in 2017 and have since been priced out. We hwe are DVC members with Home resorts or SS and AK but won’t be using the resort as we cannot afford the park
    tickets ( even for 2) with all the “add-on” costs. We may consider selling our DVC membership. Less and less Value. Very unhappy.

  89. It’s all about the money now!!!!! I am sure Mr Disney is turning over in his grave with what (the corporation) has done to his family parks….

  90. So basically because our family likes to simply plan to go and do things spontaneously, we’re out of luck! Of course, we probably can’t afford it now anyway

  91. All of these changes are very upsetting to Disney lovers! We didn’t go to Disney the last 3 years, because it was actually cheaper to go to Europe and Paris and Spain than it was to go to Disney World with my family!

  92. I agree. Disney leadership should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of it being a happy fun filled experience, “guests” are frustrated, un happy and feel as if they are being fleeced every turn they take

  93. It’s all about the money but they’re going to find out that the money is going to probably close their Gates and if they don’t care about the poor people to be able to come on a trip that I hope the whole damn thing closes down I may not go to any more Disney movies

  94. My wife and I honeymooned at Disney in Nov. 1971. We were planning on staying at the Contemporary Hotel for our 50th anniversary cuz that’s where we stayed on our honeymoon. I called to make reservations for one night and they told me it would be $1200 for one night. Our 50th anniversary has now been moved an hour down the road to the Hard Rock Casino.
    $180 for the night and we have $1080 left to gamble. Good bye Disney.

  95. I understand that there’s always going to be changes within the Walt Disney company, and it is a business, but it’s a business of entertainment and customer service, which means people first. I feel the leadership has gotten a little greedy and taking advantage of average families and now going to the parks is almost a stressful experience instead of Walt’s vision of leaving your worries at the door. I believe that if Walt were still around he would try to make things right with the unpleasant changes that the Disney company is implementing.

  96. Well I totally agree, it’s true this should be aimed at the families it had to be a joyous time for everyone since what we all went through but adding new things and on top of that pricess to this it’s too much that’s why I tell my kids If you want to see Disney well we can drive by it and just wave at it.

  97. It seems very unfair to start charging for something that was free!!!!
    I don’t think Walt would have approved!!!!!
    We have been going to Disney at Christmas for 25 years and this makes me want to make a new family tradition!!!!
    We are very disappointed with this decision……

  98. It’s crazy for the price you have to pay to go there anymore,and you take stuff away and charge more,I’ll be happy going somewhere else if things don’t change

  99. All I can say is its the guests who have made Disney the way it is. People want more and complain if they don’t get it. The “more” stuff cost money and changes have to be made. You can still go to Disney and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. If you are a true Disney fan you don’t need Genie + or Magical Express or all these “freebies”.

    1. I live in England and have been a huge fan of WDW but it seems since the pandemic you can’t use your imagination to go and enjoy Disney. The price of staying has now gone up by £2000.00 for the holiday I would normally pay just over £6000.00 with free magical express, extra magic hours, being able to have extra magic hours, and being spontaneous because that what a holiday is all about! Not telling you were you can go and what to do if you have enough money to pay for it. Disney has gotten gready 9 times we have been and were due to do our 10 when covid struck….I doubt we will be able to go back again. Walt Disney will be turning in his grave, it isn’t his ideas or dreams anymore.

    2. It’s not that people want more and then complain. It’s that they’re getting less for their money. Yes, prices go up, but this is getting a little ridiculous. As for controlling attendance? Stop building all those hotels and that would control attendance.

  100. Agree with everything in this article. It is disgraceful that Disney is pricing out the average family.

    They need to reevaluate their strategy

    1. So true it’s Disgraceful that Disney is out pricing the average family. It’s becoming more of a pay for perks park and only those privileged get to go. Heck I’m single but there are more things that I can do with a Thousand Dollars than spend it on an annual pass.

