The Best (And Worst!) Bathrooms in EPCOT’s World Showcase

Welcome to AllEars, where today we’re discussing something just a little bit taboo: bathrooms!

We’re getting weird today!

In EPCOT, you’ll find bathrooms all over the place, especially in the World Showcase. And when you have the urge to go, there are some places that offer a MUCH better experience than others.

Today, we’re ranking the World Showcase pavilions based on their restrooms, and yes, we know — this is probably the strangest thing we’ll do this week.

American Adventure

Let’s kick things off with the winner of this little contest — the American Adventure Pavilion! This country is home to what we consider to be the best bathrooms in EPCOT, and if you’ve ever been inside them, you’ll probably agree.

American Adventure bathrooms

These restrooms have the largest number of stalls of all the restrooms in the World Showcase, so you’ll hardly ever have to wait in a line! You can tell that they’ve been refurbished and updated with nicer materials; they feel very fancy.

These restrooms are MASSIVE!

As far as features go, this bathroom is home to full-length mirrors, paper towels, hand dryers, and multiple baby changing tables. It has pretty much everything that you could need!

They definitely earned their spot on this list.

And on top of that, there are multiple handicap stalls and some lowered sinks for those with specific needs.


In the Norway Pavilion, you’ll find two different bathrooms. One is located in the Akershus restaurant (not one of our favorites!), but the best one is in-between Kringla Bakeri og Kafe and Royal Sommerhus.

It’s so clean in here!

These restrooms are also newly updated and have plenty of stalls to choose from. There are full-length mirrors and numerous handicap stalls, plus four baby changing tables.

Everything is updated and of high quality.

This area of the park is particularly busy because of Frozen Ever After, and these restrooms still manage to stay clean and well-maintained!


Coming in third place is the Italy Pavilion. Here, the bathroom is located inside the Tutto Gusto restaurant. They’re incredibly clean, and we absolutely love the stunning marble and gold interior.

We love the materials here.

While this restroom is small (only 4-5 stalls) and you have to enter a restaurant to find it, it’s still one of our favorites thanks to the luxurious features. It’s also home to a duo of mirrors, a baby changing table, and a handicap stall.

These are surprisingly nice!

While the other bathrooms are larger, this one is perfect for when you want somewhere more quiet and less crowded!

United Kingdom

In the UK Pavilion, the public restrooms are right off the main walkway, so they’re used frequently.

There’s easy access to the bathrooms in the UK.

Inside, they’re a little outdated with tile everywhere and a blue on blue color scheme. However, there are plenty of stalls and sinks, which is helpful since they’re so popular.

They’re not bad, but they’re nothing particularly special.

There’s also a mirror wall across from the sinks, but the lighting is a little bit strange, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to check out your reflection.


Coming in close behind the UK Pavilion restrooms are the restrooms in the Germany Pavilion. They’re also located right off the walkway, so they’re pretty busy as well.

Germany is an easy pit stop if you’re looking for the bathroom.

These have a similar blue tile color scheme, so they’re a tad outdated, but they’re typically pretty clean. There’s a huge mirror wall here, a baby changing table, and a handicap stall.

They’re a little outdated, but there’s plenty of mirror space!

There are only about 8 stalls, so you may have to wait in line during the busiest part of the day, but these are definitely adequate restrooms to make a stop on your trip around the World Showcase.


EPCOT’s France Pavilion is home to two different restrooms, one inside Les Halles and one set of new bathrooms in the expansion area.

There are brand-new bathrooms in France!

The newly built bathrooms are beautifully designed with nice features, but there are only a few stalls, and this area is about to get really crowded when Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens. For now, they’re adequate, but later on, we imagine they’ll have incredibly long lines during the day.

These are definitely smaller than we expected.

We really like these restrooms, we just wish that they were bigger!


At the Mexico Pavilion, you may have a hard time locating the bathrooms, considering they’re all located inside restaurants. There’s one set in La Hacienda de San Angel and one set inside of San Angel Inn.

You’ll have to go inside a restaurant to use the restroom here.

These restrooms are pretty straightforward with a few stalls, a few sinks, and a changing table. They’re clean, but since they’re so small and they’re inside restaurants, you’ll likely have to wait in line.

They’re not particularly special, but the tile work is pretty!

However, we have to appreciate how beautiful this tile is!


The China Pavilion bathrooms are also inside restaurants, with two restaurants sharing a set! You’ll head down the hallway between Nine Dragons and Lotus Blossom Cafe to use the bathroom here.

You’ll have to go inside a restaurant to get to the China restrooms.

For bathrooms that TWO different restaurants share, these are not in the best shape. The interior is really old, and they weren’t the cleanest, plus there were only about 5 stalls. There’s one lower sink, which is a bonus, but it doesn’t really make up for the shortcomings.

They’re definitely not the nicest ones we’ve seen.

All in all, this bathroom was NOT our favorite, however, it wasn’t the worst of them.


Allow us to present to you the worst bathroom in the World Showcase, nay, the worst bathroom in all of EPCOT — Japan Pavilion‘s restroom!

Be prepared to be disappointed.

This bathroom is located in the back corner of the pavilion and only contains 3 stalls. It’s incredibly dark and dungeon-y looking, and there’s just one sink. ONE SINK Y’ALL.

Is anyone else a little creeped out?

It’s old, out of date, and sad. Basically, avoid this bathroom at all costs if you can!

Special Considerations & Other Bathrooms to Note

You may have noticed that we only have 9 pavilions on this list, and don’t worry, we’ve got reasons why. Morocco‘s restrooms are currently under refurbishment with the rest of the pavilion (hence why the France bathrooms were opened early).

Yeah, you won’t be using these right now.

And in Canada, the only bathroom that’s currently available is inside Le Cellier, so you won’t be using it unless you’re dining there. However, there are better bathrooms nearby, so don’t worry about not having access to one!

You’ll have to go INSIDE the fancy restaurant to use the bathroom here.

Inside World Showplace where you find a few festival booths and some entertainment, there are GIGANTIC bathrooms made specifically to take care of large events and massive groups of people. We’re talking more than 20 stalls and a dozen sinks!

World Showplace has a humongous bathroom!

Also, there’s a brand-new bathroom next to the Starbucks location at the entrance to World Showcase. While these bathrooms are usually pretty busy, they’re also kept clean and well-maintained.

Right next door there are some brand-new bathrooms!

If you’re on the other side on your way to Mexico, you can stop at not one, but TWO different restrooms at the Odyssey Pavilion (where the EPCOT Experience is located.) There’s one set outside that tends to be more crowded and less clean, but you can head inside for the nicer and emptier restroom experience.

Restrooms in Epcot’s Odyssey Building

No matter where you find yourself when you need to go, you’re surrounded by bathrooms in EPCOT! With so many choices, you don’t have to skimp and visit the Japan Pavilion — hold out for American Adventure. Trust us, it’ll be worth it! 😉

Stay tuned to AllEars for more help planning your Walt Disney World vacation and for all the in-park advice and tips.

These Are the Best Themed Bathrooms in Disney World!

Which EPCOT restroom is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

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