PHOTOS: You Won’t BELIEVE How Long the Rise of the Resistance Line is in Disney World

What could you do with 3 1/2 hours in Disney World? Well, a LOT of things. 

Hollywood Studios

You could take that time to do two rides, eat a meal, and stroll through a couple of shops…and you’d still only be halfway through that time window! But today, quite a few guests are planning on spending a whopping 210 minutes in line for ONE ride.

Today in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we’ve seen some pretty heavy crowds (Spring Break season is starting, y’all!). However, the most shocking crowd news of the day is the 3 1/2 hour line for Rise of the Resistance!

The line was all over the place!

It has been a hot minute since we’ve seen wait times that long. We’re used to seeing Rise of the Resistance get a line well over an hour long, but a queue that’s pushing four hours is something else!

It was a little difficult to navigate the area.

When we walked by the ride, part of the walkway had to be blocked off to accommodate the queue. Currently, guests who are walking through are directed to the far side of the path, close to where the drink stand is located.

Just make sure to listen to directions when you’re walking through.

We’ll keep checking on this situation throughout the day to see if the queue gets any shorter. This ride is known for having frequent technical difficulties, and the queue often gets longer later in the day if it was closed during the morning.

Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news and updates from Disney World, as well as the latest wait times that you need to know about for your trip!

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What’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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