  101. Well as A people we can just always go to another theme park cant we? Say like Six Flags or Kings Dominon? All im saying is Disney should be careful without those lower income guest such as myself they might find there bottom line hurting even more. My family recently went to Disneyland like we have done so many times before September 2021. I can tell you this it sucked compared to previous years no magic there any more. We are planing our next trip to Lego Land instead.

    1. Ron, We’re right on board with you. Many memories at Disney Parks and that’s what we’ll have moving forward. We’re not so magically disappearing from these parks but have had enough of their new practices in realistic terms. Bye!

  102. It is really too early to make any judgements about the new Genie app. And there is a lot tbat has not been released about it and the lightning lane as i affectes passholders. A lot of people start compkainjng as soon az they see change.
    But i have seen alot of downgrading in some service and experience since 2020.
    I still will reserve jusdgement until the changes are implimented abd covid restrictions are lifted.

    1. The magic has been genuinely replaced with greed. It doesn’t feel same anymore. This regime has really destroyed it for those of us who are long standing vacationers and fans. Boo Bash was nothing. Seriously,I don’t know what we paid for. A few cavalcades and a couple ice cream bars for nearly $200 per ticket. There were only a few trick or treat spots. Slim pickings for characters.
      It felt like a scam. My family has always left WDW anticipating our next trip. This time I was talking about other worthy places to visit that aren’t Disney. I was a 40 year vacationer.

  103. I completely agree with everyone about the Pay More, Get Less operating model of Disney under the Bob Chapek regime. But if you want to see anything done about it then you need to complain directly to Disney about it. You may not think your single story makes a difference, but again in this new world they do track how many complaints they are getting, what they are about etc. Remember that these pocket lining executives depend on high guest satisfaction ratings/low complaint counts to get their massive bonus checks. If everyone registers their complaints directly with Disney – you won’t get an immediate response – but you will make a difference collectively.

  104. Thank all of you now maybe Disney will put some of Walt’s & Roy’s kids & Grandkid who think the same way that Walt & Roy did and put a Disney as president of the company . And hopefully things will go back to Walt’s wishes, all we can hope! Gary

    1. I remember a while back reading posts some where that current Castmembers new something about Bob Chapek and said that they were afraid that something not good was going to happen. It looks like they were right and should have been listened to. They should kick the Dingbat out & all of the board members who supported him.

  105. This article hits the nail on the head. I won’t rehash it all, but simply say I’m in agreement with just about everyone here. As a long-time patron, and DVC member, these changes and eliminations are an insult, and overt money grab. Service, offerings, and benefits have gone down, and prices are way up. Covid gave Disney the perfect excuse to make all these changes. Disney management needs to seriously get it together, as any short term gains will be offset bet long term losses in revenue from down attendance.
    I recently sent a formal complaint email to DVC member services expressing my irritation and dissatisfaction and would encourage my fellow members to do the same.

    1. I sent in my concerns to Disney management months ago. And , what do you know, I never heard a word back. It astounds me how Disney seems totally unconcerned about the response. This All Ears entry has 112 responses. Far more than any other article. And for every 20 negative only like 1 positive. And the people writing here are all loyal, repeat customers. Who have spent a small fortune over the years at Disney. And Disney’s response is to ignore us. That is what makes it all the more enraging to me. And to those who say it is all to tamp down attendance….then why have they done all these new rides, new lands, redos of park entrances and fireworks and parades and such if not to increase attendance? They know what they are doing. They know how to stick the knife in your back and say “There, now don’t that feel good?”

  106. So sad to see Disney losing magic and focusing solely on money. I’ve been taking my kids every year for the last decade, but the rising prices and disappearing perks make it not worth going anymore. Disney now only cares about people who can afford deluxe resorts. Everyone else doesn’t matter. Walt would be so disappointed. And we will not be going back any time soon. I have an annual pass to Busch Gardens, at least they’re treating their customers right, so we’ll spend time at their wonderful parks.

  107. Wow, lots of anger. Not sure why I’m surprised but I am disappointed in some of these perspectives. So go every 3-5 years. It’s a big world and if you are in North America a big continent with So much to see and do. Spread the magic you sucked in all those years. Be the inspiration not just the recipient. It’s a wonderful life.

