NEW Permits Hint at Potential Disney World Changes

Disney just dropped ton of news about holiday parties in the parks, and if you’re thinking about planning a trip — we don’t blame you!

Christmas in Magic Kingdom

But, you need to be prepared since Disney World is changing all the time. No two days are alike and plenty of new experiences are in the works. Even more updates are on the way, too, thanks to some new permits that were recently filed. Let’s take a look!

We found a few permits this week that point to more changes coming to Disney World, including one for installing a new sign near the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — aka the former Splash Mountain. It’s not super shocking that another permit would pop up here since this ride is under a big renovation.

Work in progress

But, what is interesting is that this permit points to the Frontierland Train Station! Of course, installing a sign probably isn’t anything too remarkable, but we could see a new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure update on it — fingers crossed!

Frontierland Train Station

Also over in Magic Kingdom, Fairytale Garden could be getting an update soon. A permit was filed on June 15th that is for “general construction,” so we could start to see some construction in this spot. Right now, it’s home to a Merida meet and greet, so we’re excited to see what changes may come to this area.

Fairytale Garden

And, in what is probably the most exciting permit news, EPCOT is going to be spruced up a bit! A new one was filed on June 23rd to — get ready — “install planter elements.” While that might not seem exciting at all, it is an Imagineering permit, which usually focuses on theming and immersion.


Two locations are listed on this one — the first is the “East Gate” at the front of EPCOT (at the front of the park, on your left if you’re facing Spaceship Earth). The other appears to be the restrooms located near Refreshment Port. It’s definitely something we’ll be watching!

Refreshment Port

Keep these updates in mind if you’re heading to the parks this year since we’re not sure how long they’ll last. We’ll be on the lookout for more interesting Disney World permits, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest.

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