A Very Special Disney World Guest Got to Uh…Fly

Many Disney World rides have pre-shows that introduce guests to the story and mechanics of the ride with fictional backstories and characters.

Dr. Seeker of Dinosaur

Pre-show characters help set the tone for the ride experience, and we’ve even ranked our favorites, like Dr. Grant Seeker from Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Last week one of the most notorious preshow characters got to finally…uh…ride the ride he’s been a part of since 2017, and he shared his experience on Twitter!

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the preshow for Avatar Flight of Passage stars Dr. Stevens as he greets guests and attempts to explain the Avatar Program linking process for riding a banshee. He’s especially known for the famous line, “Once we do that, you’ll be able to link to that avatar, and, uh, fly.”


Dr. Stevens is played by the actor David Danipour (@ADownpour on Twitter), and he FINALLY made his way to Disney World for the first time to ride Flight of Passage. He…uh…flew!

Danipour thought the preshow was “uh…fine,” and we’re so glad he finally got to see his famous line in person. Keep reading AllEars for more Disney World news!

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Have you ridden Avatar Flight of Passage? Tell us in the comments!

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