    1. Jayne, while that might work for the occasional visitor, most of us here are DVC members or annual passholders, so the circumstances are different. We purchased contracts (or passes) as an investment, with the understanding that in exchange for said investment in the company, we would receive an equal level of quality, offerings, and benefits over the period of the contract. With all these changes, and eliminations of just about everything that was sold to us as DVC members, the quality and benefits aren’t there anymore, so it’s basically a bait and switch. Disney management needs to seriously get it together, and stop nickel-and-diming people.

      1. We are also DVC members. And APs Have you tried going to other DVC resorts like Vero Beach, Hilton Head or Aulani?What were you promised? I don’t understand what you are lloosing. DVC is getting early hours. People dont seem to understand that some of these decisions and changes where due to Covid as well as financial due to ALL their parks worldwide being closed.

    2. You are so right. People today only want to make negative comments. We are on a fixed income but still are able to go to Disney at least once a year. I don’t plan to pay for Genie+ or go spend 2 nights at Starcruiser. If you really love Disney you can make it happen.

    3. More like once in a childhood than 3-5 years. We took our whole family (kids and grandkids) in 2013 and hoped to go again next year, but they’ve priced us out of it. We live close enough we can drive to D’land, but prefer WDW. Until now. They’ve made it unaffordable. We won’t be back to either place.

  108. Most of the changes or should I say items now gone are the primary reason my wife and I purchase DVC. With her being in a wheelchair, Luggage bypass, Magic bus, resort airport check-in and on day of departure were the primary reason for DVC over other resorts. Yes, we really love going to WDW. We enjoy the easy bus transport to parks. We like the ability to return to our room when we need to rest for couple hours BUT the cost of ownership and coming to WDW two to three times per year was based on the added perks. With RCI, we can still trade and see more of the world but Disney is first choice. She loves the photopass as well. Allows her to reflect on the joy we get from taking those that cannot go and experience the Magic of WDW

    Really sad that corporate greed superseded Walt’s dream of everyone deserves to experience the Magic

    Thank you for allowing me to share

  109. It does seem like Disney is more about the money than Walt’s concept of affordable family fun. Being DVC members this is particularly disappointing since we paid up front to be able to afford nice vacations. Once my wife and I use up our annual pass between this year and next we will be looking at alternative vacations. We always wanted to do the Not SoScary Halloween party but couldn’t until the year COVID canceled it. Now we are not interested. Shorter hours and cost too much. Words cannot express my disappointment in the direction Disney is going.

  110. Our last trip in September confirmed why we will be vacationing at Universal the next few years. We found a decline in food quality, huge rise in cost, closures at all parks, rides often breaking down, along with all the reasons listed above. It is quite clear the new corporate direction is making money, not “Disneyland is a work of love. We didn’t go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.” Walt Disney. We will watch and hope the direction of the Walt Disney Corp brings back the magic it has been throwing away.

  111. Agree whole heartedly with Nancy. Our family of 6 went after Spring break this year, staying on site at a value property.Between transportation there (driving from/back to NC), trip ran close to $8000 for 4 days + 1 bonus day promotion. Given how many, us included, have been hit hard financially this past 18 months,(Disney included) this seems like a poor time to be getting much less for a lot more money. Have many good memories from going often as a FL resident during late 70s/early-mid 80s.Sadly,with all these changes,it seems there’s more greed and less “magic” in the “Magic Kingdom”. Time to explore other options (like Universal & Busch Gardens)that have not forgotten the average family.

  112. I fell in love with Disney in 1971. I’ve seen good and bad. But I never thought I’d see the day when Disney would start to eliminate the middle class and focus solely on the upper class. It scares me to think people are ok with that. When they opened Golden Oaks, I knew we should be worried. For the first time, we are not doing annual passes and most likely will not be back. We have realized there is so much this country has to offer.

