Super Cringeworthy Things Everybody Does in Disney World…But Nobody Wants to Talk About

We’re not here to yuck anyone’s yum — you do you, boo.

Spaceship Earth

But — we are here to tell you about these super cringeworthy things everybody does in Disney World. And by “everybody,” you can guarantee we’re talking about ourselves most of the time. Nobody wants to talk about what gives us second — or firsthand — embarrassment in the parks, so we will!

Disney Vacation Planner

Taking a million photos of the same castle

Hi, it’s us. Calling ourselves out here because we aren’t afraid to do so — we are 100% guilty of having an entire camera roll full of the same 100 photos of Cinderella Castle… and Spaceship Earth… and the Tree of Life… and the Chinese Theater.

Cinderella Castle

Listen, make those memories however you want to (as long as it doesn’t bother or harm others!) but come on, are you really going to need 87 photos of the same duck you saw in World Showcase? Don’t let us answer that because the answer will be yes.

Wearing Minnie Ears or matching shirts

Oh, look, another cringeworthy offense we are guilty of! We told you this was going to be self-reflective. Some people will say that ears are just for kids, but we say let people live their lives (with the aforementioned disclaimer about not bothering or harming anyone).

Minnie Ears

We have slightly stronger feelings about matching shirts — especially the ones that teeter on the line of what is appropriate for a family theme park. If it feels like you’re doing something sneaky by wearing it — chances are you should probably just… not.

Crying when meeting characters

Don’t you dare try to tell us that those aren’t real, living, breathing, five-foot-tall chipmunks we’re hugging when we’re in the parks. They are real to us, and if you see us crying when we meet them… no, you didn’t.

Jack and Sally in EPCOT!

Of course, there are unspoken rules for adults when it comes to meeting characters — for example, whatever you do, don’t push a kid out of the way to meet a character. It’s okay for you to be excited, but at the end of the day you know that’s not really Mickey Mouse. Chances are — the kiddo doesn’t.

Paying $10 for a bottle of water

Okay, $10 might be a stretch (not really, when you consider the cost of SmartWater in the parks!) but let’s not act like water bottles are cheap in Disney World. Staying hydrated is extremely important, but blowing your entire budget on bottles of water is… not smart.

Bring a water bottle!

Instead, consider bringing a reusable water bottle with you! You can refill it at fountains, bottle filling stations, your hotel, or grab a free cup of ice water from a quick service restaurant. Some people think the Florida tap water tastes a little off, so if you’re worried about that we recommend a water bottle with a filter built in!

Blocking others’ views

This one is just as cringeworthy as it is just plain ol’ socially unaware. If you’re seated or standing to watch a show or parade, and you’re wearing Minnie Ears or a tall hat — please take them off so the people (probably children) behind you can see. 

How pretty!

You look super cute, don’t get us wrong, but for this brief moment in time — people are looking at the exciting Disney World entertainment and not you. This also goes for putting kiddos on your shoulders for parades and fireworks. You’re likely blocking someone else’s view!

Saying ride narrations out loud

Trust us, we still catch us doing this from time to time — but we try to keep our mouths shut when we can! You never know if it’s someone’s very first time experiencing an attraction, and as much as we’re sure you’re doing a great job reciting the lines, they probably want to hear the original attraction.

There he is!

Maybe you’re trying to impress a date with your knowledge of the Ghost Host’s spiel on the Haunted Mansion — and we respect the hustle. But, your date will probably be even more impressed if you’re respectful of others.

Scientists on Spaceship Earth

Whether you’re guilty of these super cringeworthy things or not, keep doing what makes you happy — as long as you’re being respectful of everyone around you! Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news from Disney World and more!

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Are you guilty of doing these cringeworthy things? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Here’s one about blocking views: people who put their kids on their shoulders for fireworks etc. You get a good seat for the castle fireworks and when they begin, this wall of kids goes up and blocks everyone’s view. You can’t see the castle projections anymore and the kid could have seen fine from the parent’s hip.