Photos and Videos: Splash Mountain Malfunctions at Disney World Today Had Us In Our Laughing Place

Splash Mountain at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is no stranger to having technical issues that often result in downtimes. These issues once resulted in a boat filling up with water while full of guests!

Splash Mountain

But sometimes the ride’s animatronics malfunction, leaving guests bewildered, but also laughing.

And that’s exactly what happened today when we rode Splash Mountain. Poor Br’er Rabbit just seemed to be sad today. Maybe someone told him he’s getting replaced by a frog?

But it’s 2020, and hey, Br’er Rabbit, same. We also feel like there’s maybe a sad Br’er Rabbit meme here somewhere.

Malfunctioning Br’er Fox

It wasn’t just that animatronic that was having issues today. A scene with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear was also acting up.

So Br’er Fox is just stuck there holding up Br’er Bear’s backside for the time being.

Malfunctioning Splash Mountain Animatronics

There is nothing more 2020 than some of the Disney’s animatronic malfunctions we’ve seen.We’re going to miss these shenanigans when Splash Mountain gets its Princess and the Frog re-theme!

Have you been on Splash Mountain recently and seen any malfunctions? Let us know in the comments.

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