  113. We just came back from Wilderness Lodge in September. It was horrible. That hotel was so loud I couldn’t sleep until the people above and next to us did. During a rain storm the roof leaked so bad they had to close an entire hallway. The cast members were off too. One rolled her eyes at me and another talked about how much better Universal was. We used to go every year, but have decided to take some time off. If it wasn’t for the very low crowds, I would have hated every single second of that week.

  114. They have lost the vision Walt had. I have a growing family and would love to continue going, but they clearly don’t care about their guests unless you have lots of money to spend.

  115. Dealing with the poor people is such a waste of time, only woke rich people deserve nice things. I noticed all the new “Woke” changes Disney was making a couple of years ago with some rides (pirates of the caribbean is trash now). I knew all this wokeness was going to lead to bigger changes and unabated runaway greed. The ultimate “in your face” insult is mickey and minnies runaway railway. That ride was installed as a joke on partygoers to see if they “gotbthe message” in runaway price hikes and a-la- carting (for a fee of course) everything they can. Don’t worry MORE “changes” aka price hikes are coming soon!

  116. Also add the loss of the dining plan. I travel from the UK, its expensive, payable FastPass is a big setback. I have a booking made prior to announcement of these changes, we are no longer going. In the past I had a Moderate resort with meals and fastpasses, transport and extra magic hours, now it will cost me more for all that with a hotel downgrade. Its not just the principle, I cannot afford it now.
    Disney is just for the wealthy. So it’s off. I never thought in my life I’d say I dislike Disney.

  117. For us, it’s the drop of extra magic hours in the evening for all hotel guests. 30 minutes in the morning is an insult to the people who ALL spend dearly on resorts. I know much has been made about deluxe resorts but I finally got my husband to prefer moderate resorts, which I started pushing for during the runDisney race weekends, for the pool amenities and better common areas. It’s expensive to stay on site. We drive down and have an AP, so transportation isn’t as important to us and that’s kinda where the advantage ends now.
    Evening magic is better. We like the less rushed vibe of later night hours. When it’s hot out, the evening is more comfortable. We like to sleep in. We like the lights.
    The thing is, we have typically spent about 10am to 10pm or midnight or whenever it closed nice and late. We spend the time in the parks. What is there to return to at value and moderate? They keep refurbing resorts and scrubbing them of the Disney IP I desire. Yet there’s IP in the deluxe, newly done, a vibrant dining experience, etc. Why stay late at the park, when there is so much to enjoy at a deluxe resort?
    I’m really irritated by this change. I feel like Disney really does not value its guests that spend more to stay on site than they’d pay outside Disney.

  118. DVC is gradually losing perks as well. Merchandise/dinning discounts have gone from 20% to %15 or %10. Also we’ve only been able to borrow half of the available points from the next use year. So frustrating!!

  119. I love Disney! But, it has really gotten crazy! I have been to Disney World perhaps a hundred times. I traveled from Maine a number of times and lived in Florida and went there once a week. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be able to afford to any more. I realize that a lot of money has been lost in the pandemic, but Disney could afford to suck it up if small businesses can. Don’t expect the guests to make up the loss all at once! Please don’t take my Disney away from me.

  120. Another item: bland room decor. Colors and textures in hotel rooms have been eliminated in favor of all white bedding and fake wood floors. I miss the colorfully themed bedspreads and comforters, along with patterned carpets that felt much softer to walk on than bare floors.

  121. We will be going in November for the 50th Anniversary. Was going to upgrade my purchased tickets and covert to annual passes. Well, lo and behold, you need to do that in person at the park or Disney Springs. Live in NW Florida do not an option. Was told by Disney that I could either change my tickets when we get there and lose any park reservations that I have made if parks are full. Or, transfer them to annual passes after I enter the park on the last day. Why make me bend over backwards to spend $1600 with you? 2022 will see us getting annual passes at Universal. Disney doesn’t add enough new rides to justify the shenanigans.

