AllEars Quiz: Can You Identify the Attraction Quote?

You’re a Disney Parks pro — we all know that. But can you recall some iconic (and lesser known) attraction quotes? 

The Haunted Mansion

We’re testing your mettle with an AllEars quiz: Can you identify the attraction quote? You’ll want to see how you fare below — and be sure to respond in the comments to let us know how you did!

So you're a Disney ride expert? Let's put that to the test! We're going to give you an iconic Disney Attraction quote -- and you've got to match it to the right attraction!


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9 Replies to “AllEars Quiz: Can You Identify the Attraction Quote?”

  1. I’m not sure some of these would really qualify as “lesser known” quotes…the Haunted Mansion one and Jungle Cruise one are like super iconic, no? Fun quiz though!

  2. Okay, here’s the thing. I’m a Disney nerd, but from France. Never took a step in WDW but because of all ears and others WDW sources, I got 8 !

  3. You got me with “Thanks Pal” because I was sitting here thinking, “where in the world does Soarin say anything at all?” Wasn’t thinking Pre-show. Also the word “pal” just seems sooo Toy Story doesn’t it? lol