  122. I think Disney has lost its magic. I don’t mind the par reservation system as we always have park days planned. I remember a time though before magical express and fast pass. People found a way to get to Disney then and they will now. Parks touring IMHO was much more laid back without the FP. I don’t agree with paying for front of the line. That just spells greed to me and I see them in the future nickel and diming you for every little thing.

  123. Its so sad that Disney feels the need to price most average folks out. Dining plan is MIA and I’m really afraid of what its going to look like. The reservation system and intense planning is ridiculous. Spontaneity is non-existent. My family and I have taken over 20 Disney vacations and now we wonder can we continue to afford it. Universal isn’t my favorite but Harry Potter is looking better and better.

  124. It seems like the WDCo is being run by 15 year olds with their MBAs immature & greedy! With a large # of family who have been CMs over the years and still are in many roles, they are feeling betrayed for believing in the Magic! While I remember a lecture by Tony Baxter that there are two sides to Disney: the magic (movies, parks etc) there is Disney the business! One cannot exist without the other! Seems like a battle between the dark & light side of the force, and the Emperor is Bob Chapek!

  125. And all hidden behind the Covid excuse.

    Had that virus not happened, would any of the listed complaints been enacted.

    A few, but that excuse licensed Disney and others, to increase fees with what they think understanding people will look past.

    Just an excuse to hide behind, to increse capital outlay.

    1. Covid didn’t really have anything to do with it. All of these things were in the works way before. D23 spoke of some. The “surveys” that were sent out questioned on the others. These changes were coming no matter what. Timing sucks all the same

  126. They also took away the dining plan too until next year. I was taking my 3 boys for the first time at Christmas and was wanting to get the dining plan and now I might have to get my money back and wait another time. So disappointed!!!

  127. We originally booked a stay at a Disney resort for our recent vacation but changed to an off site hotel when we found out they weren’t offering any additional perks like the early admission. It’s supposed to start on October 1st but other than transportation to and from the parks, there’s no real incentive to pay that kind of money for a Disney resort! It’s sad that many people could never afford to go there.

  128. I am so very disappointed in what has is transpiring right now with Disney. I really feel those making all of these decisions just don’t get it. Some of us can not pay and pay and pay some more. Enough already. Although I love Disney, but my family will not be seeing you real soon, if ever again.

  129. Disney is pricing the average family out. They are catering to the wealthy and to their own pockets. Every single thing has gone up in price and yet there is less”magic” in the parks.it is really sad and a huge disappointment. The magic is gone.

  130. Disney is breaking my heart. What happened to the whole Disney experience? Sadly, I am in agreement with most of the comments. It used to be easy to travel with small children, handicapped individuals and the elderly with the Magical Express and complimentary luggage delivery to your room. It was exciting ordering your magic band. It was wonderful going to the parks knowing you would return to a clean, freshly made bed and fresh towels. Now nothing except having to pay more for less. My heart is broken.

  131. I was one of those that had a trip booked when the pandemic started. Disney refunded my room but like everyone else, refused to refund the tickets. My son is in an extremely high risk group, so we haven’t been able to plan a new trip.

    I contacted Disney 3 times about further extensions, refunding the tickets or even moving the value to a Disney gift card. All were refused. The “best” they could maybe do was to apply the purchase price to new tickets,if I knew new dates and if a Disney supervisor “agreed” to make the change. I explained our situation to non-caring ears. The extension ends on 9/21. So if anyone from Disney reads this, guess what, you get my $1200 for those tickets, but you lose our year over year business as our family won’t ever be back. Hope you think the $1200 was worth the approximately $5K we spent there each year.

    1. I’d call Florida’s version of consumer affairs! I think it’s in their Attorney Generals Office! Worth a shot! Good luck

  132. I will be striking WDW off my list of future travel destinations. It wasn’t just one thing that turned me away, it was every single thing they’ve changed. Too expensive + too difficult to plan = zero magic for me.

  133. Why not include the construction site at EPCOT…its totally complete mess…the lack of trams…and signage throughout Disney parks apologizing for incomplete projects exclaiming “for your future enjoyment”…
    I’d like to have the finished product while I’m visiting in November as it appears we’re paying more and receiving less. And just for the record…the word “guests” should not be applied when referring to paying customers…hosts don’t treat guests like the way Disney does.

  134. Disney is slowly pricing the average person out. My wife and I are seniors and moved to Ocala over 3 years ago, since we are only an hour away an Annual Pass was a no brainer. Just in the 3 years we have watched things disappear and prices go up, if free parking goes away so do we. It’s already getting close to the breaking point. Hopefully it won’t but I’m not counting on it. We love going and we spend our fair share of money there but there is a breaking point. I couldn’t imagine what it would cost if we had to pay for our 4 kids also.

    1. I appreciate your insight and perspective, John. My wife and me are nearing 60 and giving a lot of thought towards moving to Florida within the next nine months. We have about 40 years remaining on our DVC contract and had hoped to be annual passholders for many years. When I called to make a last-minute September reservation this week (off season!?), I seriously felt like I was being discouraged from purchasing tickets to the parks. The person who was pleasant, as always, said how much fun it would be just coming and hanging at the resort or going to Disney Springs or other attractions around Orlando. The stock price seems to be tanking this week, and I can understand why from the overwhelmingly negative comments here. There really seems to be something more going on with all of the upsetting “business” decisions making so many Disney fans this upset and in my case, wondering if the magic is gone. As others have pointed out, at least we’ll have the memories of many great vacations, and the chance to see and do a lot of other things with the money we’ll save by not paying more for lesser experiences.

  135. Compared to Universal having a much higher priced “front of the line” pass for years, I think we can cough up 15 bucks for something that is similar to the paper fast pass. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

  136. I am very disappointed with many of these new changes. Disney was expensive enough before, but the MAGIC made it worth it. Now it just feels different. It feels like they just want more and more money. The Magic is gone. I had planned a trip before the shut down to go just by myself, but now I don’t think I’ll bother.

  137. No free parking at your hotel.
    Total homogenization of menus at almost all locations (nothing really stands out anymore).
    Giant price increases to everything in the parks, souvenirs, food… ect. Two t-shirts I bought on my last trips in March and June, have either unraveled in areas, or are completely destroyed after a few washings. Meanwhile, t-shirts I have from almost 10 years ago still look practically brand new.
    Rides continuously having issues and breaking down.
    The incredibly bad optics’ of discontinuing perks of 3rd party employees at the parks.
    Elimination of most of the live entertainment of Epcot World Showcase, this started way before the pandemic. (Epcot is now just about a 1/2 day park for me now, as there is really not much to do).
    Uniqueness of the Disney Resort Hotels are being scrubbed down to bland, everyday sterile Holiday Inn Express styles.
    After hours events, charging A LOT MORE, for A LOT LESS.
    It just get’s to the point of asking yourself, is it really worth it any more. Is the fun really still there, or is it just the THOUGHT of how it used to be.

  138. Another reason for being upset with Disney: their “woke-ness.” Examples: changing (ruining) the much-loved Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean & Jungle Cruise to pander to the ‘easily-offended crowd; pushing alternative sexual preferences into family movies & TV shows; removing the terms “ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls” from their parks’ Welcome Greeting; relaxing cast member dress codes to allow tattoos and ‘gender-inclusive’ costumes, hairstyles, etc.; and the removal of any reference to Christmas in their after-hours holiday parties.Essentially, Disney is rejecting traditional family values in the names of ‘inclusion, diversity, and political correctness.’

  139. Lets add no more daily room cleaning (AKA I get to make beds on my vacation), resort refillable cups, rise ticket price, etc. Making this a trip for high income people and the differences in the deluxe hotel amenitiesn further divides the haves from the have nots. Such a sad time for the WDW legacy

    1. Yes Walt, Roy & Lillian would be very unhappy the current leadership is going to ruin their legacy! And guests who love Disney should speak out & tell the leadership so!

    2. I want to add if the Grandkids, Great Grandkids & if there are any Great Greats got together and made their voices heard maybe just maybe the current Disney will go with Walt & Lillian Disney’s And Roy & Edna Disney’s ideas and this is from a Distant Cousin of all four of them!

    3. Very well said…and don’t forget the charge for parking when you stay on property!!Why….they didn’t add anything to the parking lots at any of the hotels so why charge for it?

    4. You’ve pretty well covered all the major complaints; each time I read an article about WDW these days, it outlines how much less I’m getting from the parks for an increase in fees, rules, requirements to access the parks. I’ve already cancelled my Disney accommodations for this year, and next Spring isn’t looking any better right about now.

    5. I really believe that they should get rid of all the people that are making these poor decisions to take things away and make everything so much more expensive than it needs to be. I get so sick of each new thing that I see and hear about of the changes that they are making. Which none of the changes are for most people that would love to have a magical experience at the most wonderful place in the world. At least it used to be magical. I just wish that the powers that be would see all the bad comments about all the new changes that they are making would make them make better decisions.

    6. So maybe more middle class families will start doing what we do in order to afford this trip–
      Drive to WDW (of course if distance allows) Stay off property–no more amenities so why stay on property? (Besides you can stay at a condo 15 minutes from there and spend sooo much less for the week) AND don’t play their game with this Genie+ stuff… tickets. Meals and souvenirs are expensive enough. When they see people waiting in line (instead of spending money in the parks) they will see this was a bad idea.

    7. Disney is supposed to the place where ALL kids can go and see their favorite characters. I get that they lost money during covid but making it difficult for their usual customers to go isn’t going to go well for them. It’ll be a sad day when most of us can’t afford to go anymore.

    8. Let’s also add no more dining plan offers, forced into parking charges with the removal of the magical express, no more 21 day tickets for UK guests and of course all of the others mentioned already. Due to all of these changes, especially the fast pass changes, there’s no benefit to paying such a premium to stay on site any longer. It’s a real shame although I’ll not be staying on site next time out of principal.

    9. I think it’s time to stay home for the holidays in a traditional Spence. Go to the park not at peek times and put Disney on the back burner. The prices are stupid and stupidity in not something I plan to deal with. It’s sad. The people who are passholders and go there 3, or 4 times a month spend money there. Time to change along with the higher prices and less perks for the passholders.

    10. Usually plan 3 trips a year sometimes 4 which now includes both my kids families, but now we just planned this upcoming years vacation plans and doesn’t include Disney. The newest money grab no resort discounts thru December not even pass holders who can afford 5 to 9 hundred a night. You can stay at the best hotels at Turks & Caicos or rent a house on the waterfront at the outer banks that’s our new plan and we our saving money that’s crazy. After a month long family conversation sad decision all of us luv Disney 10 people in total but looking forward to new adventures 🥲

      1. Reading some of the posts underline the fact that the rich are pleased with the price hikes. “Stay home if you can’t afford it.”

        Disney should just go ahead and make their parks “Member only” $50,000 per family of four initiation fee and $20,000 annual dues or something equally egregious.

        Bye Disney, Hello Europe.

      2. If Disney was so worried about Covid they would clean and sanitize your room every day. I will be saving money on tips for the cleaning people and put it towards the parking fee. I also think twice about tipping at those expensive meals and use that money for the genie+ lightning lane and premium ride charge. Disney should start paying their cast members a living wage if they feel so strongly about political and social issues.

        1. My grandchildren are there now and it hasn’t been good for them. After spending a lot of money to go and purchase tickets they had to pay even more for some rides and I mean a lot more. This is pure greed for the Disney Company to charge that much money for the average family to experience what used to be a fun and happy place to go. Now you have to be rich to go and have a good time. Looks like Disney is a part of destroying the middle and lower income and making Disney only available for the rich. Billions of dollars isn’t enough for Disney. Makes me sick. I will not spend anymore of my money on Disne products until this changes. Every child needs to experience what Disney used to be.